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Paperback Going Beyond Buddha Book

ISBN: 0804831165

ISBN13: 9780804831161

Going Beyond Buddha

Using a refreshingly different metaphor for Zen, this book shows us how listening is the fundamental practice of any spiritual path. Listening as a Zen practice is effective whether done while sitting... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

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Listening has no roots

Zen master Dae Gak (Robert Genthner), received transmission of the dharma from 78th Zen Patriarch Seung Sahn back in 1994. He had previously studied in 2 Japanese lineages before training under Zen master Seung Sahn (Korean). For those of you who do retreats, he is the founder of Furnace Mountain in Kentucky, and he also does meditation seminars/retreats at the Abbey of Gethsemani where Cistercian monk Thomas Merton lived. He is a clincial psychologist, and has practiced Zen for over 30 years. This book has a special quality to it. It focuses on what is oftentimes a very neglected form of practice. The art of listening. In order to really listen to this world, Dae Gak points out how we must let go of self interest in the act. All one needs to listen clearly is to really step outside of his/her normal "my perception" method of listening. Practice truly becoming present, becoming aware. Try to really perceive what the other person is conveying to you, instead of only seeing it from a one sided perspective. In a sense, you should practice listening with a no sided perspective. It's kind of like Taizan Maezumi Roshi's teachings on finding the tree with no roots. Or the land of no yin and yang. In a nutshell, place aside you and I when listening to someone. Sure they might be complaining, or even irritating. But if you don't assess the situation clearly, you cannot really be of service. And that is, after all, what Mahayana Buddhism is all about. Service to others, including ourselves. That Great Bodhisattva Vow, "I vow to save all beings suffering." It's a tall task, but it can only be achieved by two avenues, essentially. First you must make the effort, which happens to be one of the paramitas. And you must be able to perceive clearly. This means finding the tree with no roots. If you buy this book, I have not even the slightest doubt that you will come a bit closer toward attaining such a tree. Well wishes. And Zen master Dae Gak, thank you for such a wonderful book.

Clear and Incisive

Zen Master Dae Gak writes with carity, wisdom and compassion. His teaching on listening is most profound and offered with humility and generosity. Zen Master Dae Gak has given his life to helping others and this book points the way for us to take up his vow. Listen, listen, and listen. With his gentle pointers he teaches that the very practice of listening itself is the way of the compassionate ones and frees one from all suffering so that one can help others. I highly recommend this book.

Sitting alone at Vulture Peak

The range of reviews for this book is staggering. Everyone has his/her Yes or No. I think the reviews are more of a reflection of a personal encounter with Dae Gak, or no encounter at all. Is it any wonder the Buddha held up a single flower to shut everyone up. Going Beyond Buddha is simple and straigtforward just like that moment. Apparently to some it is not. We need caretakers of the Myth--people to keep the Word safe; and we need explorers of the Myth--people to step off the ten thousand foot pole and to see what happens. Sometimes people who listen to their own Mind and follow it are imperfect, even crazy. I would know. I think Zen Master Dae Gak is one of those explorers who picked the flower from his teacher's hand and now carries it in his own human direction. Zen Master Dae Gak is a teacher whose practice takes him away from the conventional. I was his student for 12 years. I was one of his monks. I think his clear mind is reflected in this book, provided the reader will listen. And if your mind differs from his, what then? Zen is what you make of it and it is best not to make anything. Now I travel to the South Bronx five days a week. I don't wear grey robes anymore. I sit across from murderers, thieves, child abusers and drug users. I'm not sitting cross legged anymore but I sit across from Buddhas still. I am trained in many forms of psychotherapy. When I get lost I return to one word: listen. Mostly I just listen because the things I hear have no solutions. I owe my teacher the single flower of listening. Ten Thousand Crows sit in a tree, all talking at once with one Mind. Shut up and listen.

Wonderful Zen teaching .... from Kentucky!!

Who would have thought that Kentucky would be the home to such a wonderful Zen teacher? It is an almost surrealistic testament to the profoundness of this 2500 year old teaching that it should take root and then present us with such a beautiful flower in the midst of Appalachia. Go figure. This book presents genuine, traditional Zen teaching, but without being stuffy or using lots of "zen talk". One of Zen Master Dae Gak's real accomplishments is the avoidance of jargon - his message is always fresh and thoughtfully presented. A significant part of the book takes up a number of Zen "koans". The author weaves these koans together into a tapestry that reveals much of the human and earthy character of the Zen tradition. All too often these koans are dealt with as metaphysical conundrums, or mere riddles, but the author uses these stories to point to our own Buddha nature, and, as the title implies, beyond. In a day when "Zen" has become just another pop-culture buzzword, this book gives anyone who's interested a chance to learn about the real deal.

Great, valuable, important book.

This has been a very valuable book for me! The real life stories of Zen Master Dae Gak bring this often esoteric teaching to life. The greatest gift of this book is that it shines a light on one's own experiences as life's best teacher. As a pianist listening is central to my life. This book brightened what I found I had always known intuitively and used in my profession. Zen Master Dae Gak's teaching has encouraged me toward a deeper exploration of listening as a path to Truth.
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