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Paperback Logical Proportions Book

ISBN: 4766117379

ISBN13: 9784766117370

Logical Proportions

(Book #2 in the How to Draw Manga: Sketching Manga Style Series)

Proportion sketching allows the artist to develop head-to-body ratios so that they allow the viewer to differentiate the various characters and distinguish between the two genders. It also allows the... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Great follow up to Sketching Manga-Style

This book expands on the material presented on the first book Volume 1: Sketching As Composition Planning, and shows how to draw manga characters in diverse proportions. It covers many subjects including: body proportions (of course), portraying motion and coloring. The book is divided into four chapters: Chapter 1: From Head-to-Body Ratio Sketching Desk o Head-to-Body Distortion Marks the Origins of Manga o Endearing Head-to-Body Ratios for Chibi Characters o Attractive Head-to-Body Ratios o From the Artwork Drafting Desk o Drawing a Character in a Gym Suit: 1:2 Head-to-Body Ratio o Drawing a 1:2.5 Head-to-Body Ratio Character Wearing a Skirt o Drawing a Brawny Character: 1:2.5 Head-to-Body Ratio o Character Wearing a (School) Regulation Swimsuit: 1:3.5 Head-to-Body Ratio o Drawing a Character Wearing a Sailor Suit: 1:4 Head-to-Body Ratio o 1:5 Head-to-Body Ratio Study Sketches o Drawing a Character Wearing a Jersey Top and Jeans: 1:5 Head-to-Body Ratio o Drawing a Character Wielding a Sword: 1:5 Head-to-Body Ratio o Drawing a character Running: 1:6 Head-to-Body Ratio o Practice: Transforming a 1:6 Head-to-Body Ratio Character into a 1:2.5 Head-to-Body Ratio Character o What Are Proportioning and Sketching? o Three Key Phrases in Improving Sketching Skills Chapter 2: o The Head-to-Body Ratio and Proportioning o Attractive Proportions 1:8.5 to 1:5 Head-to-Body Ratios o Chibi Characters: 1:4 to 1:2 Head-to-Body Ratios o Chibi Character Proportioning as the Basis of Head-to-Body Ratio Sketching o What is Meant by "Chibi Proportioning"? o Drawing the Face: Sketching and Stylization o Drawing the Full Figure: Sketching and Stylization o Drawing the Clothes o Da Vinci's Proportions o Proportional Sketching from Loaw to High Angles o Low Angle Composition o High Angle Composition o High and Low Angles o Putting Low and High Angles to Practice Chapter 3: o Three Elements in Portraying Motion o Drawing Common Actions o Manga Stylization to Portray Actions o Five Common Stylized Postures o Running: Five Postures o Jumping: Five Postures o Landing: Five Postures o Stylizing Gestures o Stylizing Emotions o Exaggerating with Facial Shadows o Using Facial Shadows to Enhance Emotions Chapter 4: Character Design and Color Design o Character Design as Role Assignment o Designing a Family o Role Assignment and Character Design o Redesigning the Characters with Chibi-proportioning o Putting Attractive Proportion Design to Practice o Coloration o Coloring the Cover Illustration o Putting Colored Pencils to Practice o Sample Novelty Roles: Creature Girls Chapter one includes several demonstrations and an interview with Morita by Hayashi. Chapter two and three are instructional guides with a lot of samples. Chapter four concludes with two demonstrations, one of them showing how the artist colored the cover illustration. Half this book is about head-to-body proportions. I'm not very fond of drawing chibi,

Great buy but is not for beginners

Volume 1 is for beginners so don't think just because you can draw a face this volume would be a breeze in the park. Vol 2 of Manga Sketch is spectacular for those who basically got proportions down but can now have visual on different perspective such as top down, and bottom up.It also explains a bit about styilization by changing proportions and shading. Is something for artist who have gone farther along and it helps me create concept greatly. Please please if you are a beginner do not get this. You will just rate the book 2 stars because you can not draw yet in other areas to be able to use the techniques.I cannot stress that enough. It is not a tutorial persey and more of a reference books that explain things here are there veru vauguely. All in all if you can already draw a full figure quite good than this book will help you on figure placement. Movement, and even a tiny part on shading. And if you are willing to look at almost every figure you can compile yourself a nice set of expression. 5 stars

One of the Best

This is perhaps one of the bests manga drawing books I have ever used. Not ideal for someone just starting out, however if you have a little bit of experience this book can really take you to the next level.


I have been using the manga style for 25 years, yet i found this book a very welcome addition to my library of over 200 reference books. Using it with the sister volume #1 is simply a delight. The book is well presented and extremely clear for the beginner and the professional. I have recommended it and the sister volume #1 to many beginning to professional manga artists.

A big rough draft guide!

This book is basically a follow up to the first volume, but in this book they show you examples of drawing proportions on chibi characters as well as standard size characters. I really enjoyed the contents of this book. This whole book teaches you the correct head to body ratio when drawing your characters as well as their chibi counter part. Not only does Hikaru show you these examples, he also put in some facial expressions and action poses (for both chibi and standard size characters). Like I said in my title, this book is basically a big rough draft sketch book that's full of helpful images. I would definitely recommend getting this book, especially if you liked the first volume. This book advertises just what the title suggests, nothing more nothing less. If you are looking for something more than what the title suggest, then you will be sorely disappointed. I truly believe that one would benefit from this book tremendously and their art style will improve drastically. So if you are a big fan of chibi drawing, get this book! You won't be disappointed!
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