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Hardcover Eat Healthy, Feel Great Book

ISBN: 0316787086

ISBN13: 9780316787086

Eat Healthy, Feel Great

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Format: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

From the creators of the acclaimed Sears Parenting Library comes a handbook that gives kids the tools to make their own wise food choices. Includes quick and easy recipes. Full color.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Perfect way to introduce children to the concept of Nutrition

I purchased this book because I've enjoyed some of the other books by Dr. Sears, and thought it would be a good way to teach my kids about making good food choices. I was expecting a very basic discussion of eating right - the "eat more veggies and fruits" and "stay away from junk" type discussion that we've heard a million times. I was very pleasantly surprised to find the book covering more in depth nutritional topics, like partially hydrogenated oils or refined sugar/flour. But they're presented in a very accessible way that's easy for children to understand. The book also talks about the need to drink plenty of water. The green-yellow-red food organization works well. I'm glad that the book doesn't try to tell you that you can never have treats like cake or pizza - just that that you don't want to eat too many, too often. The book also comes with a small poster that shows the "traffic light foods." We hung it on our fridge, and now both of our children evaluate what they're eating using the Green-Yellow-Red model. The message has really made an impression on my kids. Sometimes when we're in the store and my kindergartener reaches for junk food, I can tell him it's a Red Light food, and immediately he understands and stops asking for it. I'm so impressed. This book is truly an asset to families. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Such a creative concept

I love this book!! Trying to keep junk food away from children is like keeping cats away from mice. The concept of using "green light", "yellow light" and "red light" foods is so appealing. Now my toddler (3 1/2) is catergorizing foods and realizing that some foods should not be ingested!! Good nutrition starts at a young age. More and more children are getting diabetes, autism, and even heart disease at a very young age. Why wait?? to teach good eating habits. Nutrition is the key to a good, long, healthy life. GREAT BOOK

Teaches Lifelong Health and Openmindedness about Trying New Foods

This book educates your child about the health level and quantity-intake of different foods, using the traffic light gradations of red, yellow, and green. Even today, after reading this book to my 4 1/2 old daughter since she was 2 1/2, she will pipe up and say, "Hey, this is a green light food, Mom!" We also use some of the recipes listed towards the end of the book, especially our own version of a balanced fruit smoothie. The book also comes with a quality mini-poster reminding your child about the different types of foods and which are green: "eat all you want," yellow: "slow down!" and red: "these are bad for your body and your heart." The illustrations are engaging and pleasantly colorful, showing a healthy family interactions, lifestyle, and a proper attitude towards food. Entertaining without dumbing-down solid information your child can use all of his/her life. Martha and William Sears have done it again. I can't recommend this book more highly. If you are looking for a book on potty training, you should see their other book: You Can Go to the Potty. Thoughtful and excellent sources by the famous pediatrican and his wife who is a registered nurse: both parents to a large family.

As straightforward as it says: Eat Healthy Feel Great

-Puts the revised 2005 Food Pyramid designers to shame with its straightforward, clear approach (versus the revised pyramid 'stripes' that are supposed to indicate how much of each fod group to eat but who can figure it out at a glance?) Its concept for green / orange / red light foods is straightforward, extremely well presented and easy to understand and APPLY. The book provides clear and convincing explanations about each food group and their particular effects on your body. Surprisingly comprehensive introduction to key nutriets is also covered. Illustrations are appealing, colors of each food are accurate and therefore relatable for children (many other kids 'food' books are NOT!) While the illustrations are simple, they are easy to identify and relate to and several are funny and gain laughs. The typical obstacles for trying new foods is addressed, so kids start off knowing that these great greenlight foods may look and taste a little different but you quickly grow to like them and also that we can train our taste buds. Its straightforward approach provides convincing reasons for eating healthy - even 'grown-ups' may be surprised at just how clear the message is for such a relatively short book. My five year old is sharing with his Kindergarten friends why the hydrogenated oils and coloring are not good for one's body and showing an interest in reading food labels. This resource provides parents with a strong resource for arming children with appealing reasons to begin to make good food choices in such a carb/sugar overloaded environment and help them understand why their fresh veg, nut, yogurt, fruit lunches and snacks help them grow healthy and feel good far more than the donuts their best friend brings to school. I highly recommend this book for a family library shelf and also as a gift book. Note: Although this book is marked for Pre-Schoolers, in my view it would be appropriate through age 7 or 8 yrs because it has such a rare combination of simple yet superior reasons without any babytalk. The sad thing is that most of us grown ups need a copy too. Other books which are good on this general topic are Lizzy Rockwells. Her books have more detail and more explanations with illustrations featuring digestive systems etc. Her "Busy Bodies" is as good for fitness discussions as "Eat Healthy Feel Great" is for food choice discussions. By the way; for older kids say 9 plus will love "Food Rules! The Stuff You Munch, Its Crunch, Its Punch, and Why You Sometimes Lose Your Lunch" by Bill Haduch. Pre-Teens and teens will actually read it because the language, approach, illustrations and especially the 'footnotes' are hilarious, engrossing and clear.

Building Good Nutritional Habits

What a wonderful resource for parents who are trying to "do the right thing" -- to teach their children healthy eating habits in the midst of a society that promotes the fast, processed, and packaged. Dr. Sears categorizes food into green light/yellow light/red light groups, and it's a concept my children (ages 2, 4) readily understand. The text is simple and clear, and the message is presented in a fun way. This book would be a big help to any parents interested in changing their families' eating habits for the better. There are parts in the book that are just for parents: they explain nutrition, as well as make suggestions on how to incorporate more "green light" foods in the family's meals. My children enjoy this book. They ask for it by name -- we've read it dozens of times.
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