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Hardcover What Do You See? Book

ISBN: 0974489026

ISBN13: 9780974489025

What Do You See?

The mere suggestion of an image or idea can evoke heavy emotions. So begins Irene Kai's What Do You See?, a book of photography that contains images to challenge the reader's assumptions and judgments. It serves as a mirror for the readers to look deeper into themselves. With beautiful, provocative, and sometimes erotic images of the human body, What Do You See? asks this question: Do you have the courage to see the truth? This beautifully designed...


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Evocative and Insightful

Irene's images force us to take pause, to rethink our notions on sexuality, the human body, and the source of our own sociocultural perspective. The images are evocative, but the thoughts they provoke and inspire are even more critical to our introspective process. I challenge you to ask yourself, what do you see? The images contained within the book will be shown at Found Gallery in Los Angeles this June - not a show to miss!


It's a wagging finger at our presumptuous perspectives and an entertaining little book all at once. I think it's a brilliant idea; I admire that level of creativity. What a great way to challenge viewpoints and invite critical thinking.

Great theme and very interesting idea.

It's funny how a modern mindset causes one to automatically see sexuality where it ultimately is not.

Could it be? Look again...

This book tests your attention to detail. At first glance, many of the pictures seem to be something they're not, which requires a second, more patient look. Noticing things like fingerprints and head hair as opposed to the other options our imagination tends to grab hold of first. This book is tasteful, inspiring and something much deeper than just a "second glance". I'd recommend it to everybody who enjoys a visual challenge.

Fantastic Book That Challenges Judgement and Perception

What Do You See? is unique and provocative. With it you can go as deep as you want to look at your biases and quick judgements. The question and lesson is timeless. I agree with the following assessments of Irene Kai's book. This work is very important and you are right, it is to a very large degree about our preconceptions, deep perceptual biases and our unwillingness to recognize that what you see depends on where you sit. This is a hit right between the eyes! Dr. Maureen O'Hara Chair of Psychology Program National University What Do You See? is a stunning reminder of how easily we humans allow ourselves to be fooled by our assumptions. The implications of this realization are profound and broad reaching. Weighty events of world history sometimes hang upon such illusions. This book provides a needed lesson in humility, doubt and uncertainty. Jeffrey Mishlove, PhD President, Intuition Network, Dean of Consciousness Studies, University of Philosophical Research, Author, The PK Man It is unique - I found the images artistic and evocative! James Macsay President of Macsay & Associates, Inc. International Corporate Whole-Systems Consulting When I opened the book, my eyes were at once both riveted and averted. I was viscerally drawn to the humanness of the images, and at the same time my mind struggled to make non-sense of the sensual quality of the images. Your book invites me to notice how my perception tends to insist on what is known rather unknown. Satsuki Ina Emmy winning Producer Professor Emeritus California State University Founder of the Family Study Center. It is a beautiful book to show the power of mindsets. It helps you to look deep inside yourself and to see the power of your limitations and how your own imagery is conditioned. And it is done beautifully with the great sense of humour. Dr. Alexander Badkhen Co-founder, HARMONY Institute of Psychotherapy & Counseling Director, International School for Psychotherapy St. Petersburg, Russia They are provocative and engaging. Dr. Brian Nosek Lead Researcher Project Implicit Department of Psychology University of Virginia I viewed "What Do You See?" and found it a fascinating collection of images...One needs to check personal reality against social reality when viewing images such as these, to determine the degree of projection. Dr. Stanley Krippner Department of Psychology Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center Award-winner International Advancement in Psychology It is beautiful and a very effective way to nudge people in the direction of questioning their knee-jerk assumptions. Paul Von Ward Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer CEO of Delphi International Author of Gods, Genes, & Consciousness
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