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I'll Have What She's Having

By Ashly Moore Sheldon • July 30, 2019

When Harry Met Sally turned 30 this summer! We thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane with some of the quirky characters and hilarious lines that came from this beloved rom-com. Along the way, we discovered some fascinating facts about the talented people who created the iconic film.

The Role Books Played for 6 of The Biggest Stars of 2018

By Beth Clark • December 31, 2018

Instead of doing a typical "year in review" post like everyone else, we thought it would be fun to close the door on 2018 from a different angle: by looking back at the books that played roles in the careers of the year's biggest stars. Everybody has to start somewhere, but with hard work and a few lucky literary breaks, these household names didn't stop there.

Oscar Season is Officially Underway! Here Are the Book-Based Contenders

By Beth Clark • December 11, 2018

The National Board of Review Awards, Independent Filmmaker Project Gotham Awards, and People’s Choice Awards officially kick off Oscar Season, so here are the literary-based winners and potential Academy contenders.

7 Books J.K. Rowling Loves

(and the Author She Fangirls Over)

By Beth Clark • November 16, 2018

Long before she became the queen of Twitter or the beloved author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling was (and still is) a voracious reader...a habit she shares with the majority of the world's ultra-successful people. Keep reading for 7 books she loves—the author who inspired her fangirl moment might surprise you. (Hint: they have the same hair color.)

22 Years of Oprah's Book Club = We’ll Read What She's Reading, Please

By Beth Clark • November 02, 2018

Since Oprah's original Book Club launched in 1996, it's evolved and taken on different forms, but it's still going strong because, well, she's Oprah. She's recommended 79+ books, plus written a few of her own (no pun intended), all of which invariably enhance the world of readers, even if it's just by making them think for a few pages. Below are nine recent titles, plus the one it all began with, so peruse and choose what speaks to you. Oh, and you can shop right from our blog!

What Bill Gates has Been Reading and Thinks You Should Too

By Beth Clark • November 01, 2018

Modern titan, family man, and philanthropist Bill Gates is busy (!), but he STILL makes time to read 50+ books a year, so here are a few that he recommended recently. (We know you're busy too, so you can shop right from our blog!)

Stephen King: Master of Horror, Prolific Writer, Cameo Actor, and...Voracious Reader

By Beth Clark • October 15, 2018

If you've ever wondered what gives Stephen King nightmares (we have, and yes, it's possible), then take a peek at the latest book recommendations by the guy who's made most of us at least temporarily afraid of the dark (and clowns, OMG…clowns) at some point.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. O! (As in, Sharon Osbourne)

By Beth Clark • October 09, 2018

Feisty Sharon Osbourne, affectionately known to her followers as Mrs. O, has led more lives in her one than most people could in a hundred lifetimes, all with love and humor, even in the face of adversity. For the unfamiliar (welcome back from that deserted island, she's an author, mom of three, television host, media personality, talent judge, modern impresario, businesswoman, music manager, and the wife of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne.

Won't You Be My...Good Neighbor

By Beth Clark • September 28, 2018

"Location, location, location" means more when you have good neighbors, as lifelong besties who started out that way can attest. If you're among the lucky ones, who can relate celebrate National Good Neighbor Day by being one and repay that night of babysitting or cup of sugar with a little extra to say thanks. If you have more of a Montague-Capulet thing going with your neighbor(s), try to let it go for the day, whatever "it" is. And if you don’t know your neighbors, what a perfect reason to invite them over!

Three Chefs Who Are Masters of the Grilliverse (and Authors!)

By Beth Clark • June 25, 2018

The Grilliverse is searing with talent, but these three chefs are iconic Masters of Meat.

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