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Book Overview

Tom Clancy takes us back to a formative episode in the life of John Kelly, a character familiar to his many readers as CIA legend Mr Clark, in his seventh No 1 bestselling thriller - now reissued with a new cover. It is 1970. Back in the US after serving as a Navy SEAL in Vietnam, John Kelly meets a woman who will change his life forever. She has recently escaped from a nightmare world of unimaginable suffering, yet before they can plan a future together,...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Revenge without remorse....

Tom Clancy has created several fictional heroes that are at the heart of his many novels. One, of course, is John Patrick Ryan, who has served his country as a Marine, CIA officer, National Security Adviser, and President of the United States. With the exception of Red Storm Rising (a book that is not set in Clancy's "Ryan-verse"), Jack Ryan appears or is talked about in every novel from The Hunt for Red October to The Teeth of the Tiger.The other major character Clancy readers have come to admire is John Clark, a man who works for the other side of the Agency as a paramilitary officer. Whether he is in Colombia using a laser target designator to help bomb a Medellin Cartel member's mansion or leading a multinational antiterrorist team called Rainbow, Clark is the type of man our government needs to use while denying his existence.But John Clark has a past wrapped in mystery, one his family doesn't know much about and is a closely guarded secret. For John Clark was once ex-SEAL John T. Kelly, Vietnam veteran, avid diver and sailor. But when Kelly's girlfriend is brutally murdered by a Baltimore drug lord's henchmen, the otherwise peacable and war-weary Kelly vows revenge. Dispensing his own version of street justice relentlessly and without remorse, Kelly must not only avoid being killed by the drug dealers, but he also has to evade the dogged detective work of Baltimore cop Emmett Ryan, a World War II vet and father of the future President. Adding to his already complicated life, Admiral James Greer recruits Kelly to participate in a daring rescue mission into North Vietnam. But when a radicalized American antiwar activist gets wind of this secret military operation, events will drive John Terence Kelly down a path that he never intended to take.Although published 11 years after The Hunt for Red October, this taut and thrilling novel is the first chapter of the long-running Jack Ryan saga. If you are just entering the Ryan-verse, read this entertaining book first.

A great book!, A must have in your book shelf!

This is one of Clancy's finest works, and although somewhat less of a "techno" book than his early efforts, a superb read, that introduces John Kellys (now John Clark) background.The book explains how he became a CIA opperative after his time in the navy. As John Clark is probably Clancys most interesting character most people who have read Clancy before will enjoy discovering his rather dark past.It was daring of Clancy to turn away from his most well known character Jack Ryan, and have Kelly as his leading man, but the gamble seems to have paid off, resulting in a compelling read which is hard to put down.So as not to dissapoint his most eager eyed fans Ryan can actually be found in the book, having a discussion with his parents upon his choice to join the Marines, and it is Ryans father, a cop, who is investigating the drug ring and then Kelly which is vital to the plot.The plot is quite good, and probably somewhat more realistic than the world wars that act as the backdrop to most of Clancys novels. As expected the action sequences are brilliant written in true Clancy style, and as the tension builds toward the end of the book you really will not want to put it down. All in All this is Clancy at his best, and is well worth a read, even if nomally you wouldnt touch a Clancy book. Its good to see Clancy writing as he is best able to do, hyper fast pace, superb action in gory detail, and good character development, rather than endless ramble about Clancys rather conservative political views that spoil some of his -otherwise excellent- novels.

Clancy has Done it Again

Without Remorse By Tom Clancy As one of Clancy's best books so far, I believe Without Remorse deserves all five stars. It is different than other Tom Clancy books. In his other books, the main conflict deals with another country, however, in Without Remorse, the main conflict occurs on the streets of America. The book is set throughout the later years of the Vietnam War and deals with the life of John Kelly. The book tells about his beginnings and how he eventually came to join the CIA. Several people who have read other Clancy novels will identify John Kelly as the CIA legend Mr. Clark. John Kelley was still emotionally depressed by the loss of his first wife and his soon to be born child when he meets up with a hitchhiker named Pam. He quickly falls in love with her and he soon discovers about her past life as a drug addict and prostitute. On the boat ride to his island off the coast of Baltimore they befriend a married pair of doctors. The doctors tell him that he needs to bring Pam into Baltimore so they can check on her. But once he enters Baltimore, his life unravels right before him. Some gangsters spot and recognize Pam. They follow John's car and riddle it with bullets. They kidnap Pam and eventually kill her. They leave John for dead but he is just hanging on to life. When John realizes what has happened he cannot deal with the stress of losing another loved one in so short a period of time. He decides to do something. He will take revenge for Pam on the gangsters that killed her. This is when Kelly's history comes into play. John is an ex-Marine. He is also part of an elite group of Marines called the SEALs. He uses the knowledge that he has and trains himself for his task. He disguises himself as a homeless person and starts to stalk drug dealers around the city. His ultimate goal is to find the people responsible for Pam's death and murder them. At the same time the Pentagon has found a secret prisoner of war camp in Vietnam. It looks like a normal camp but all of the prisoners are supposedly dead. The North Vietnamese were sending pictures to the Army of "dead" soldiers. The Vietnamese were letting the Russians interrogate the prisoners in exchange for arms. Admiral Greer and Admiral Maxwell decided that they should liberate the camp and they start looking for people who know the area. The only Marine that was ever there is John Kelly. He had saved Admiral Greer's son from the place before it was a prison camp. The rest of the book describes how the attempted liberation of the camp goes. It also tells how Kelly's quest for revenge leads him into trouble and into the CIA. The only problem with the book is that it is very realistic in the violence that is portrayed. There are many scenes that someone with a weak stomach should not read. This book also helps explain much about the John Clark character as well as many other characters that are in The Sum of All Fears, Clear and Present Danger, and The Bear and the Dragon. Anothe

One of Clancy's Best!

This book was written during Clancy's prime. He exquisitely tells the tale of John Kelly, whom we know best as John Clark. It's gripping, suspenseful, and action-packed, focusing more on personal vendetta and the anger that fuels Kelly rather than on military technology and international diplomacy (don't get me wrong, technology and diplomacy can be thrilling). Through "Without Remorse," we're able to see mystery man Clark in a whole new light. Not just as some CIA spook that appears in ,"The Cardinal of the Kremlin", "Clear and Present Danger"," and "The Sum of All Fears". This story gives Clark background, something that Jack Ryan achieved in "Patriot Games". And Clark deserves it, too. He is my favorite Clancy character, and he makes a great partner with Ding Chavez, his protoge. If you read one Clancy novel, read "Rainbow Six." If you read another, read "WITHOUT REMORSE."

I need to get Without Remorse spanish version.

I need to get Without Remorse by Tom Clancy, spanish version ( Sin Remordimientos )
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