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Paperback Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon Book

ISBN: 0967684714

ISBN13: 9780967684710

Astronauts in Trouble: Live from the Moon

(Part of the Astronauts in Trouble Series)

Fifty years after Armstrong's one small step, the world's richest man claims the moon as his own personal property... and Channel Seven is there This graphic novel shows what happens when absolute power corrupts absolutely, when The Mob has nuclear first-strike capability, and when cows jump over the moon. Witty banter, one-sixth gravity derring-do, and an explosive finale from a tale that Sci-Fi Universe says has "a wide-eyed sense of wonder and...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Read this book!

On of the best stories I've read in along time. Larry Young does an excellent job of creating interesting characters and binding them to a well written story. You can tell the love that Larry has for the subject material it shows in the detail he uses and the plans he's created. His sense of dialog is great. This is the kind of book that makes you want to see man go to the Moon again. A Great story with excellent art. Highly recommended.

Solid pacing and characterization

The strength of this book is the writing. Larry Young takes the wonder that naturally is (and should be) associated with space travel and a crisp action-adventure plot and uses them to frame some very well-done character studies. This is a fun book, and a thoughtful book, and one that makes me hope against hope that broadcasting live from the moon won't always be just the stuff of fiction.

No cows were hurt in the making of this movie.

There have been some great films about the Moon, even one with Doris Day. But let's face it no-one can afford the big budget to make them totally believable. But in comics such adventures can be told for only a fraction of the budget. And all of the action.If you are a person who "does not like comics" then this book is what you are missing. Great story-telling by the writer and artists and exciting adventure for the characters. It is an excellent introduction to the medium, because you'll recognise the style from your Bruce Willis adventure movies or your Buck Rogers serials.This is a yarn about one of the world's richest men, an investigative TV reporting trio and conspiracies ranging from the mob to big business (not far, I know).It contains one of the best visual puns you will ever see in a Space adventure. There is a clue in this review.

A Testimonial...

Let me tell you a story...This book haunted me when it came out. And all because of the one-man promotional juggernaut that is Larry Young. Wherever I looked online, he was there telling me to read this book. I'd go to sleep at night and dream of Larry Young berating me for not reading it. I'd even see secret messages hidden in my telephone bills from Larry telling me to read the book.So I did. And you know what? It's really good.It's a movie as a book. The pacing of it puts it into the realm of the summer action movie blockbuster, except it's not a movie. And the best thing about it is that you barely realize that - the writing and art mesh that well.It's got all sorts of 'bits' in it and defies attempts to pin it down to only one genre. It's in space? Must be science fiction. It makes you laugh out loud in public places? Must be comedy. It makes you want the two main characters to end up together? Must be romance. Things go BOOM? Must be action.It's about the world's richest man and where he goes when he already owns the world.It's about TV, the moon, and cows.It's about astronauts... and they're in trouble.

POW! Right to da moon!

Let me start by saying that I love comics. One thing I love even better than reading great comics is giving a comic to someone who maybe never read a graphic novel before, or thinks that comics nowadays pretty much begin and ends with the letter X. I love to give these people something choice, something exceptional, something that breaks the rules and proves what a fantastic medium for storytelling and pure entertainment comics really are.Astronauts In Trouble: Live From The Moon is one of these kinds of comics. It's story sports a perfect balance between action, humor, suspence and...wonder. The very human cast of characters are put through their paces and drag the reader right along with them. From the floor of the ocean to the moon itself, Live From The Moon is a thrill ride-a summer blockbuster with a brain. And lest I forget, the art is top notch to. Very easy to read without sacrificing any depth.AiT: LFTM is the graphic novel, NO, the story that all others should aspire to-delivering first rate entertainmen that's sure to be a hit, with comics reading veterans and new recruits alike. Buy it. You won't ne sorry.
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