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Paperback What's Your Wicca IQ? Book

ISBN: 0806523476

ISBN13: 9780806523477

What's Your Wicca IQ?

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

What is an athame? Widdershins? Deosil? Samhain? What does the tower indicate in a Tarot reading? Every magical practitioner - whether veteran or novice - will be entertained and enlightened while they learn, using these unusual and often light-hearted queries in Wicca doctrine, spellcraft, tools, ceremonies and more.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

To the reviewer who thinks this book is the end of the world

"What's Your Wicca IQ?" is more than a fun test for Pagans and Wiccans; it tests the mettle of those who peruse, testing what you DO know, and what you DON'T. People who DON'T know a piece of knowledge and encounter it, tend to RESEARCH. Thus, this book serves as a stimulation for research, wisdom, and knowledge.Secondly, Wicca is not supposed to be a dry, stodgy, boring religion the professed reviewer claims so strongly to heart. Wicca is serious, but fun is serious, thus Wicca is also fun. The last thing our faith needs is unbending law and order. Trying to tell Wiccans they should not have fun, enjoy their faith, and be human! Nonsense!

You Think You're A Third Degree? Prove It!!!!

When I first saw this book, I immediately picked it up due to my insane curiousity... I love quizzes and trivia. So I thought, get one on something I'm fairly knowledgable and I might not do too bad. I love it!!! It's just so fun to see how much that studying over the years payed off. I enjoy every time I take it. Here are the sections:Chapter 1: You Believe What?! Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, and Their BeliefsChapter 2: Tools of the Trade. Within, Without, and All About the CircleChapter 3: Which Witch Is Which? A History of the Witch. (THIS WAS THE HARDEST FOR ME. YOU NEED TO KNOW A LOT OF THE PROMINENT WICCAN FIGURES LIFE STORIES.)Chapter 4: Burn Two Candles and Call Me in the Morning- SpellcraftChapter 5: Unraveling Entrails- The Art Of DivinationChapter 6: Cerebellum Ceremonium - Ceremonial MagicChapter 7: Putting It Together - What Is Your Wicca IQ?Just get the book for fun if you don't think you'll learn anything... but you will and you'll be amazed at how much!! It's like that old psychological trick.. it's not really testing you, it's teaching you.. and you'll have a blast the whole time!!!!

Wiccan Trivial Pursuit

This is Trivial Pursuit for the Wiccan Community. It is a question and answer book that is broken down into different sections, rather like the question cards in Trivial Pursuit. There is no board and no pieces, but there is material here that will challenge you and create a basis for discussion. I recently had this book at a gathering where there were many teachers of a variety of paths along with some of their students. The book came out, and we started reading from it. While there are some questions that have only one possible answer, what happened was discussion of the answers given. There were also suggestions for additions. Also, after some further dialogue, it was agreed that the answers given in the book were only some of the potential answers and certinally did not exhaust the subject.Ask a question of 100 pagans and get 150 answers. This book can be proof of that saying.But to the author's credit, she did pick some topics that provided some lively discussion and her answers provoked much thought and comment. Topics include tools, history, spellcraft, divination and Ceremonial Magic. These break down into questions about basic elementals and correspondences to questions about herbs, stones, processes and Deity. Within these topics there is basic information as well as the "Gee, I didn't know that!" topics. While Ms. Wildman may have originally focused on the use of this book as a way to measure your knowledge in your chosen path, what came about is a book that when used in a group situation will stimulate conversation, encourage thought and allow the open exchange of ideas on topics that will challenge as well as provide amusement in the ways they can be answered.Yes, this book provides for your basic need to have a good time while learning, and no silly answer should go unlaughed at. I remember a question about "fart bottles", and while I am not going to tell you where the question is or what it was about, after the laughter was over, and some thought was given to the process, it was agreed that while the basic idea presented was logical, you got to admit it was pretty darn funny. It was also suggested by some of the students present that this particular item was neglected by most of the teachers present, and somehow it needed to be worked into the curriculum. All in all, this book was enlightening and a good basis for group discussion. While not everything in the book was agreed upon, it did what I think most books should do; leave you thinking about the material covered and provide a basis for further discussion.


What a delightful change to have a book of this sort finally appear instead of the "usual" fluff we have seen over the past few years regarding the Craft. It's obvious the author, Laura Wildman, took great strides putting together this book. The author certainly knows her stuff!! Her own bio explains why. Not only was it fun reading and taking each quiz, but insightful as to "just how much DO WE REALLY THINK we know". The book is a great way to test your knowledge. How serious you take the book is up to the reader!! I recommend to have fun with it and keep the results of the quiz tucked in your mental file. The results might surprise you! :) Enjoy! Applause to the author!

laugh while you learn

This book is a great deal of fun. You might use it to create trivia games for Yuletide parties. The play and laughter goes along with a great deal of solid and well-researched information. The Pagan stocking-stuffer for 2002!
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