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Hardcover Delicate Creatures Book

ISBN: 1582402256

ISBN13: 9781582402253

Delicate Creatures

In Delicate Creatures, Image Comics` first all-original hardcover, J. Michael Straczynski turns his gaze towards the fairytale and leaves you wondering how much is tale and how much is truth. Like all... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

Condition: Good

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Fairy Tale Meets Graphic Novel

I collect unusual fairy tales and this is possibly one of my favorite of all time. The story is uniquely haunting and the art is absolutely breathtaking. Though it's short, this tale has the depth and character developement of a novela paired with gorgeous illustrations. Though this book can be appreciated at any age, I believe it is best suited for the 13+ crowd.

A Vastly Underrated Classic

Even if you've been following the diverse goings-on of the profilic author J. Michael Straczynski over the decades, you may not know about DELICATE CREATURES. A parable on the roots of Faerie which is as ancient as the oldest woods, and as modern as issues of internal security, DELICATE CREATURES is a superb prose novel finely illustrated by Michael Zulli, known in Sequential circles for his standout work for Neil Gaiman's SANDMAN. Released by Image Comics, by way of its Top Cow imprint, it all but vanished follwing its initial release in 2001. Known best as the creator, chief scripter, and major domo of the epic televised SF saga, BABYLON 5, Straczynski is a writer's writer, one of the grandmasters of the field. From the impossible task of attempting THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE in the 1980s, and the eerie wanderings of MIDNIGHT NATION, to the finest tales seen in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN since the Lee-Ditko-Romita originals, Straczynski is simply the very best at what he does. DELICATE CREATURES, however, is a particular treat, being Straczynski's first work delving into the genre of Classic Fantasy. Never content with simply doing what has been done, the author concocts a contemporary parable which places the origins of Faerie as much in the thwarted anxieties of Humanity, as in the familar truths behind myths and legends spun just beyond the camplight. From its finely attuned plot to its wicked character play, DELICATE CREATURES is humble finesse from an author responisble for some of the most brilliant moments in all of Fiction. So concentrated is the simplicity of Straczynski's delivery, so smoothly executed with such charm, that the sheer bounty of his story greets you with a firm grasp on your attention, even as the ethical impact of this work evokes sobering questions. Here is a master storyteller examining the desperate adult sensibilities which fuel our most enduring need to experience childlike wonder. In achieving this, Straczynski addresses the real matter-at-hand; why aesthetic expression is so essential to the well-being of all who live. Time and attention will prove DELICATE CREATURES to be one of the great classics of the times, and a hallmark piece of Fantasy lore. As it stands now, it is a most unique entry from one of the most unique literary artists around. On that point alone, it merits a fresh look, and your immediate reading discretion.

A parable for all ages about strength to change the world

Delicate Creatures a beautifully illustrated fantasy story, written by the versatile and talented author J. Michael Stranczynski of television (Babylon 5) and comic book (Rising Stars) fame. A fairy tale existing parallel to human world, Delicate creatures is not a picturebook for very young children but rather a parable for all ages about the strength to change the world that lies in the smallest, most fragile, and most fleeting of things. The artwork of Michael Zulli and Steve Firchow wonderfully showcases a truly engaging fairytale destined to become a modern classic. Delicate Creatures is enthusiastically recommended for anyone who has ever thrilled to the tales of the Brothers Grimm or gone along on a wonderland adventure with Alice.

what we've come to expect from JMS - beautiful stories

I bought this book because I was very curious about this "new twist" on fairy tales and I love JMS' other works: his run on "Amazing Spider-Man," Babylon 5, Rising Stars. . .and now, "Delicate Creatures." I didn't get a chance to flip through it before I bought it, I was expecting your typical graphic novel but the writing, coloring, and illustrations are more like a story book, giving it a long-lasting quality. I found the story to be very sweet in some areas, and in others rather sad. Emotions while reading weren't of the laugh or cry variety, more like a pleasant interest in the goings on of the characters and an inclination to see the story through to its finish. The artwork is beautiful, as are the colors - nothing in your face or too wispy. I would say this book is less a commentary on fairy tales and more a commentary on ideas. Fairy tales are ideas but the ideas in this book aren't just fanciful, they have a context in reality as well. I suppose this still doesn't answer the question, "Why should I buy this book?" 1)if you like any of JMS' other work and 2)if you want to read something with depth and grace. At first I considered giving this book 4 stars because I didn't feel like the story had any kind of earth shattering concepts, but in thinking that I realize I am a victim of hype. Also, I am very much interested in reading books of all sorts of philosophies so some things aren't new ideas to me (if you like this book you may be interested in terry pratchet's "hogfather"). I find no fault in this book, it is something I am proud to place on my bookshelf and share (if they're very careful with it) with my friends. If you're at all unsure after reading this review, I encourage you to seek this book out in your local bookstore and flip through it, maybe even find a comfortable chair and read it (it's not a very long read). I think you'll enjoy it.

A wild new look at fairy tales by a brilliant author

Let's take a quick count -- so far J. Michael Straczynski has revolutionized television sci-fi ("Babylon 5"), horror ("Midnight Nation") and superheroes ("Spider-Man" and "Rising Stars"). Why not tackle fairy tales next? The story centers around a group of fairies who live in a house, unseen by its human inhabitants. New ones arrive and it's like they've always been there. Old ones disappear and they are mourned. It's a clever story, but not exactly groundbreaking...Until the twist at the halfway point. I refuse to give it away, but the curveball Straczynski throws regarding something as simple as the setting takes this story down a path no one would have guessed, turning it from a simple children's story to a heartbreaking cautionary tale that can appeal to anyone with even a passing knowledge of the some of the real-life horrors that have been perpetrated in this world.Good for kids, great for adults, "Delicate Creatures" is, simply put, a must-read.
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