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Paperback Wild Wishes Book

ISBN: 1596320265

ISBN13: 9781596320260

Wild Wishes

A Happy Effin Valentine by Stephanie Burke If it weren't for bad luck, Effin wouldn't have had any luck at all...until that pretty kitty passed her way. Suddenly, bad dates, worse clothes, and the sister from Hell were a thing of the past. It just so happens that the pretty kitty is actually a lucky, lusty shape-shifting Neko. But could Effin believe in the staying power of her luck and her sexy lucky charm? Into Temptation by Lena Matthews Themed...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Happy Valentines Day!!

This anthology is GREAT!! I love Valentine's day stories and when there's magic involved....WATCH OUT!!

One day read

Okay all three stories are sooooo hot! Each story has black women in it but the are combine with MC (multi-cultural) man: 'Happy Effin Valentine's Day' has a Japanese man, 'Into Temptation' has a Latino man, and 'Tag's Folly' has a Caucasian male. I loved the diversity in each story. The sex scences were extremely hot and I enjoyed the relationships that developed. Great authors and a great book.

Joyfully Reviewed!

A Happy Effin Valentine: Effin Damnwell Hurtzs is having a bad year; no, make that a bad life. Born on Friday the 13th, it seems that Effin can either have no luck or bad luck. Just when Effin gives up on dating, her horrified best friend Christa sets her up on a date with a C.P.A. Figuring that a C.P.A. is boring and that nothing bad can happen, Effin sets in to make herself presentable. Evidently fate is working against her yet again when her supposedly C.P.A. date is actually a hoodlum, and the BMW he is driving is possibly stolen. Masataka loves women. Loves them. Especially ones with nice butts. However, this love he feels gets him into trouble because Masa has the bad habit of falling for women who are not free. On one such instance, Masa made a husband so angry that he cursed Masa to a lifetime of being a simple house cat until the right woman comes along. Masa figures it won't take long, but now, after years and years of being a cat, Masa is dying to settle down and be human again. When Masa happens to come across a crying Effin, he does what any cat would do and rubs against her. Effin, in her surprise, brings the cat home and the rest is history. A Happy Effin Valentine by Stephanie Burke has to be one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. Full of mishaps and just plain bad luck, it is a keeper. Masa is endearing and, oh, so yummy! Effin, well, Effin made me laugh hysterically as I continued to read and listen to her story. Stephanie Burke has penned a wonderfully sexy and extremely funny book with A Happy Effin Valentine. Tag's Folly: Dr. Taggert Webster is stressed and he doesn't know why. Well, yes, he does. Tag is a plastic surgeon, has a great house, and for the last year, a beautiful live-in lover, Alex. Only things aren't as they seem. Tag feels like Alex is pushing him towards marriage, something that he does not want for reasons that are his alone. While outside smoking and contemplating all this, Tag watches an elderly woman crossing the street. Suddenly, he notices a speeding truck, knows it is going to hit her, and rushes into the road to save her. In gratitude, the woman promises him a wish. Tag goes home and forgets about her promise. That is, he forgets until the next day when, while arguing with Alex, he states out loud that he wished she would leave him alone and forget all about her thoughts of marriage and if she couldn't, then she needs to forget about him as well. When he comes home later that day, the house is empty and every single sign of Alex is gone. Stumped, he remembers the old woman's promise but decides that there is no way that magic is real. Knowing that Alex will come to her senses and return, Tag immerses himself into his work until a month passes and he is totally miserable. Alexandra Harrison fell for Dr. Taggert Webster the moment she met him during an office visit with her niece. He was striking, forceful and when he smiled at her, she was instantly in love. Now, a year later, Al

wild wishes

Wild Wishes this book was great . had read other books did know that this books was the beginning of the other titles that i read . i really enjoy all the authors that was in thie book

It's Delightful, It's Delicious, It's Delovely!

In a "Happy Effin Valentine" by Stephanie Burke Effin is a down-on-her-luck girl with a wicked little elf named Neko who makes all her wishes come and out of bed!!! Lena Matthews' "Into Temptation" has Billie Fowler and hot Latino, Tomes Mendez heating things up at the office Valentine's day party. "Tag's Folly" by Eve Vaughn is about a wish gone wrong for Dr. Taggert Webster. His live-in girlfriend wants committment & marriage while Tag want to be "left alone" until Alex loses all memory of him and he fights the clock to win her back before Valentine's Day. Also pick up Alex's sister's story "The Devil's Plaything" by Eve Vaughn. All of these stories are wonderful with lots of erotic romantic scenes to keep you turning those pages. This is a winner and worth every cent!!! Here you get three of the best romance authors in the business in one book....this is a win-win!!!
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