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Paperback Wuthering Heights - The Original Classic Edition Book

ISBN: 1743337434

Wuthering Heights - The Original Classic Edition

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Controversial, yet stunningly attractive. Certainly worth the time to read.

The achievement of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne is an unprecedented phenomenon in English literature. I've always thought of what lessons could modern parents learn from the raising of the Bronte sisters, in years when education was not a recognized priority in women's life, and yet no girls of the Bronte family was left behind. Amazing, wasn't it? It is unnatural to review this book without comparing it to Jane Eyre, another masterpiece of the Bronte sisters. I tend to put both of the two book in high rank, regardless of critiques from different directions. Jane Eyre is admirable for the ambition that is high but not wild, the emotion that is heated but not burned, the action that is courageous but not aggressive, and the totality of natural elegance and inner nobality. While Wuthering Heights is the opposite to the extreme. In WH, the ambition is wild but not high, the emotion is burned before it get's comfortably heated, and the action is often violently aggressive yet not courageous. The boundaries of humanity is ignored, the nobality is not admired or even hated, and the anger is allowed to vent at any cost. Said that, it is a great worth to read for the craftsman of the storyline and the superior language skills. It depicts deviated, obsessive, violent, and destructive personalities that need psychiatric help in my opinion. If it is just for the sake of reading a good novel, I would give WH and JE the same score. However, due to the fact one can not realistically seperate the entertaining effect from educating effect of any literal work, I would like to save the highest score for the truely and entirely best.

Once a classic, always a classic

This is a good version, the whole book is there (some versions have made it two volumes) with space between chapters to write your notes. Short, concise and helpful notes on the themes and motifs in the front of the book. As for the book itself, it has old-fashioned language though it is poetic enough for anyone to enjoy. The tone is dark, but en-capturing and exiting on a social psychological level. It can teach you a thing or two about the effects society and upbringing have on people.

Critical edition

This edition of withering heights has many useful critical essays on the text and some pretty pictures too.

A novel unsurpassed in it's force of being.

Emily Jane Bronte wrote Wuthering Heights not to show what love IS. But what love can DO to those who are encompassed by desire. This novel is simply brilliant and by far the greatest novel of the Brontes and (in my opinion) the greatest novel ever written. I say this because Emily laid aside all the conventional types of victorian writing and imbued her novel with persons and events that are not ordinary, but utterly fascinating. Almost completely unrealistic at times, yet perfectly sound in their meanings. Some say to me that Wuthering Heights is impossible to enjoy. While others say they dislike the characters so much that they had to stop reading. I also hear that they cannot figure out all the plot twist and turns. But I say, is this not what REAL-LIFE is? There is no certainty of happiness in the lives of Catherine and Heathcliff. Certainly there is no certainty of happiness for ANYONE in the novel. (Which goes the same for all of us.) As wretched as this seems, Emily (in my opinion) did not write a full blown epic of true romance, despite what many say they love about this novel. She took humans and turned them into what is surprizingly MORE realistic. Emily filled them with faults and turned Cathy and Heathcliff into selfish and undeserving people who destroy each other, not out of love, but out of greed and their own unharnessable animal-like behaviour of what love was TO THEM. What they do and say isn't romantic, but a sign (or even a warning from Emily) of what self indulgence and obsession can do to people pushed beyond their limits of common sense. Cathy and Heathcliff brought themselves to believe that their love was REAL, when in fact their grasp of love was (as Charlotte said, PERVERTED.) Unrelenting in it's destructivness, thus leading to the various calamities their actions bestowed upon the (somewhat) innocent people surrounding them. As brilliant as this novel is, the greatness lies in the story telling of the many different characters we meet. The many different view points from Nellie to Edgar to Isabella and Hindley, spread across the pages and show you how they interact and react with one another as they expierence the situations which seem so very wild and incredible yet ring so very true. This (to me) is not exactly a novel about unbending love. But more of a study of the weaknesses that is stored in everyman. Emily gave us a written guide to show that following your instincts and passions is not always the best path to take. And Emily accomplished this with the most brilliant and unsurpassed written novel in history. It's pages burn with life and it's characters speak in tongues which, even now, I cannot always fully understand. Wuthering Heights can be looked upon as a fascinating study of a particular human race (at what could be any time frame) covering the ground of but a few persons, admist the many open miles... Thank you for your eyes...

Best English Assignment

I'm 16 and fall into the vast catogory of Wutehring Heights readers who had to finish it for a highschool english assignment. If I hadn't been, er, forced to read it, I never would've encountered this amazing book. The themes that it encompasses, love, hate, revenge, isolation, are so masterfully blended in this book that I found it extremely powerful. True, it is not a romance - it is so much more. I didn't find it confusing, although Joseph's lines had to be read allowed several times before they were actaully understood. The doubling-up of names just increases the sense of isolation within the book, something which I think is rather important to the story. I hardly find this book boring at all, it's passionate and full of action, something which took me completely off guard. Please, give it a chance. And even though he was a complete jerk, my favourite character is still Heathcliff. *G*

Wuthering Heights Mentions in Our Blog

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