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Paperback Atkins for Life: The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health Book

ISBN: 0312315236

ISBN13: 9780312315238

Atkins for Life: The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health

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Book Overview

Taking it to the Next Level Whether you've lost weight doing Atkins and want to make your success permanent or you're new to Atkins and are concerned about your health and weight control, Atkins for Life is for you. Filled with advice and tips on navigating the everyday challenges that come with eating low carb in a high carb world, the book provides a simple and straightforward lifetime program that anyone can follow. With Atkins for Life, finding...

Customer Reviews

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Finally! A diet that works AND can be lived with!

I am a physician. All my professional life I was steeped in the disinformation regarding low fat diets. And I kept getting fatter and fatter and fatter. Then a friend told me about Atkins. At first I scoffed, but I went out and bought the book anyway. I bought it and read it BEFORE reading the reviews on this site. I wish I had read the reviews first because that alone would have provided the motivation I needed to get going.I went on the induction phase of the diet for two weeks and lost, I kid you not, 16 pounds! I then attempted, more or less successfully to stay on the induction for 8 months over which time I lost a total of 55 pounds. I am still loosing and will stay on the diet until I reach my target weight of 175 - 180 pounds. Another 20 pounds or so.I actually find being on the induction diet easier than trying to modulate my carb intake. I am a carboholic and am just more comfortable avoiding them altogether. It takes 7 - 14 days to rid yourself of your carb craving. BUT, don't cheat. Read the book carefully and adhere to it meticulously. You will loose weight.Now there are those naysayers who whine that they can't stay on the diet or that they feel too deprived. And maybe the diet isn't for everyone. But if you love to eat, hate to count calories, and want an approach that WILL work and more importantly that you CAN do - this is the diet for you.I've resigned myself that I must eat like this for the remainder of my life. Actually not quite as draconian, BUT if I want to stay fit I will have to cut down drastically on carbs.Oh, I almost forgot to mention. I feel great. No more post meal energy crashes. And I feel 20 years younger. I honestly had forgotten how easily I used to move around. I can't wait for the next 20 to come off. And I KNOW that it will. Don't listen to the nattering nabobs of negativity. Go for it. Just do it! Good luck.

Finally the Inches Come Off Thanks to Atkins Diet

This recent New Year's Day a friend invited me over for an Atkin's induction dinner. Since that time he and several others as well as my husband and I have met weekly, schedules permitting, to rotatingly host an "Atkins" dinner at one's house. Though not everyone is at the same level, induction vs maintenance, this method allows me to refocus each week to a true induction meal. Consequently I ordered the Atkins for Life, which was released in January and included many interesting stories of successful Atkins followers as well as ideas for maintaining Atkins for Life.Since we (dh & I) started we have each been able to shake those pounds and inches that seem to resist coming off after one reaches a certain age. For my husband, so far he has lost 15#+ and is within 15# of "normal" for him 175#, and gone from a tight 36" waist to a quite loose 34" waist. Normal (as in his youth-pre 35 years old) would be 32" and he is almost there. We are both surprised and delighted. He has been at 36-38 for the last 15 years.For myself I have gone from a size 14 (tight)to a size 8, a loose 8. And although we both have tried to reduce before with the help of lowfat diet, restricted calories (forget that = starving!), and medication (me), I have never found weight/inch loss so easy and so satisfying = not starving. For both of us, the best part has been the fact that there is no hanging, sagging fat, resulting from the loss. It really has been a fat conversion to muscle. WOW! Even in my youth when I weighed less, I did NOT have muscle definition as now. IT WORKS!And by the way, our menu plans do not consist of just meat and fat. We have found that we eat more fruit and veggies than before now, and the best part is that with this method they actually are attractive to our new palates. Though, we find ourselves from time to time thinking that a nice carbohydrate infusion e.g. dessert, rice, bread, pasta, etc., would be tasty, it is quite easy to let that thought go. Wow, this is the way to go. And as far as considering that it is for life, is not the least bit disconcerting for us.p.s. in my pre-Atkins days I was a carboholic.

Dr. Atkins explains his highly successful dieting program.

This book is a superior elaboration on Dr. Atkins' earlier diet books, and is well worth owning and reading. The Atkins diet, quite simply, works as advertised. This book explains how to manage the diet, and it is easy to read and understand. Please note that I am nobody's medical expert, nutritionist, or doctor. The comments here are those of a layman.As I explained in my review of one of Dr. Atkins' earlier books, in my experience this diet works precisely as Dr. Atkins says. I am a busy kind of guy (attorney) just like many of you. For me, a diet has to have two elements: I can't go around feeling hungry or weak while on it, and it has to work relatively quickly.Well, this diet does both. I can now wear clothes that I had never thought I would be able to wear again. In fact, I am now at the same weight I was at when I was in college. I literally never feel hungry now that I am on this diet, even at mealtime, and I go through the day never feeling that ghastly weak, craving feeling that a low-calorie regime entails. This was vitally important to me--during the day and frankly all the time, I simply must feel energised. This diet provides that in spades. When I tried the low-calorie approach I was constantly thinking about food. Not on this diet. On this diet you are in control--you are not ruled by your desire for food or looking forward to the next meal.As far as results go, all I can say is that results exceed all expectations. I'm back to where I was before I decided that there was a problem. I'm wearing suits I simply couldn't wear before I went on the Atkins program. Suits that have hung in my coatroom, staring balefully at me, for the past several years. I was on this diet for 7 years back in the 1980s and finally went off it in the late 80s because weight ceased being an issue in my life (the diet worked so well). I now see that going off of it was a mistake. I won't be repeating it. This diet is not really a diet. It is a way of life.The only downside to this diet is that you really have to watch what you order in restaurants. Restaurants love to put carbohydrate sauces and dressings on everything, and you have to watch that. However, this book tells you how to manage this problem. I eat in restaurants every day and I manage fine. Some reviewers talk negatively about the diet and imply that this diet involves chowing down on large amounts of high-fat foods. Not so. Sure, you can have real cream in your coffee and you can enjoy that nice steak. The difference is that if you do it on this diet you will not gain weight. It is as simple as that. You can have salad and certain other green vegetables in reasonable quantities. Frankly, I probably eat a better variety of green vegetables and salads than I did before I went on this diet. The Atkins program mainly involves cutting out bread, sugary cereals, and yes (alas) most fruit. The few sacrifices it involves (and they are few and well-compensated) are well rewarded by the am

If you are thinking about it... go for it (it works)

This book is a perfect companion book for those who have reached the pre-maintenance and maintenance stages of the Atkins Diet as outlined in the New Diet Revolution. It gives you all sorts of new and improved recipes and tips on how to keep going even when you feel burnt out on "dieting". It even has four different meal plans based on the amount on carbs you can safely eat and maintain your ideal weight. They can be easily mixed and matched to give you an idea on a day when you don't really have time to think about what to fix that day. It's very comprehensive, gives you good suggestions on what to order when you dine out, and reminds you of the health benefits you may already be receiving thanks to your success.And when I say I have had success, I truly mean it... Believe it or not, I did lost almost 80 pounds on the diet, am keeping it off and loved it so much, I wrote in to tell him about it.Still don't believe me? Check out the back cover of the book and the testimonial on page 82 (It's actually my story)

Excellent resource for weight maintenance the Atkins way!

As many people know, losing weight is often times easier than keeping it off. Atkins addresses this issue in his latest book, "Atkins For Life".The book "Atkins for Life" is an excellent resource book. It is filled with practical advice and tips on how to make your low carbohydrate weight loss a permanent success.Over the years Atkins name has been maligned and sneered at as he pioneered the idea that its not the fat in our diet that makes us fat its the excessive amounts of carbohydrates we have been consuming. The low fat diet was presented to Americans as the best way and the healthiest way to lose weight. However, recent research has revealed the low fat diet to be a miserable failure. As the fat has been taken out of the diet carbohydrates have been added in their place and many Americans have become obese and unhealthy. Dr. Atkin's proposal that eating less carbs can lead to weight loss and better health has been vindicated.The Atkins weight loss method is a 4 step approach. Phase 1 INDUCTION is where you limit your carbs to 20 grams per day to jump start your weight loss program. Phase 2 OWL or ONGOING WEIGHT LOSS allows you to slowly add back carbs until you discover the amount of carbs you can eat and still lose weight.Phase 3 PRE-MAINTENANCE has you slow your weight loss by adding in more carbs so good eating habits become ingrained. And in Phase 4 LIFETIME MAINTENANCE you learn to enjoy a wider variety of foods and maintain your weight loss. This book "Atkins for Life" discusses each of the phases but is mainly concerned with Phase 4 LIFETIME MAINTENANCE.You can learn what to do to lose weight with this book, but for in depth information, you would be better off selecting "Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution".This book covers in great detail how to maintain the weight you have lost. Part One: A Lifetime Plan recaps the Atkins program. It includes information on the diet, the effect on your body, putting it into practice and how to benefit from exercise. Part Two: Eating for Life teaches you how to get your kitchen in order, and gives thirty meal plans with carb counts. It includes twenty meal plans for special occasions. 125 recipes for success are also given.YES you can eat carbohydrates. You can have bread, cake and pizza or even wine. The key of course is knowing how many carbohydrates your body can handle each day without gaining weight. And using techniques to get the most bang from your carbohydrate buck. These techniques are taught in the book. For example if you crave bread Atkins has several pages of information to help you make the best selection. Breads are ranked on their ability to effect your insulin levels. There are also tips on how to enjoy bread without overdoing it such as eating the crust only. Atkins shares techniques like this for a variety of foods.Comfort foods are a big issue for many. Atkins tells you what to choose or what to substitute. Eating out is another area covered. Best choices at different restaurants is
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