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Hardcover Breakthrough Creativity: Achieving Top Performance Using the Eight Creative Talents Book

ISBN: 0891061533

ISBN13: 9780891061533

Breakthrough Creativity: Achieving Top Performance Using the Eight Creative Talents

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

Howard Gardner's classic book Multiple Intelligences exploded the myth that intelligence can be measured along a single dimension. Now Lynne Levesque shows that creativity, like intelligences, exists in a variety of forms, and demonstrates that high-performance organizations need to make use of creativity in all its dimensions. It takes more than just "thinking outside the box" to build a flexible, adaptive organization that will survive competitive...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

**A valuable and different perspective **

I am an experience MBA, and I was skeptical about another venture into exploring my own creativity. It turns out Lynne Levesque's book Breakthrough Creativity was definitely a breakthrough in my perceptions. Creativity is not just for artists and advertising. I never really saw my engineering and project management work as "creative," but Levesque's book helped me recognize how confined one's perspective can be. I always sought creativity through sailing or sports. I didn't appreciate how it can play a role in everything I do. This fresh outlook that we are all creative, with individually different creative talents, was a simple but important revelation. It was interesting to discover how much we limit our own creative endeavors. Levesque's metaphors analyzing creativity are imaginative and instructive, and her recommendations were very practical. Her recommendations are clearly grounded on her own business experience.Levesque links creativity with resilience and a sense of possibility, a very powerful concept in today's troubled world.I highly recommend reading this breakthrough book.

Excellent tool for self growth

In Breakthrough Creativity, Levesque opens the reader's eyes to the individual talents that he or she possesses. Learning about your orientation to the world, how you process and analyze infomation, and how, exactly, you are creative is the first step in taking advantage of your innate talents. Levesque reveals that you DO have creative talents, and she guides you through a series of steps to learn about what those talents are, and how you can implement a game plan to improve upon those talents.This book is great for anyone who wants to learn how to improve upon themselves. It is also the perfect tool to learn about how to interact with friends, family and co-workers who have different creative talents.By reading the book, I have become empowered to capitalize upon my strengths. More importantly, I am learning how to overcome barriers and explore how I must adjust my behavior to be fully creative. In addition, I have used it to learn about how well I know people who are close to me, and how to revise my attitude and have a higher level of respect toward people who have very different talents than me.This book is eye-opening and refreshing. I give it the highest recommendation!

Creative Destruction of Barriers to Creativity

What is important to understand at the outset is that Levesque skillfully combines in this book some of the most important ideas developed by Carl Jung in correlation with concepts developed by Katherine Briggs and Isabel Myers for what is now known as "The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)" personality inventory. According to Levesque, "The more you learn about this instrument and Jung's theory behind it, the more you'll see its applicability to an understanding of creativity." There are so many excellent books on the (sometimes elusive) subject of creativity and this is one of the best. Levesque asserts (and I agree) that almost anyone can think much more creatively. That is to say, almost anyone can develop the skills by which to activate and then nourish certain talents which Levesque rigorously examines in this book, one which is intended "to bridge the gap between your knowledge of yourself as creative and those workplace demands and expectations to produce new and different results. [This book] will help you to travel from the land of confusion to a continent of clarification and the security of knowing how you are creative and what you must do if you are to produce even more creative results. The basis of the book is the belief that [italics] everyone is creative. Everyone is not alike in his or her creativity because [italics] there is no one best way to be creative. You may not have developed your creativity to the same degree as others, but it's there. Everyone has the potential to be creative at work." Levesque defines creativity as [in italics] "the ability to consistently produce different and valuable results." She devotes a chapter to each of eight dominant personality types: Adventurer, Navigator, Explorer, Visionary, Pilot, Inventor, Harmonizer, and Poet. In Part 3, "Managing Yourself and Others to Enhance Creativity", she shifts her attention first to strategies to achieve effective collaboration and then to a "personal action plan" which her reader must develop inorder to achieve what Maslow characterizes as "self-actualization."Please allow a brief digression. One of my favorite tactics (gimmicks?) when conducting a brainstorming/problem-solving session with executives was inspired by one of DeBono's books, Six Thinking Hats. I ask participants to wear a Dr. Seuss hat of one of various colors, each of which symbolizes a specific personality with appropriate values. (For example, those who wear a black hat must "remain in character" by being cynical, skeptical, negative, etc. and attack others' comments and suggestions. Every 10-15 minutes, participants exchange hats and must assume a new "personality" appropriate to the color of hat worn. You get the idea. A similar session could be conducted with each participant designated as being one of the eight "creative talents" discussed by Levesque. Even those who insist they are not -- and can never be -- creative will soon realize the value of taking a hard look at a given su

At last a tool that is useful and attention grabbing...

In Breakthrough Creativity, Lynne Levesque gives us a tool for using creative and innovative approaches to our life and business. This volume is not just a list of new exercises, it provides a framework for all people to discover how they are creative and how they can maximize their performance. Levesque uses C.G. Jung's theory of psychological patterns for gathering information and making decisions about it. Her explanation of the theory and how we can use it is clear and easy to understand. She presents a method for self selecting our creative talents (we all have them) and then creates eight interesting, attention grabbing profiles. The profiles give us something to identify with as individuals and team members. Breakthrough Creativity makes it clear that all people are not pegged or pigeon-holed in only one area of creative talent. With exercises designed to help us learn more about our own creative processes and the barriers and blocks associated with them, we have the freedom to seek to expand our talents and capabilities. Lynne Levesque carries us from identifying talents to building resilience as we use our creative processes in decision making, handling change and team relationships. I especially liked the way this book focuses on achieving more creative results. Breakthrough Creativity gives practical steps and ideas for applying creative practices to increase our success in life and work.

Breakthrough Creativity Tool

Breakthrough Creativity unleashes the power of the Myers-Briggs tool for the management professional. As a Project Management consultant and coach, my clients face two major challenges and this book addresses both: 1) Building an "instant" team from diverse specialties and departments, and 2) Communicating effectively with a variety of personality types. Lynne Levesque's book is a practical, easy to use, reference tool. I give my clients a copy of the book to reinforce our discussions - so they can get their teams into the "performing" stage faster, optimize team interactions, and produce creative results.
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