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Paperback Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help? How? Book

ISBN: 0879835389

ISBN13: 9780879835385

Can a Gluten-Free Diet Help? How?

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Format: Paperback

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Is wheat making you ill? Read this book!

This book is not very long but it is full of information. The author is a medical doctor who admits that he did not always know much about celiac disease/gluten intolerance. He shares what he has learned in a clear and compelling way. I have multiple food allergies and sensitivities. I have avoided wheat for over ten years and have read extensively about food allergies and nutritional therapies. This is the first book that explains clearly how gluten sensitivity leads to other dietary problems such as dairy intolerance. Now I wish that I had known early on that I should not consume gluten (which is in wheat and certain other grains). Perhaps my long list of food allergies would be much shorter. Rosenvold also explains how gluten sensitivity can worsen the symptoms of a number of other conditions include MS, schizophrenia, and dementia. Recent news reports on a study of dementia proved him correct on this count. Readers who have a relative with celiac disease should read this book because they may have the disease too. Avoiding gluten is not really terrible - just shop the perimeter of the supermarket (produce, meat, dairy), check out the rice products and the health food aisle, skip the convenience foods (sorry!), and read the labels. New label rules have made it MUCH easier to avoid gluten. This is an excellent book for consumers, nutritionists, and even doctors - especially doctors! Celiac disease is not as rare as once thought. Rosenvold does not sensationalize the subject or make outrageous claims as many writers do on diet-related topics.

It points the way to solve many problems

Although Dr. Rosenvolt's book is written in a very practical and easy to understand way, it deals with problems that have not been taken seriouly by many medical professionals. His ability to observe and come to meaningful practical conclusions is evident in what I relay below. It has indeed saved my life as well as my daughter's and grand daughter's. In my case, I had been feeling so week that I was contemplating asking my children to come get me and take care of me because I just had no energy to work any more. I had been waking up with an eletrical discharge from my brains every morning. It was terrifying. My muscles were weak and sore. One morning I knelt by my bed and asked God to please show me what was wrong with me if I still had a mission in this world. It was than that books like Dr. D'Adamo's and Dr. Rosenvolt's fell in my hands. Dr. D'Adamo mentioned the problem with gluten and made me interested in knowing more about it. Then I was ready for Dr. Rosenvolt's book. I could see my story and the story of some other members of my family in his accounts. I immediately cut gluten out of my diet and began fo feel more energetic and the short circuits disappeared. Now, two and a half year later I'm fifty three and work 50 hours a week as a teacher.My daughter lives in the USA and I in Brazil. Soon after I began to feel better she, pregnant of about 16 weeks, called, very up set because the doctor had said that she was going to lose the baby because her liver had stopeed funtioning and the toxins were building up fast and she may have eclampsia at any time. I mentioned to her what I had read and that to me had worked wonders, but she didn't see much sense in it. A week later she was desesperate and upon my insistence she decided to try a gluten free diet. In only three days she eliminate four pounds of toxins and her liver began to funtion again. Although her doctor was very happy and told her to keep the diet, he never even asked her what kind of diet it was. When it was about time for her to have the baby and I was already there, I heard him say: "Young lady you are fine now but for a while there, I thought you wouldn't get here." It is thanks to God, Dr. D'Adamo and Dr. Rosenvolt that I can work again, have my daughter without sacrificing my grand daughter.

oh my god--it worked wonders. just heavenly

oh, i lost 20 in 3 months! Can you believe it? I look great, feel great and lots of lucious men appreciate it. What a fabulous book--buy, buy buy, a must have for all americans!

A great gift for skeptical family members and/or friends.

This is a book in which Dr. Rosenvold's many years of clinical experience are brought to bear upon a complex, difficult topic. His insights into the health benefits of a gluten-free diet suggest help for a variety of gastrointestinal difficulties, neuological complaints, and a variety of autoimmune diseases. Rosenvold's observations and discussion are a testament to his very perceptive and rational analysis of his patients' health problems.Researchers continue to find immunological evidence to support Dr. Rosenvold's claims. This heroic work was published before most of these researchers were willing to grant more than a coincidental genetic association between celiac disease and autoimmunity. The alcohol soluble proteins from wheat, rye, barley, and perhaps, oats appear to begin many of the associated illnesses in celiac disease. Rosenvold's suggestions of the incidence of health problems arising out of immune reactions to these proteins are very similar to those numbers revealed by very recent reports of serological screening.If a hero is a person who is well ahead of his time, then Dr. Rosenvold is just that .......a hero of modern medicine. His book offers information, guidance, and insight into the complex problems induced by dietary gluten in those without the ability to properly metabolize these relatively modern foods. Loved ones may come to understand the importance of compliaince with the diet, as well as considering the possibility that the diet might help with some of their health challenges. best wishes, Ron Hoggan

Informative book on an often misdiagnosed condition.

Although I have now found that I do not suffer from this condition, the book provides useful information. The author's theories about the condition and its relation to other diseases is cutting edge medicine. I recommend this book for anyone who is a celiac or suffers from a candida infection or MS.
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