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Paperback Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers Book

ISBN: 0915811561

ISBN13: 9780915811564

Healing Yourself with Light: How to Connect with the Angelic Healers

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Healing Yourself With Light is a complete system of healing and regeneration that teaches how healing is practiced in the higher dimensions. It shows us how to heal ourselves with the light of the soul and the healing angels so that our physical body can serve our life and our work in the world. It takes a new look at the positive potential of illness and aging, and shows how these conditions can be reversed with the application of techniques of Light...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Angels Do Help Us!!!

Highly recommend this book: the angels do help us! One day about halfway through the book I decided to practice seeing and feeling the Golden Triangle (as described in the book). During one practice, when my sole aim was to just experience the Triangle more clearly, I suddenly saw in my mind's eye an angel about three inches high and brilliant white, made of light. It was working on my spine at the base of my neck and was pulling fibers of shining white light down my spine and out from the centers of my spine between each vertebrae, straightening these fibers of light and untangling them. As the angel worked its way down to a place where it has felt for years as if two vertebrae were always grinding together and where I've experienced considerable discomfort, it seemed as if the angel was pushing on the disk between the bones and then straightening more of the fibers of light. It then worked its way down my spine the rest of the way, and then was gone. I was stunned because I hadn't even been thinking about my spine while I was practicing, but even better, I've had no pain or discomfort since that day. It's simply gone!

Got Healed With Light

I have read all kinds of angel books, but this one stands out as one that gently nudged me into my own center. The words are soothing and the suggesttions practical. I recommend 'Healing Yourself With Light' for anyone that has ever wanted to find a way to transformation. I can really feel the love and light flowing from every page. It is like the angels are there with you when you read it. Get it; you won't be disappointed!

An excellent guide to healing

This is a profound book of healing that brings you the mystery school teachings and timeless wisdom on healing with easy-to-read, step-by-step instructions. You are not only healing symptoms, should they be physical or emotional; you are taught how to work at the level of your aura, etheric body and chakras, call in the angelic healers, and transform yourself all the way to your cells and DNA. Healing then transforms every level of your being so you can live in harmony with your soul and the divine plan of your life. For those of you who love the Alice Bailey books, enjoy the Orin books, or feel drawn to working with angels, you will find this book to be a true gem. Having known LaUna for years, I can say that she uses and lives by what she teaches in this book and her vitality and aliveness are inspiring. I have personally used techniques out of her book to keep colds from coming at their first sign, to heal a sprained wrist, and to transform my aura and chakras. I highly recommend this book - Sanaya Roman, channel for Orin

They work wonders in my life - better yet, miracles!

I was introduced to this book by a close friend a few years ago. I have been working with the healing angels every day ever since, and they are healing most, if not all, areas of my life: my physical & emotional health, working life, human relations... gradually, gently, humorously. And I just love it - I love them!

Enthusiastically recommended for anyone upgrading the body.

Book review by Mary and David Dohrmann In the midst of a great need for the real source of vitality and healing LaUna Huffines sounds a clear, pure note of truth, reminding us that at all times we have within easy reach the greatest healing intelligence of all-our own higher dimensions. LaUna Huffines brings thirty years of experience and all that she has learned from the highly evolved Angels of healing together in Healing Yourself With Light. She shows us how to connect with these healers from higher dimensions and to create the vitality that we all need for our true work in the world. The reader learns to dissolve physical and emotional problems and to raise the frequency of the cells to handle the intense light flowing now to the earth. Imagine an island where fragrant flowers grow in profusion, where cascading waterfalls create rainbows in the air and flow into pristine lakes of clear cool water, where Angelic healers are easily accessible, and peace prevails. On this island stands a shining temple of healing. Extraordinary care is taken throughout the book to lead gently and clearly from one experience to the next so that the healing journey unfolds naturally. Guided visualizations enrich the experience of healing through inner stillness, light, divine love, colors, sound, and three-dimensional holograms. In her book Bridge of Light, author Huffines assists us to create energetic connections with the radiant qualities of the soul. Healing Yourself With Light expands this theme, introducing the Island of Regeneration and the Temple of Healing which evoke memories of experiences where direct links with spirit in healing temples were utilized for purification and correcting imbalances. Once the healing temple is familiar, the reader is conducted through seven different rooms where guided meditations assist in making connections with the healing angels, the colors and sounds for optimizing health. We communicate with the Inner Healer, the directors of each bodily system and create a Healing Hologram. The angelic connection comes through creating a "Triangle of Golden Light" with the Soul and Solar Angel. In the final chapter of Healing Yourself With Light much wisdom is imparted regarding the ideal of perfection and the challenges we experience as part of our accelerated evolution. We are gently reminded that setbacks occur and that the higher will to succeed is paramount in any healing process. By the end of the book, the Healing Temple has become a welcome, familiar sanctuary of light and the Soul/Solar Angel connections are made with ease. We find that pausing in the midst of a busy day to bring in sparkling "showers of colors" can bring peace and energy to almost any situation. The book moves gracefully from more general visualizations, such as immersing oneself in a deep rose color for vitality, to specific strategies for each area of imbalance. It is especially noteworthy that the author not only gives clear instructions on the use of
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