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Paperback Who Made God? : And Answers to over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith Book

ISBN: 0310247101

ISBN13: 9780310247104

Who Made God? : And Answers to over 100 Other Tough Questions of Faith

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Book Overview

In the quest for the truth, you need to know what you believe and why you believe it. Who Made God? offers accessible answers to over 100 commonly asked apologetic questions. Bringing together the best in evangelical apologists, this guide is standard equipment for Christians who want to understand and talk about their faith intelligently. Part one answers tough questions about the Christian faith such as: - Who made God? - How can there be three...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Who Made God

Excellent book, provides in depth responses to the questions. Some are very philosophical which I appreciated. There are several contributors to the chapters which makes for nice diversity. There are several chapters on other religions besides Christianity, which for some might be helpful but was not informative for me. Overall however, this book is worth the read!

Very handy and helpful

This book helped me answer many questions that I had or someone asked me about my Christian faith. It is not easy to find someone around me who can answer these questions that are addressed in this book in the same contexts as the question itself, scientific or philosophic. The answers that are given are brief and sufficient to any sincere truth seeking person. I always get careful about who the writer is so that that whether I can trust his analysis of a subject on Christian faith or not, and I was happy to know about Norman Geisler through the book "I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist" who gained my trust and he in turn lead me to many other truthful writers like the coeditor of this book Ravi Zacharias.

Who Made God? : And Answers to over 100 Other Tough Questons of Faith

Great book, full of the most asked questions aobut faith and the Christain life. Ravi Zacharis and Norman Geisler have really done their homework to put together this great book.

Excusable Superficiality, Worth it for the Footnotes

This book can a very useful tool for those Christians who are bombarded with skepticism both from within and from without. I view this only as an introductory work, with the arguments being necessarily superficial (for brevity's sake), but the footnotes and further reading list are probably the most valuable part of the book. Reading it will give you a chance to see if apologetics is an area that you would like to explore, and then it will show you what additional books to launch into for each of the different categories. As far as the substance goes, I believe William Lane Craig's writings are the star of the show. Although I have a liberal arts background, his chapter on science really makes me want to read more from authors like Polkinghorne about the only-recently-uncomfortable relationship between science and theology. It is fascinating to read that much of academy in cosmology is pointing back towards intelligent design theory and eschewing much of the previous postulations by Hawking or Weinberg. I have been a big fan of Ravi Zacharias for a long time, so I was anxious to read the writings of his mentor, Norm Geisler. I hate to admit it, but I was somewhat dissapointed. I found his writing to be repetitive, circuitous, and sometimes even tautological. There are about three chapters that Geisler wrote that could have easily condensed into one. I know that Geisler is a prolific writer in apologetics and considered one the genre's mainstays, so I still do look forward to reading something of his that is more single-minded. I suspect that my complaints are a result of the constrined format. It also should be noted that Zacharias himself did not pen any chapter, and acted only in an editorial capacity. I believe this to be a real loss for this book because few can match the eloquence, persuasiveness, and compassion of Zacharias. All of this is not to say that I did not enjoy this book or found it useful, but once one is versed with the basics of this book, it is unlikely to be a reference point for deeper arguments, but I repeatedly find myself shopping for books from the "Further Reading" and footnotes chapters.

A solid overview of Christian Apologetics

A am a university student who is studying religion and philosophy, and I think that this book does a good job of offering an overview of christian apologetics. The answers that it offers agree with what the Bible teaches, and answers given to topics such as evil, pain and suffering were strong philosophical arguements. Over the past few years, I have read a number of books by both Zacharias and Geisler, and I can say without a doubt these two are among the greatest christian apologists of all time, and their works have greatly strengthened the field of christian apologetics.
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