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Hardcover Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight Book

ISBN: 039914255X

ISBN13: 9780399142550

Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

In this New York Times bestselling diet phenomenon, Dr. Peter D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney reveal the simple secret to healthy, vigorous, and disease-free living: basing your diet on your blood type. If you've ever suspected that not everyone should eat the same thing or do the same exercise, you're right. In fact, what foods we absorb well and how our bodies handle stress differ with each blood type. Your blood type reflects your internal chemistry...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Change your life for the better!

I was talked into being a vegetarian over 30 years ago by my OB/GYN because of the problems I was having staying pregnant. Eight (?) years ago, I discovered why it worked so well for me: because my blood type is A+. I have been following this diet since I became aware of it, and I recommend it highly!! The only thing I DON'T agree with is the nutritionist's insistence on supplementing a vegetarian diet with soy protein. Soy makes great ink but is not a good FOOD - for any living beings - in my opinion: too much protein and very hard to digest (unless it's turned into tofu or tempeh). Everything else in the book is right on, however!! Excellent information - will keep you healthy and happy!

It Seems To Be Working For Me

I purchased this book because I had been having a lot of digestive problems, like embarrassing gas everyday, and heartburn that was becoming more frequent. Also, during the past few years, I had gained 10 pounds and nothing I did seemed to make a difference. I attributed it to the fact that I was "middle-aged" and began to dread getting "old". I found the book to be very interesting, but wondered about the scientific aspect. Was he making this up, or could it be true? I decided to give the diet a try, just to see what would happen. As a "B" blood type, the information in the book revealed to me that the almost total vegetarian diet I had adopted in the past five years was incorrect for my blood type. I read the food lists, and discovered that many of my favorite foods were on the "avoid" list. I made some simple substitutions, giving up "avoid" foods, and replaced them with foods from the "highly beneficial" and "neutral" lists. I added meat and fish back to my diet a few times a week. To my great surprise, within three days, all of my digestion problems cleared up. The gas and heartburn disappeared, and have not returned for four months. An added benefit has been that I have lost nine pounds. This happened within the first two months. My energy has increased, and I feel pretty good! A few times when I have splurged and eaten foods from the "avoid" list, I have developed temporary digestive problems, but they immediately go away when I return to the Blood Type Diet. I asked a physician friend to read the book, and he refused to do so, because it had not been "peer-reviewed" in the medical journals he reads. He expressed concern about the unqualified people writing books and taking advantage of the simple people, like me. Well, all I can say in answer to him is that it simply seems to be working for me, and I cannot argue with the positive results I have seen. I am back to my high school weight and feel good.

The Blood Type Diet Works--It's Real--It Changed My Life

Eat Right 4 Your Type is great. It works. I'm a Blood Type A and it worked great. Believe me, I was skeptical when I read about it, but after getting the book and reading it, I decided to give it a try. It helps to read all of the book. Don't just go to the part about your own blood type and skip over the rest. After just a few days avoiding the foods the diet says aren't good for my blood type, I noticed a change. I started feeling better. I had more energy. I had trouble with my stomach for years, digestive problems. And I was overweight. The diet has helped to change that. I didn't feel sick to my stomach so much. The more I kept to the diet, the less my stomach hurt. Then it stopped hurting at all. And I started losing some weight. It wasn't any miracle weight loss, but after almost 6 weeks following the book, I lost about 12 pounds. Weight is still coming off. I feel better than I have for years, and I'm in my fifties. My wife bought Cook Right 4 Your Type also, for ideas about meals for people with different blood types. That's the hardest part, giving up almost all of the fast, easy stuff. I still want to eat Italian bread. I try not to watch the food commercials on TV. I miss fast food junk like that. But I love Eat Right and Cook Right. They helped me so much, and my wife. I'm still surprised. Dr. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney make it all so easy to understand. Read this book from cover to cover. There's really good information here for everybody. My wife is Type O, and she feels great right now from following the blood type diet. There's also a blood type web site to get any questions answered. There's a message board in there that's a real help. Buy the book, read it, and then use it in good health. You're going to be surprised. The blood type diet works. It's great. I give it a Five stars rating, plus. I hope this helps you.

It's not just another nutrition book.

I have to disagree with the customer review that stated that this book was just another way of saying, "Eat better and exercise, and you'll lose weight." I have type O blood, and one of the many helpful recommendations Dr. D'Adamo gives is for type O's to avoid wheat, which is quite contrary to most health recommendations. I've tried all my life to eat whole wheat products because health experts recommend it. Little did I know how hindering it was to my body and my weight loss efforts to eat wheat. I also found that not all people benefit from strenuous exercise. For some blood types, yoga and tai chi can be more beneficial than strenuous aerobics. The whole point of this book is that people cannot follow the same diets and exercise programs to get the same results, and I completely agree. If this wasn't true, people who are trying to follow traditional health recommendations for exercise and eating wouldn't be finding themselves overweight and unhealthy, despite their efforts. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to lose weight, reduce stress, and increase their overall health. I have lost weight, but more than that, I am more healthy than I've ever been in my life. I don't believe Dr. D'Adamo would have done such strenuous research, nor would people be doing so well on the diet, if it was just another way of telling people to eat right and exercise.
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