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A Few Great Books About Teachers Making a Difference

By Ashly Moore Sheldon • May 22, 2019

Teaching calls for tough, determined, and self-sacrificing types. Here are five books highlighting inspirational, real-life teachers.

Love Thyself

The Importance of Self-Care

By Ashly Moore Sheldon • May 15, 2019

Your needs matter! Many of us suffer from the belief that taking time for self-care is indulgent. But we can't care for others if our own needs aren't being met.

Frosty Authors Who Make Being Snowed in a Good Thing

By Beth Clark • January 28, 2019

Between Jack Frost, Robert Frost, Mark Frost, and a blizzard of other Frosts, the literary world is as Frosty as a snowman. Below are a few Frosts that you can enjoy during the depths of winter without having to put mittens on. In fact, it kinda works better if you don't so you can turn the pages.

Hot Chocolate (and Other Ways to Warm Up)

By Beth Clark • January 25, 2019

Hot Chocolate is the global go-to after playing in the snow, après-ski (plus peppermint schnapps, of course), or when you're snowed in, so here are some pro tips on making your own hot cocoa, along with some other ways to warm your body and soul in the chilly depths of winter.

Kids Will Be Kids...Unless They Are Kidventors

By Beth Clark • January 17, 2019

Refrigerator art and experimental LEGO cars are proof kids have vivid imaginations, but sometimes they have ideas for ingenious things that change the world, like popsicles (age 11), the trampoline (age 16), swim flippers (age 11), and earmuffs (age 15). What would you do if your kidventor came up with a mind-bending invention that was actually viable? The parents of the kids below all answered, "Patent it, build it, and/or sell it!"

Gratitude IRL: Thank the One Who Inspires You

By Beth Clark • November 14, 2018

Role models can inspire you to be your best self in ways you're not able to on your own, regardless of who you are, where you live, or what your occupation, age, or bank balance is. (Which is why even already successful people hire life coaches to motivate them.) Whether it's your bestie, favorite author, teacher, celebrity, or a professional who's risen to the top of their field (ahem, RBG), November is devoted to thanking them for being someone you look up to and aspire to emulate. Keep reading for more on how role models help us, how to help them help you, and how to be one yourself.

22 Years of Oprah's Book Club = We’ll Read What She's Reading, Please

By Beth Clark • November 02, 2018

Since Oprah's original Book Club launched in 1996, it's evolved and taken on different forms, but it's still going strong because, well, she's Oprah. She's recommended 79+ books, plus written a few of her own (no pun intended), all of which invariably enhance the world of readers, even if it's just by making them think for a few pages. Below are nine recent titles, plus the one it all began with, so peruse and choose what speaks to you. Oh, and you can shop right from our blog!

What Bill Gates has Been Reading and Thinks You Should Too

By Beth Clark • November 01, 2018

Modern titan, family man, and philanthropist Bill Gates is busy (!), but he STILL makes time to read 50+ books a year, so here are a few that he recommended recently. (We know you're busy too, so you can shop right from our blog!)

Optimism in the Face of Adversity

A Review of Life is Good by Bert and John Jacobs

By Matthew Richey • October 29, 2018

Life Is Good tells the story of optimism worth believing in. Whether it's the story of two guys selling T-shirts out of a van, or the story of love overcoming hate in the wake of a tragedy, or even the story of your own life in all its messiness, this book helps reinforce the truth that: Life is not easy. Life is not perfect. But through it all, Life is good.

31 Things of October: From Adopt a Shelter Dog Month to Chili Week

By Beth Clark • October 18, 2018

In choosing which National Days and holidays to promote here at ThriftBooks, the goals are usually reading, humor, learning, awareness, and/or having fun, with an undertone of acceptance and diversity, because books are for everyone. But as much as we wish we could include anything and everything, it's simply not possible, at least until quantum physics advances and we can post in alternate universes. Below are 31 (out of 114 possible) October monthly observances worthy of giving more love to, plus eight weekly ones (bonus!).

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