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Mass Market Paperback When Horses Fly Book

ISBN: 0451216822

ISBN13: 9780451216823

When Horses Fly

Cantankerous Lord Wintercroft has taken in Cora, a poor relation and nurse, to live in his decrepit stone castle, and, eventually, to wed. But the nurse herself is lovesick for Wintercroft's son,... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Customer Reviews

3 ratings

delightfully amusing storyline

Cora MacLaren learned her nursing skills from her father. After his death, she is forced to use those skills in exchange for room and board from various relatives. When she is offered a home with her eccentric cousin, Lord Wintercroft, she accepts, without questioning too much that there was no mention of a position. Maybe she should have questioned that little detail. Alexander Neadow is one of the many relations staying in Lord Wintercroft's home. He was raised as Lord Wintercroft's son even though he obviously isn't of Wintercroft's blood and the old man never lets him forget that fact. He's only returned to the `family bosom' to ferret out information and he isn't about to trust anybody, not even this Scottish cousin who's suddenly arrives as an angel of mercy for the family. Cora arrived in Croft's Corner apprehensive about her new home and the benefactor who made the offer. Finally she decided that he was tight-fisted and didn't wish to pay for her medical knowledge so he was offering her a home instead. Descending from the coach, she stumbles into a forbidding man and then has the misfortune of having the coach drive off with her trunk still attached. The man then informs her that he is there to pick her up to take her to Wintercroft, but they must hurry if they are to catch the coach with all her possessions. By the time they've caught up to the coach, Cora is quiet ill and convinced that the driver is a madman. However, they do make it to Wintercroft without any further incident. Upon arriving, Cora meets Lord Wintercroft and discovers for herself just how eccentric and disagreeable the old man can be. What she can't figure out is why he's offered his home to her if he's so disgusted by the Scottish side of the family. She's soon to learn the Lord's warped plans and comes up with a few of her own. WHEN HORSES FLY is delightfully amusing. I adored Cora's head strong and determined spirit that allows her to stand up to Lord Wintercroft as none of the rest of the household, with the exception of Alex will. WHEN HORSES FLY is filled with many delicious side plots that will keep the reader guessing and even once you think you have it all figured out, you discover a new twist. Laurie Bishop uses wit, suspense, and the quirkiness that is human nature to write a charming tale that is a pleasure to read. Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)

Heartwarming story with likeable characters

The heroine, Cora, enters into the midst of a classic dysfunctional family and with great courage, decides to rescue them from the slough. The hero, Alexander, distrusts her motives (the fact that she enters into a false engagement to his father tends to complicate things) but ultimately Cora's warmth and determination, not to say stubbornness, win the day.

a very engaging read

In spite of my feeling that "When Horses Fly" ended a little disconcertingly, I still rather enjoyed the book and would recommend it to Regency-era romance readers who are a little tired of the books that are all about the London Season, balls and beaux, or books that have the Napoleonic wars and a spy motif for a subplot, and would really enjoy something a little different. Laura Bishop's "When Horses fly" is a well written novel, that possesses a heroine, Cora, who's no shrinking violet (even if she does have a few daft moments), and has for a hero (Alex) a brusque and commanding gentleman who has suffered emotional abuse from his father but who still possesses honour and who doesn't, believe or not, behave like a spoilt brat! Ever since her father passed away, Cora MacLaren, has moved from household to household, going wherever she was needed, taking care of various sick relatives and running their households in exchange from room and board. Now, however, she seems to have reached the end of the road: the relative she's currently living with, her great-aunt Leyburn is dying, and there seems to be no where left for Cora to go. And so Cora's Great-aunt writes to the crusty, tightfisted Lord Wintercroft, the head of the family, to ask him to take Cora in. And much to everyone's surprise, Lord Wintercroft writes back to invite Cora to come and live with him and his family in Sussex. Almost as soon as Cora arrives at Wintercroft (Lord Wintercroft's estate), however, she discovers that the situation in Wintercroft is far from ideal: the house is badly run, and Lord Wintercroft who is estranged (and seems to almost hate) from his eldest son, Alexander, has surrounded himself with impecunious relatives that he enjoys nedddling. Used to trying to solve problems and make situations better, Cora soon sets out to resolve all conflicts. But she may have bitten off more than she can chew in this particular case, as it soon becomes evident that someone rather resents her presence and has taken steps to make her threatened. Who is her aggressor and just how much harm does he/she mean to do her? And then there is the whole issue of Alexander, a brusque and almost rude gentleman, who doesn't like her but whom Cora is rather attracted to. Could he be the one behind all her mishaps? Or should she listen to heart and trust him? I thoroughly enjoyed "When Horses Fly" -- not only was a bit of a departure from the usual fare one is given these days, it was also a very engaging and enjoyable book. I liked the independent and quick tempered Cora, and how she handled the situation she found herself in, and the people she had to deal with; yes, it is true that there were a few instances where I wondered about her intelligence (like when she followed Alex into danger, without giving a thought to the danger that she herself was courting), but since this allowed for a moment of romance between the two, it was easy to overlook this failing on Cora's part. I also rather li
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