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Paperback Death Note, Vol. 3 Book

ISBN: 1421501708

ISBN13: 9781421501703

Death Note, Vol. 3

(Book #3 in the Death Note Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

When Light Yagami finds a notebook giving him power over death, will he use it for good--or evil? Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects--and he's bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Most Original Manga Ever

This is one of the most original manga ever written. Read other reviewers for great plot summaries. If you are reading these reviews your question must be, "Is this something I want to read?" Death Note, unlike a great deal of manga, you have to read. It has wonderful artwork, some of the best I have ever seen. But, the art does not carry the story, the words carry this story. In volume 1, Light finds the Death Note, and at first it seems like killing all criminals is a good idea. But, by volume 2, you begin to see what the power of the Death Note is doing to Light. Volume 3, introduces a new character to the story that complicates the story line, but in a good way. If this series was a movie it would be considered "film noir". It is dark, with many plot twists, microscopic viewing of the line between good and evil, and how that line can be twisted to suit the person doing the twisting. This manga is a thinking manga. After you finish each volume, you will find yourself thinking about it, worrying over some of the plots like a dog with a bone. think, think, think. Enjoy!

Death Note no. 3 ROX!!!

this comic ruled all of them i am so gonna get the whole set they r so awsome they artwork and story line is soo gud i am so gonna get no. 1 + 4 + 5 and so on and so forth

This just keeps getting better!

If only I could pause my life and just read this whole series at once, I would. It's a battle just for me to put it down at any chapter or any volume. I adore this particular volume. Tension is at an all-time high with Raito(Light) being L's number one suspect. Raito once again amazes me as he gets out of every corner that L throws at him. Poor Shinigami though went through withdrawels without his apples... I nearly squealed when L and Raito finally saw each other face to face. I was wondering all throughout the first two volumes how they would be able to meet and NOT kill each other, but it's done in such away that doesn't allow them from nailing the other down and forces a very fun friendship or alliance on the surface while both observe and try to trick the other into making a mistake. If you were intrigued by how these two outmaneuvered each other from far away, just wait until they're close up! It's so fun to finally see these two characters together. One who looks like the perfect role model college student all groomed and composed and standing tall, the other one with shaggy eyes, racoon eyes, in t-shirt jeans and barefoot slinking behind. I'm in love witht how L sits and holds things. He's such a peculiar, loveable young genius. Events just keep on unfolding with the 2nd Kira showing up... like I said, things just keep getting better with this series.

Death Note volume 3

The third volume of Death Note gets five stars, and the fact that its continued excellence is still retained is a testament to how well the writing and story is put together, and how well the suspense that it creates will grab your attention long after you're done reading it. Picking right up where the last volume left off, volume 3 starts with Light trying to find a way to do the duties of Kira and not look conspicuous, even with 64 microphones and cameras hidden in his room! And if this isn't enough, even L appears before Light as they meet for the first time in this volume. Will this make things easier for Light to act as Kira or just complicate things further? Just when the genius vs. genius battle of wits starts to begin, another Kira appears, adding another layer to the already thickening plot. The artwork, as usual, is just as solid as ever. The story relies very heavily on the writing moreso than other mangas (you will find panels upon panels brimming with text), so it's a good thing that the writing itself doesn't feel like they butchered it in the translation. Frankly, this is another great volume, living up to the standards that the series has already created for itself. If you liked Death Note 1 and 2, then there is no reason to deprive yourself of this one.

Tension Enough to Snap Steel Wire

Death Note is, easily, the best manga I've ever read, and though my list isn't exactly huge (any of the Shonen Jump manga, FLCL, Samurai Champloo) I'm still pretty confident in saying that in the future, I won't find anything to take Death Note's place as my personal favorite. Drawing on popular mythology and mixing in a bit of Japanese folklore, Death Note has more than enough to appeal to any fan of manga, while also being written so well that any average reader of comic books can pick this up and read it without difficulty. In volume three, Light's battle with L escalates. Light, or Kira, now has no home life to speak of because of surveillance cameras hidden throughout his bedroom and his house. And if that was not difficult enough, Light finally gets the chance to meet L face to face, and he can't do anything to the mysterious genius, who willingly shares information, including his identity. But the best parts of this volume comes toward the end, when Kira begins a killing spree and shows that now he has the ability of the Shinigami Eyes, a prospect Light had originally turned down earlier in the story do to the penalty of losing half his life span. But why did he accept it now, and is it even Light who is responsible for the seemingly senseless killing taking place in front of a TV station? In volumes one and two, it was a difficult process of trying to figure out who exactly to cheer for. Do we cheer for Light, who has some noble-reasoning behind his actions, or do we cheer for L, who wants nothing more than to stop a madman before anybody else, even criminals, dies unreasonably at Kira's hands? In this volume, it's easy to cheer for both of them, especially since Light has now joined the Task Force out to capture Kira. The cops are the good guys in this volume, and no where is this more clear than in the last chapters. Death Note has a way of toying with your emotions as you read. You want for L to succeed, and you want for Kira to continue to allude him. Though this volume gets away from that some, it's still there, and it makes the book difficult to put down because of it. (I'm ashamed to say that I read this book from start to finish the day I got; luckily laundry day made that possible.) I've yet to find another manga that makes me do this, so I will say that if you have a favorite manga out there that you just can't get enough of, consider picking up Death Note, as it's the same way. Also, if you like the art of Hikaru No Go, Death Note was drawn by the same artist, only with a more mature style to it.
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