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Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming

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"[A] solid how-to book...For amateur dream researchers, this is a must." WHOLE EARTH REVIEW This book goes far beyond the confines of pop dream psychology, establishing a scientifically researched... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

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Many Techniques for Exploring Lucid Dreaming

This book contains a wide variety of techniques for lucid dreaming from different esoteric traditions. The essence of one's success with lucid dreaming though, IS, intention to dream lucidly. You may be surprised with how many things you can accomplish just like that by beginning with a state of mind that it is easy to accomplish, that it is natural for you to accomplish it, intending the effect and expecting it. It may take you more time to experience lucid dreaming if you have never invested any effort to work intentionally with your subconscious mind, but on the other hand, if you are experienced working with self-hypnosis, you may find yourself having a lucid dream just by reading through the book because it would plant a suggestion in your subconscious. Perhaps you have already had experiences where you watched something on TV just before going to sleep and then dreaming about it; or reading something before going to sleep and then dreaming about it - it can be as easy as that. And yes, the practice of conditioning your mind to be aware that you are, even now, awake in your dream - works. Again, if you have never engaged in any spiritual practice, or working with your mind, it may seem that there is a distinction between the "dream" of your waking life (the time when you believe that you are fully awake) and the dreams you dream during the night - but if you'd engage in creating outcomes intentionally in your daily life with your mind - your daily life would soon begin to feel like a dream, just a projection from your mind - one moment you think about something - and the next moment you experience it in your outer reality. There is a distinction, though - as you'll find yourself able to do certain things while dreaming with your physical body asleep, which you are not able to do with your physical body - such as fly - so any such unusual experiences can serve as a wonderful "cue" to alert you to the fact that you are dreaming and help you to become lucid.

Want to learn to lucid dream? This is the book.

This is THE book on lucid dreaming. It is a manual of how to lucid dream containing every main technique with clear instructions including a detailed description of the technique that the author used to learn to become lucid in his dreams at will. It is also filled with descriptions of the lucid dreaming experiences of many other people. Dr. Laberge is a rigorous scientist and you will not find any irresponsible conclusions about the the topic or pseudo-science. After becoming interested in lucid dreaming, I scoured the net and read everything about the topic that I could find, but after 6 months I had no success. However this is the book that got me going in the right direction and now I am having lucid dreams regularly. If you get one book on lucid dreaming, this is the one. His earlier book, called Lucid Dreaming, is also very good if you want a more detailed description of the history of lucid dreaming or discussion and philosophy of lucid dreaming. In short, the book 'Lucid Dreaming' provides lots of background and 'Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming' is the "How to" manual.

best book on lucid dream/obe/awareness on the market.

I have to admit this is the best book for the price on the market with scientific proof and probability of occurences for lucid dreaming. I have been trying months to have out of body experiences/partial dream ones and/or lucid dreaming and have to admit this book is very detailed explained and I have accomplished it with this book which many other books failed. I have looked at other books on awareness exercises, this one even talks about it in depth more and not to mention the WILD/MILD techniques are worth the price alone cause I had a lucid experience with those tehchniques atleast once every second day after reading their FAQ, I had to buy the book to support this author and found out there are many more treasures/techniques in this book which I can't wait to try out. This is my second best book on the market I will cherish and come back to many times, the other one is power of the subconscious mind by murphy, two of my favorite psychology books.

Best guide to lucid dreaming

LaBerge is a psychologist at Stanford University, currently working on lucid dream research at The Lucidity Institute in Palo Alto, California. These books detail his discoveries on the waking dream and the methods by which one can experience such dreams. Lucid dreams are very fascinating and are an amazingly creative and fun way of exploring inner reality. The books have a pretty scientific bent and should be seen more as textbooks rather than descriptive or imaginative introductions to the lucid dream world. Of his two books, I think this one is a far more practical guide.

The authoritative work on developing lucid dreaming ability.

Lucid dreaming, i.e. dreaming with full awareness, is one of the most ecstatic experiences open to human beings. Yet creating this state of bliss has traditionally been difficult - the naive approach of autosuggestion produces only very low success rates.In "Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming", Stephen LaBerge discusses far more efficient techniques, including one pioneered by himself - MILD, or Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams. He explains how to create conditions conducive to lucid dreaming, how to prolong a lucid dream once one has one, and how to use lucid dreams for creative problem solving, health, entertainment and spiritual growth. I should point out, however, that there is no miracle method for having lucid dreams instantanously. The techniques that this book offers still need to be exercised, patiently and diligently over a period of weeks if not months before results will start to materialize. But if you are willing and motivated to invest the necessary work and effort, this book will be one of the best guides there is. For those readers who prefer a simple, step-by-step approach, I would also recommend "Lucid Dreams in 30 Days" by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintraub.
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