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Paperback Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood Book

ISBN: 0684801280

ISBN13: 9780684801285

Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

Discusses the causes, symptoms, and treatment of attention-deficit Disorder (ADD). This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

Why the hype?

If you have never read a book on ADD, and you like anecdotal books you might enjoy this book. But if you like no fluff, bottom line, dry science with facts you won't enjoy this book. It's a series of patient's stories who have ADD. I was looking for bare bone facts so I can better facilitate my child's learning. I made it to chapter 2 and am ready to take it back to the library. To much fluff for me. I'm to busy for all that.

Solid, Fun, Helpful

While many ADD books are filled with froth and fluff, and others are littered with mantras about accepting ADD in our life but, "Driven to Distraction" actually is useful. Buy it now before you forget. From descriptions about what is and is not ADD, to incredibly informative thoughts on ways of managing ADD's pitfalls and positives, this book is the one to buy. Anyone with ADD welcomes every aspect of it, and most of us would trade it for a dollar. However, Hallowell and Ratey manage to dispel the malarkey about ADD being a handicap, and provide case studies which will remind you of many of your own experiences. Great for a dear friend or mate to read to understand ADD, and how to be a better friend or spouse. Let me recommend also, "Managing Attention & Learning Disorders : Super Survival Strategies" by Elaine McEwan and "Uncommon Gifts : Transforming Learning Disabilities into Blessing" by James Stewart Evans. I fully recommend "Driven to Distraction : Recognizing and Coping With Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood." Anthony Trendl

Excellent book for parents, teachers & ADD/ ADHD adults

As an educator, I've been dealing with kids with attention problems for many years, as has my wife who is a learning differences teacher (as a tutor and in private schools). When our daughter was in 2nd grade, she was diagnosed with ADD (over 15 years ago), so we began learning about this disorder firsthand. After attending a teacher's seminar on ADHD, I began suspecting that I might have it as well, but it wasn't until I read Hallowell's "Driven to Distraction" that I decided to seek help. Now, many years later, I can say that I'm glad I did.As an elementary school librarian, this is the first book I recommend to teachers and parents, as well as to adults who suspect they may have an attention problem. It is easy to read, full of good information and the self-quizzes throughout the book are invaluable.

Forgive? Nay! Applaud!

How does a person go from being their own worst enemy to their own best friend? This book can tell you how -- and best of all, why. Like many others, I had never thought of myself as hyperactive -- hyper-book worm maybe! I was creative and obsessive. I was determined beyond description -- if it was something interesting to me. And I was successful... enough. A natural born explainer and teacher -- I had the patience of a saint! I never admitted to anyone that I constantly berated myself in my mind: Even a small thing like a load of laundry would become a reason to rant. "You stupid! You forgot to turn on the wash!" Later, I'd realize: I had turned the knob three hours before -- but I had forgotten to close the lid.... when I remembered to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer -- at midnight -- I'd get out of bed to do it. "No way dufus-head will remember tomorrow!" Multiply this small life detail by 1000 lost, forgotten, ignored, denied life details -- all day, every day. The tirade never ceased. I never tolerated others being negative to someone who made a mistake. I forgave everything. I understood the need for tolerance and forgiveness -- but I never gave it to myself.I was never capable of doing any one thing from beginning to end. With a 100 projects going on at once very few get done. And, I was never able to enjoy the applause when I did do something really well. "Next week you'll screw up." the evil, mean voice in my head said. How did I keep from driving myself nuts?As a result of reading this book, I started a path that changed my life. I now realize and forgive -- Nay! Applaud! my "differentness." The hyper-creativity is still there -- now I know how use it. I let my mind wander when I need to -- then I guide it gently back to where I need it to be. And I cheer and applaud and praise myself all along the way. My explanation sounds too simple for the revolution -- and evolution in my life. Dr. Hallowell writes evocative stories -- call it revelations through case histories. It is required reading for anyone with ADD -- or anyone with a child, spouse, student or employee they define as an underachiever. This book explains "why?"

A necessity. It's the Bible of ADD.

I am one of those beset by troubles with myself that I couldn't understand. Soon I learned of ADD and of Driven to Distraction. THE BOOK HIT THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD! Driven to Distraction is an excellent introduction to those who have no knowledge of ADD, but have found out about it want to know more about it and everything about it. Want to know ADD? Start with this book. No other researcher has collected more pertinent data and given to ordinary people in their language than Drs. Hallowell and Ratey. Truly, this book is the Bible of ADD life. Coupled with Answers to Distraction, one could consider himself well-equipped to face the world where ADD is a terrible stigma.I'm from the Philippines and here ADD is still known as a kid's disease and named MBD (Minimal Brain Dysfunction). NO ONE knows about ADD here, and if only this book were read by more psychologists in this country, the problems would certainly be more alleviated. My hat off to Drs. Hallowell and Ratey for such a helpful, life-changing book. God bless!

A superbly balanced and rigorous text for all readers

Whether lay public or professionals in the field, this is the best book you'll find on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). I treat patients who have ADD; many come bearing a well-marked copy of this book to say they've found themselves in it. To the others, I routinely recommend they read it before we finalize the diagnosis or decide on treatment. The tone throughout is rigorously scientific yet informal, relatively free of jargon, approachable by anyone with a high school education, and very supportive to the sufferer without being patronizing. It contains no propaganda, a rare virtue in books about ADD. Although written by physicians (who themselves are sufferers), it does not shill for medication management at the expense of alternative treatments that have been scientifically validated as effective. This is the ideal book for sufferers and their families, for teachers and those who evaluate the learning problems of children and adults, and for all health care providers. For those who find it hard to read, another book by these authors, Answers to Distraction, is written in an easier, sound bite format. Both books are available on audiotape, often the best way for the ADDers to "read". -Phil Torrance MD (Diplomate in Psychiatry)
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