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Hardcover Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Life Makes No Sense Book

ISBN: 0972395458

ISBN13: 9780972395458

Going Deeper: How to Make Sense of Your Life When Life Makes No Sense

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good

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Book Overview

The Earth is presently in the throes of the long-awaited transition into the next density. This passage was intended to mark the dawn of the Golden Age, but things are not proceeding as planned.... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Deep message for higher dimensional living

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (3/06) The first thing that attracted me to "Going Deeper" is the cover. It is the most serene and beautiful cover I've seen for a long time. If we say that we judge the book by its cover, this is one that can be judged. The inside truths are as dynamic as the outside. Jean-Claude Koven weaves a vibrant fictional plot with two characters, Larry, a Los Angeles lawyer, and Zeus, a dog that is a "genetic marvel - part everything." They take a 3 day trip into the Joshua Tree National Park, meeting wise teachers along the way. The teachers came in various forms such as Junie the talking Juniper Tree and Kichi, the androgynous Body Elemental. Each teacher portrays an aspect of wisdom that truth seekers seek. Interspersed with humor, "Going Deeper" gives the reader a three dimensional look into the wisdom of the ages, including Akashic records, Phoenix rising, Law of Purpose, and Free Will, to create a path for spiritual awakening. "More than sixty million entities willingly accepted the assignment . . . to assist transition into the next paradigm." The entities are referred to as the Wanderers, or more traditionally known as the Light Workers. Koven's book transcribes one Wanderers' journey to enlightenment, a destination that the character's soul chose when being born on earth. "Going Deeper" is a slow first read for a Wanderer because every page has a deep message for facing the reality of higher dimensional living, a path that was chosen by contract. On the second read, the Wanderer will encounter their own spiritual truths that take them to a higher state of consciousness. This is a deep book and only recommended for those that seriously want to change their lives.

...will unlock the shocking secrets of a hidden human race.

Title: Going Deeper Author: Jean-Claude Koven Publisher: Prism House Press Genre: Self-Help/Spirituality/New Age/Metaphysical Publication date: 2004 ISBN: 0-9723954-5-8 Pages: 430 Edition: Hardcover Going Deeper: How to make sense of your life, when your life makes no sense ~Jean-Claude Koven. Expand your mind, escape your confines and discover your true kind! Poetic, but prophetic! Going Deeper will unlock the shocking secrets of a hidden human race called the Wanderers. Some of who are yet to realise that their human awareness has been distorted as they passed through the Veil of Forgetting and entered the illusion of Earth. Are you one of these beings? This book will help you expand your mind and decide. This book is based around a successful Los Angeles attorney, Larry Randers, who having been through a painful divorce and witnessed the atrocious events of 9/11 2001, starts to question his own existence. Needing space to think, Larry decides to travel to Joshua Tree land with his faithful dog, Zeus, where, through a series of Shamanic style teachings Larry is opened up to a world much bigger than he ever imagined, a matrix beyond the normal realm of reality as he knew it. Are you a loner rather than a joiner? Do you rebel against religion or gravitate toward Eastern philosophies, like Buddhism and Taosim or the less orthodox beliefs or religions into which you were born? Do you wonder what your purpose in life is, or if there is more to life than what can be seen? If so, perhaps you are a `Wanderer'. Described by Jean-Claude Koven as beings that have returned to earth on a mission to assist with the impending shift in planetary consciousness. How can we break free from the illusion human beings call `reality' and remember whom we are? What exactly have we been forced to forget? These are typical questions our star pupil, Larry, ponders throughout the course of this book. Our solar system has moved into a "different area" of space; the size of the sun's heliosphere has increased and so has its plasmic energy field. If that wasn't worrying enough, the atmospheres of five planets (including Earth) have recently undergone shifts in their magnetic pole positions so significantly that the aeronautical maps used by pilots have been revised. The evidence of the shift is unmistakable and, quite frankly, disturbing. But what about the mystic plane you don't see? The part your distorted human awareness blocks out. Jean-Claude Koven is an incredible writer whose parables are full of cleverly designed analogies and metaphors that make perfect, thought provoking sense. Going Deeper is a fascinating, humorous account of one enlightened man's experience and knowledge, which kept my interest throughout. In short it's a self-help book with a difference - an Interplanetary Manual. His teachings are fun, exciting and written from the heart. On the surface this book reads like a cross between a sci-fi fantasy, history and science lesson. There's a talkin

The "Celestine Prophecy" for the New Millennium!

"Going Deeper" is truly the novel of the "New Age"---meant for all of us "fish out of water" 70 million Wanderers who have ventured onto this planet, most unfortunately still asleep. This book is conceived as a catalyst to urge the unawakened Wanderers to wake up and BE their destiny---whatever form their specialized service work will take in the upcoming planetary dimensional shifts of this earth. Even if you don't need to be nudged awake, it is still a great book which presents the deeper concepts of the New Age in an enjoyable 'fictional' read. I absolutely love that the author has recognized the deep wisdom held by other than human beings. Animals, trees, and stones have such wisdom if we have but ears to hear. This book has the potential to be the next "Celestine Prophecy" in terms of a bestseller crossing over into the mainstream. But, it is a much better written book, and fathoms deeper than the predecessor. In other words, one which is more suited to this current time period. That it is a first book makes it all the more an amazing accomplishment. Even if the author does no more writing, he will have probably left a complete, eye-opening legacy for the earth Wanderers. If even a small percentage of these souls wake up from reading this, he will have done an incredible service for the Earth. I congratulate and honor you, Mr. Koven, for a masterful work.

A Playful, Yet Profound Exploration of All That Is

Jean-Claude Koven's delightful book, GOING DEEPER takes the reader on a spiritual journey with a Los Angeles lawyer (Larry) and his dog (Zeus) to Joshua Tree National Park. Larry's journey truly begins when he is startled to hear his dog talking to him... helping him awaken to a much deeper understanding of his life, the universe, and everything. The main premise of GOING DEEPER is that there are millions of "Wanderers," advanced souls from distant dimensions, who feel like they are not quite of this world, but need help remembering what they are doing here on Earth at this time. Through discussions with Zeus and several other wise yet irreverent teachers (such as a raccoon, a juniper tree, and stones) Larry explores such diverse topics as consciousness, chakras, finding one's life purpose, and communicating with one's High Self and the Akashic records. GOING DEEPER balances its serious subject matter with zany humor, as it does an outstanding job of combining spiritual concepts from a variety of esoteric teachings into a cohesive whole. My favorite part of GOING DEEPER was the description of the secret to fully awakening through increasing awareness via focused questioning. Many such tools and meditations are provided through GOING DEEPER, which reads like a spiritual self-help book disguised as a novel. I was pleased to find fascinating ideas liberally sprinkled throughout the story, so I'd find myself feeling the happy glow of these shining ideas for days afterward. Spiritual seekers will find pearls of wisdom and belly laughs galore in this playful yet profound exploration of all that is.

A profound metaphysical work

Going Deeper: How ToMake Sense Of Your Life When Your Life Makes No Sense by entrepreneur and metaphysical free spirit Jean-Claude Koven is a transcendent work of promise and encouragement, written especially for those the author terms "Wanderers" - advanced souls who came to Earth from a distant dimension, currently incarnated on planet Earth to aid in its dimensional shift. Redefining reality with the positive message that now is the time to make a choice, whether to continue the status quo of one's existence or strive to make a bigger difference for the better in the life of oneself and others, Going Deeper is a profound metaphysical work with a transcendent message about waking up and taking control of one's positive influence, whether one truly believes oneself to be a Wanderer or simply an ordinary human soul beset with the same multitude of complex problems, challenges, and opportunities as anyone else.
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