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Paperback Where Have All the Good Men Gone? Book

ISBN: 0736920633

ISBN13: 9780736920636

Where Have All the Good Men Gone?

There are more singles now than any other time in this nation's history. While this reflects an abundance of "available" men, why are so many Christian women who desire marriage still going through... This description may be from another edition of this product.


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Awesome - A great book for all singles!

I read this book in just a few days - I could not put it down. I plan to give this to two people, a mother of a twenty year old and a thirty-year-old friend. This book said the things that I have been thinking about for a few years. I think that it is a very well balanced book. It is not a male bashing book. It does focus more on women, but does offer some of the male perspective. It highlights the perils of the feminist era. Women have gained many advantages in the last 40 years, but we have lost many things as well. If you are a mother of a twenty year old or 30 year old single or above, this is a very important book to read. Not part of the review: I saw a few people add their friends and relatives horror story of divorce. There are horror stories on both sides - men and women who have been treated horribly! Should life stop because of this? NO! There are a few silly and over the top reviews but ignore them. If you want a well thought out book about singles in America - read this book. It is worthwhile to give to twenty and thirty year old women (and forty year old women as well!). I focus more on women, but I think that men can receive some very worthwhile information as well. Very good book!

I'm so glad I started with this book!

Ms. Kiesling organizes her chapters around a number of real-life responses to her survey of single Christian men and women. Although I originally bought this book because some chapters echoed my own complaints about eligible Christian men, my eyes were also opened to various complaints that could justifiably be lodged about me! I'm very glad I chose to begin my personal soul-searching with this easy-to-read but hard-hitting volume. In addition, Ms. Kiesling's journalistic style is appealing, informative rather than preachy, personal and friendly rather than instructive. She analyzes critically, referencing a variety of leading literary and research sources that I found inspiring (and later looked up to read on my own). She does a good job of reporting the facts from her research and compiling useful wisdom from various well-known Christian and secular authorities. Yet despite her broad-minded inclusion of such sources and her realistic perspectives on modern life, she stays true throughout to Christian ideals of family, marriage, and God-centered love. This book is a good eye-opener, thus a good starting point for further inquiry and self-improvement. I would recommend this book to other adults like myself ... but also to teenagers, who can benefit from this peek into the world of smart, healthy courtship. After all, as Ms. Kiesling marvels, how does our society spend so much time preparing for everything in life except the arguably most important decision anyone makes? Oh, and I would also recommend checking out Ms. Kiesling's bibliography for a list of other great resources as well.


This book really hit a chord of truth... not only with the experiences I had as a single but also in what I observe around me. What a hot topic that is so deserving of our attention. How many frustrated singles are out there not understanding why the singles group culture at church just isn't working! A must read for singles and marrieds alike - med and women. The author's research shed light on some issues that simply do not have a voice in the church right now - and need one. A.J. Kiesling is an impressive writer - almost like reading from a friend. Her style is smart and sensitive. I think she hit the nail on the head by opening up this discussion. This book will bring a lot of hope to singles who may feel alone in their observations and will be a beacon of light on the next right step to take to make positive personal changes. A must-read and a smart-read.... I'm not even single anymore and I found this one hard to put down!

Invaluable resource for singles and singles' ministers!!

Reading a book like this makes me so glad I'm no longer a part of the dating world! I know that may seem mean to say, but I have to be honest. For those of us who know Christians who are single and who long for a mate, a book like this can open our eyes to what we're doing that we think helps, but actually hurts. In short, single or not, this is a good resource to read! "Where Have All the Good Men Gone" doesn't just focus on women who are single, although that does take up more pages than the men's perspective. Instead, this is well balanced examination of why more and more Christian singles are remaining single and not by choice. Based on extensive surveys and questionaires, A.J.'s book examines flaws in the entire philosophy of dating and Christian singles ministry, as well as what it is women want from men and vice versa. In my humble opinion, I think any time we segregate our church congregations into segments based on anything, we're not helping. We need to be ministering to the church as a whole, and when special needs become apparent, then we meet those needs on an individual basis. But that's just me. For what it's worth. Now, back to my review:-) You won't like some of what you read in this book; you might not even agree with everything. But you are guaranteed to learn something that will change how you view singleness and how you 'help' your single friends find that special someone, or how you view the opposite sex when it comes to commitment and partnership. In reading "Where Have All the Good Men Gone", you can feel A.J.'s personal passion for the topic, but she doesn't have tunnel vision. She takes the whole matter, male and female, church and ministry and examines it and discusses it with intelligence and compassion. Divided into four parts, the first discusses how singles don't want to remain single and the longing she found in both sexes to connect and to marry. The second section disusses her findings with the women's responses to her survey; the third, the men's replies. Finally, A.J. is not one to show us the problem and leave us there. She ends with a section that is intended to give us new direction and to leave Christian singles with hope for something better, and direction in how to achieve what their hearts long for. I personally found the book enlightening and my heart went out to women (and men) who long to find that someone to spend their lives with. I also recognized the way the world's philosophy of dating and "mating" has crept into the church, and it's time we took back the ground we've surrendered, people! I have high hopes that this will change the way we view singles and singleness in our churches. Ministry leaders involved in single's ministry: read this book, please!

Great Book

This was an interesting, easy to read book on a topic that has been virtually unexplored. Author A.J. Kiesling digs into the subject of why so many woman remain single in today's culture when many of them would prefer to be married. She takes a look at both sides of the issue by interviewing both men and women for this book. The differing perspectives she finds is enlightening. Kiesling also offers advice to women about their search for a mate. For example, the advice she offers a never-married woman is to find out who you are before you try to find a man. Know what you want in life. When you finally get married, you will be a whole person on your own, not expecting your man to complete you. Sage advice. Makes a great gift for your daughter or a single friend.
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