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Paperback Wild Book

ISBN: 0515132292

ISBN13: 9780515132298


(Book #4 in the Winston Brothers Series)

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Book Overview

In her deliciously steamy novellas, Lori Foster introduced the sinfully attractive—and sensual—Winston brothers. Now she continues their story—as sexy Zane Winston sets his roving eyes on the lady of his dreams…Zane Winston is used to fielding women’s not-so-subtle advances. But he’s still shocked when an exotic gypsy whispers some very suggestive words in his ear—and surprised to find that he’s aroused by her words rather than amused. After all,...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Favorite "Foster" by far!

I really enjoyed this addition to the Winston Family saga. The three prior short stories about the other brother's were very fun reads. I love romantic suspense, which at times can be very enveloping. So, for a nice light read, the short stories were perfect. But "Wild" took me right back, having been a great balance of romance and suspense. It's jam-packed with both. The characters were outrageously wonderful; you'll fall in love with both of them. One of the things I love about this author is you don't have to forge through a number of paragraphs to get to the actual couple's interaction in the story. And her books seem to make you feel like you've spent every moment of the days passed through the book with the characters, being able to learn about them thoroughly. I f you even half enjoyed "The Winston Brothers," you'll LOVE Wild.

The Winston curse strikes again

Zane Winston is the last of the four brothers who has not been bitten and happily married by the "Winston curse". He intends to keep it that way, inspite of how aroused Tamara Tremayne makes him feel everytime she comes around him. He likes his life the way it is, thank you, and no witchy gypsy is going to change his Capital B bachelor status. But from page one, when Tamara comes in and tells him straight out, "I want you", he's in trouble. He refused at first, but now he is on the attack. He calls the shots in a relationship, and now he is going to teach her that, and alot more. But it now looks like he is in over his head as the Winston curse takes a big bite and reels him in. Problem is, he now has to convince her that their "just for sex" relationship is so much more. And to top off the complications, she has some crazy aunts and uncles interfering, and someone keeps breaking into her place. Tamara has wanted Zane since she first saw him. She also has the ability to know what he is feeling. So, following an instruction journal, she goes on direct attack. However, she is also careful not to be a "clingy female" in order to keep Zane. She has a hard time realizing that Zane WANTS her to depend on him...and if he has his way, to fall in love with him. The sensuality never lets up from page one. Zane...sigh..what a lover and what a man. The love scenes are extemely hot and definitely had me faning myself. I really love how he sticks up for Tamara's uniqueness against her relatives. He is also fun to watch as he does the man thing... "stay behind while I check things out" type guy. Of course, Tamara being independent, is not going to put up with being relegated to "helpless" female. Great match and wonderful fun to read. Pick it up and get ready for the roller coaster ride! And if you like it, pick of the other Winston brothers collection "The Winston Brothers". They are just as sexy, fun, and lovable as Zane. Read on!

Excellent Book!

Lori Foster has done it again! Zane Winston is totally Wild! And Tamara is his perfect match. Zane is just like his brothers Cole, Chase, & Mack. He is dropped dead gorgeous and intelligent with a wonderful sense of humor to boot. The chemistry between Tamara & Zane really keeps you glued to the pages. Tamara is the "gypsy next door" to Zane's computer business. She tells Zane exactly what she wants of him. Zane is both shocked and intrigued. The sparks fly when they are in the same room! Their antics along with those of their families will keep you laughing and smiling through the whole book. When Tamara is in danger, Zane steps up and will do anything he can to keep her safe. A very riveting novel keeping in tradition with the rest of the Winston Brother's stories.

Sizzling -- Very highly recommended

The words "I want you," transform sinfully sexy Zane Winston's life as intense awareness arcs between himself and the mysterious Gypsy woman. Her words send his senses reeling with possibility, echoing the passion of his erotic dreams. Before he met Tamara Tremayne, Zane subtlety controlled his relationships, cautious about how much he reveals or how much he gives. With three words, the Gypsy sends him careening out of control, filling him with desire and leaving him hot and resentful.Faced with selling her shop and moving, Tamara ventures across the street to visit Zane's computer shop determined to act on the advice of the journal she is reading. Tamara appears to be Gypsy with long black hair, black eyes, flowing skirts, and all of the appropriate accouterments in her shop for palmistry and tarot card reading. Behind the mysterious silences lies a talented technical writer, the responsible family woman who cares for her aging relatives, and blond hair.WILD by Lori Foster is a sizzling voyage of discovery. Tamara learns there is more to Zane than the sexy heartthrob who dances topless on the tabletops of his brother's bar. Zane quickly comes to appreciate the woman behind the mysterious façade who's remarkable strength matches his own. In addition to self-discovery, however, lies a very serious danger. Someone stalks the Gypsy lady, breaking into her shop and following her on the streets. Now the very self-reliant Tamara must not only learn to trust her heart, but her safety to another.A sensual treat that combines fascinating character development with a terrific plot, WILD will satisfy the most discerning readers. Not only do the main characters sparkle, but the secondary characters are likewise dazzling with nuance and flavor. Tamara's unorthodox family, her employee Luna, and Zane's cousin Joe all come alive with this masterful author's pen. A tantalizing and titillating delight, WILD lives up to it's title with flair! Very highly recommended.

Wild about Zane Winston

I have been waiting for Zane Winston's story since the last Winston brother story was out two years ago. I was thrilled to find out that he was going to get a full-length story. I was not disappointed as I enjoyed the story and Zane definitely deserved the longer book, as he is too sexy to contain in a short story.(Note: pick up THE WINSTON BROTHERS if you have not read about the other brothers. Very good stories.)Zane Winston was always the Winston heartthrob and he had no interest in falling to the "Winston Curse" like his brothers. But that was before he got his heart (and body) zapped by one exotic Gypsy. Tamara Tremayne is part of a Gypsy family, but is different from them. She feels beholden to her uncle and aunts, as they raised her. She has known Zane from the family bar and his business, and has felt attracted to him. She wants him to do something for her, so one day she enters his business and utters the three words that change their lives: I want you! Zane has been attracted to her in the past, but the erotic way she says those words turn him on and he cannot resist her offer. But first, he wants to get to know her and discover what she is really like. They share some hot and steamy scenes...scenes that Lori Foster has written well. I had to fan myself a few times.Zane finds out that someone is trying to run Tamara out of her business and home. Being a Winston (and a typical Lori Foster hero) he wants to help her and protect her. He enlists the aid of his renegade cousin Joe Winston. (Joe will definitely get your attention. He is fun and hot) There is not a lot of suspense in who the bad guy was, as I figured it out pretty early on, but this is a Romance book. I prefer the book to be heavy on the romance side, and Lori Foster has delivered very well. I fell for Zane and wished I had a guy like that not only to protect me, but also to cuddle up to. If you like your romance steamy and hot, with a hero who is protective and to die for, then you need to read WILD.I am already hoping that Lori Foster gets the chance to write about more Winston's, including Joe's story.
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