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Paperback A Bit Haywire Book

ISBN: 0977788350

ISBN13: 9780977788354

A Bit Haywire

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Format: Paperback

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4 ratings

A Kids Review

My 7 yr old boy and 9yr old girl loved this book. They thought it was hilarious. Disappointed there aren't any others. They loved the pictures and the story.

Thumbs up

Both of my sons (Ages 7 and 9) enjoyed this book, but I think they would have liked it even more if they had not read it at the same time as The Mighty Skullboy Army. "The Mighty Skullboy Army" is one of there all time favorites at this point, so it took up much of the focus, but they did find this book very humorous and liked the concept.


One of the things that surprises me about small press comics today is the overall quality and professionalism of the product. Back during the small press boom of the mid 1980's, comic companies were sprouting up faster than weeds. Everyone wanted to create the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Cerebus the Aardvark. Unfortunately, I think a lot of these people got into it thinking about the money they would make rather than the love of making comics. Today's small press seems more realistic in their goals and, for the most part, is first committed to delivering a quality comic, and then perhaps reaping a financial reward. "A Bit Haywire" by Viper Comics is such a book. It's a smaller than standard comic-sized graphic novel that is a very slick and polished product. Owen Bryce is a typical 10 year old boy who enjoys swimming in the local pond and building a tree house with his best friend. One day, while being chased by a dog in an alley, Owen discovers he has super speed. Later, he discovers he can fly when he falls out of his tree house. There's just one little problem with Owens's new the title suggests, they work a bit haywire. He only has super speed when he holds his breath, and can only fly when he closes his eyes. He later discovers he can shoot lasers from his eyes, but only when he's cold, sneezing turns him into a junior Human Torch, and getting his picture taken makes his clothes disappear. Needless to say, these quirks lead to some interesting and hilarious problems for Owen as he battles a group of fellow classmates that have broken into a robotics laboratory and stolen "super suits". Owen gets aid from America's premier super team, The Noble 7 and later learns that his parents happen to be members of the Noble 7, explaining all of their late-night disappearances. The art of Courtney Huddleston is very clean and similar more to comic-strip, cartoony-style art than traditional comic art. The style works very well with the tongue-in-cheek tone of the book, especially the parts where Owen is trying to figure out which other powers he may have. The bright, bold colors perfectly complement the book's lighter attitude. This is a great all-ages comic book. Viper is one small press comic book publisher to keep your eye on! Reviewed by Tim Janson

Excellent reading for ages 6-60+

A Bit Haywire is the latest addition to the list of comic books I can share with my 6-year old son, and a stealth candidate for my Best of 2006 list. Owen Bryce is a seemingly normal 10-year old boy who, while running away from an angry dog, discovers the first of several superpowers he possesses. The twist here is that his powers are a bit haywire, each one working under unusual and often inconvenient circumstances; ie: he can fly, but only when his eyes are closed. Over the course of this delightful 100+ page story, Owen comes to terms with his many powers; discovers his parents are superheroes, too; has a couple of entertaining adventures, and sets the stage for what will hopefully be many more, in print and, for some smart producer looking for the next Pixar-style breakout hit, on the large or small screen. Scott Zirkel's dialogue and pacing hit all the right notes as Owen and his peers all come off as genuine characters, and creator/artist Courtney Huddleston's visuals (deftly complemented by Mike Garcia's great color work) set the right tone, cartoony but crisp and distinctive. From Owen's first costume, including a pink "HERS" towel as a cape, to his humorous attempts to discover what other powers he does and doesn't have, Zirkel and Huddleston tap into the inherent joy and wonder of being a superhero that few creators seem to remember these days. More importantly, they do so without condescending to the reader by dumbing down their story; Owen learns self-discipline and responsibility without things ever resorting to an after school special tone. Owen Bryce and the Noble 7 (the government-sanctioned super team his parents belong to) deserve as wide an audience as possible and anyone who's enjoyed a Pixar movie over the past 10 years will love A Bit Haywire. Highly recommended for ages 6-60+!
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