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Paperback Mech. Drawing Book

ISBN: 4766113349

ISBN13: 9784766113341

Mech. Drawing

(Book #32 in the How To Draw Manga Series)

From bicycles to robots and space stations, mechanical drawing can be done with the use of just 4 elements (metal, glass, rubber, plastic). Once you have learned the element expression techniques, all you need to do next is accurately design the form and you've made a mechanical drawing! In order to meet the expectations of the reader, this book introduces all sorts of ideas to bring out the true potential of mechanical function as a way to create...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Good book

Nothing much to be said here, since the other reviewers have hit the nail on the head. My fav section is towards the end, where the author showcases MECHA art, including the classic good/evil giant robots. His design themes are modern, and even without violating copyrights of popular anime series like Gundam, you still get to see intricate designs that will guide you in drafting your own stuff. Plus the section with sci fi weapons, for giant MECHA robots, is excellent. BTW this is not really a "beginner's book"; you need to at least be able to draw, before you can flow with the authors guiding tips. He does break it down, but you need to be hand with your pencil, so that you can keep up with him. Lots of mechanical stuff in this book. It even shows you how to draw a variety of compact MECHA-armor. Perspective and alternate views on jets, rockets, cars, and even motorcycles are covered in this one. Great book for traditional comic/manga artists!

The most throughly mecha book to date.

This is one of the best mecha drawing books I have come acroos and I recommand that this go into the library of every manga artist or aspiring artist. The book covers basic forms and how to build them into mecha designs piece by piece.It also shows various types of shading and shading used to make mecha look realistic to the veiwer.

Covers the other mecha's

What I liked best about this edition is 1) how Yamakami shows you how to illustrate the materials of plastic, chrome, glass, and rubber and 2) how he illustrates a variety of normal vehicles and shows you how to modify and transform them into something else better. For example, turning a race car into a hovercraft auto. Not just mobile suit mecha armor, this book covers your average mecha from cars, planes, helicoptors, and motorcycles. I would suggest you start with Hayashi's Giant Robot book and follow that up with this edition for those interested in drawing mecha.

Great for texturing materials found in "solid" items.

This book was great for showing various textures such as chrome, glass, plastic and rubber. Not only can you apply these things to mecha, per se, but it can also be applied towards houses, buildings, fences, etc... This was the first book in the series I ever bought, and I must say I have not been disappointed. It gives a lot of useful tips on how to draw cars and helicopters and shows you the basic of "showing speed." If you look closely at the cover, you'll see that it incorporates everything the book talks about, except for speed lines, but it shows all the textures and detailing. I liked how it showed that by adding a few straight lines and details, you could turn anything into mecha. That being said, another thing I'll comment on is how much I've improved my drawings. Before I considered about textures, my drawings looked plain and "dead," but with the stuff about textures, they look alive and ready to battle it out with the next villain that comes their way. My villain characters are also as good, they look truly evil as well.

Great Mechanical Book

I'll break it down like this; the book goes over several mechanical things. Cars, Planes, Helicopters, and Mechas. ( note there is nothing really on boats and only several pages on Mechas). It also goes over the main textures of mechanical objects. After reading the book and then drawing you can really feel an improvement. Now I feel it is much simpler to draw easier subjects such as people. The only downside I feel is that it really doesnt go into depth on guns. There is about 4 pages total on guns. Half of which is on Mecha's guns.( dont buy this book if you want to learn about drawing guns). Overall the book is a very helpfull refrence, it is probably not for begginer drawers though. I recomdend it strongly for anyone who wants to improve in their area of drawing.
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