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Paperback Allergies Book

ISBN: 1602728879

ISBN13: 9781602728875


(Book #1 in the Preters Series)

What’s a shapeshifter to do when the man he desperately wants is allergic to him? Raymond Marvels never imagines his call to the IT department at his graphics design job would result in his meeting... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings


I was very please with my purchase and it arrived in a very timely manner. Thank You.....

Really enjoyed this book.

Raymond Marvels has computer problems, calls the IT department. Lou Canis comes in to fix it. Sparks fly, and they quickly find themselves on their way to a HEA, only one small problem Lou has to figure out a way to tell Ray he's a wolf and Ray is apparently allergic to him, not as a wolf, but his human form. I loved this book so much more than I did "Nick of Time" and I'm not sure why...other than the blaringly obvious sin I made by reading them out of order. But absolutely loved reading Ray and Lou's story and Lou's somewhat crazy family and their twisted sense of humor.


Shy graphic designer Ray Marvels is horrified when his computer stops working in the middle of a project. When the IT guy shows up, Ray's astonished by how hot he is, and stumbles all over his words. He also starts sneezing uncontrollably. Lou Canis is surprised by his immediate attraction to Ray, but he doesn't hesitate to act on it. One smoking hot kiss later, he asks Ray to go to lunch with him the next day. Ray agrees, much to his delight. Now all Lou has to do is woo Ray, tell him he's a werewolf, and figure out how to cure Ray's allergy--to him! Allergies is a cute, hot little tale of werewolves, allergies, and attraction. Shy, awkward Ray was easy to root for, and I liked the more dominant Lou as well. Lou's very strange family added a lot of amusement to the story. There's some conflict involving Ray's allergies, Lou's secret, and a bad guy who seems to be hunting paranormal creatures (which seems to set up for a future book). If you're looking for a super-serious or angst-filled book, Allergies isn't for you, but if you're looking for a cute, fun read with appealing characters and quite a few laughs, or you're a TA Chase fan, pick it up--it's sure to amuse. Cassie Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed


Allergies Ray Marvels computer goes dead, so he calls the IT department for emergency repair. An hour later, IT tech Lou Canis comes into Ray's office. Ray has an immediate reaction to Lou, first he sneezed, then instantly attracted, Lou also has an immediate attraction to Ray, however the problem is, Ray is allergic to Lou and Lou has secrets. Ray tends to be shy except when he's with Lou, then he's all action, asking for intimate contact while blushing at the same time. Lou is easy going, but very protective of Ray. This is a fantastic love story with hilarious interaction between the characters.

Allergies by T.A. Chase

Allergies is the classical shapeshifter story that got me hooked to the genre years ago. It's light and funny and plays with the stereotype of werewolves legends turning them in a joke between the partners. Ray is a computer geek. We haven't a real physical description of him other than being six feet tall, that it would be a considerable height if not that his soon to be partner is six feet and half, giving to Ray an aurea of fragility that arises the protective feeling of Lou (short for Lupine). Another thing I noticed is that probably Ray for human standard is more or less a plain-john type of man, not the one you would turn to see on the street, and he is not even the party animal, preferring his couch and a videogame, to night club and dancing. So no, Ray has very little chance to find the man of his life if that man didn't enter his life by force. But Ray has to have something that makes him irresistible for lycan standards, since as soon as Lou sees him, he has the suddenly need to claim the man, and also other lycans have pretty strong reaction to him as well. Should be something in his smell... Anyway, the attraction is mutual, very much physical, and Ray doesn't struggle to much to let Lou have his way with him. There is only a problem, Ray is allergic to Lou, and not since Lou has a "inner" furry side, since Ray is not allergic to him when he is in shifted form. All the sneezing and sniffling thing adds humor to the story; there is even a bit of "adventure" streak, a threatening to the pack from an outside enemy, but I believe the author is planning to use it in a further story, since in this one is really a second line aspect, not fully developed. Where Ray is not exactly the usual pretty and cute hero, but more a normal man, also Lou si not the classic "alpha male"; true, with Ray he can play the role of the Alpha, he can growl and bite as he likes, since Ray loves him, and lets him be the one "apparently" in control, but in the context of his family, it's pretty clear that Lou is far from being the leader... sometime he is even directed by his sisters, letting alone the fact that the real Alpha of the pack is his mother. Anyway, being Lou as he is, adds again humor to the story: Lou is really a playful soul, very much alike an uber-energetic puppy, with much chagrin of his partner Ray, that wouldn't want to think to puppies when he is with Lou! Lou is the youngest son after six brothers and sisters, and maybe he was also a bit spoiled by his mother. He begins his relationship with Ray with all the energy of a puppy with a new toy, and doesn't let many choice to the man. He is only lucky enough that Ray is so attracted to him that at first he is blind to all the oddities around him: a family where all the siblings have names more suited to dogs than kids, a family that always refers to themself as "pack", that instead of kissing you on the cheek to greet you, lick you... only a very infatuated man can overlook to all of this. But R
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