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Clive Barker has made his mark on modern fiction by exposing all that is surreal and magical in the ordinary world --- and exploring the profound and overwhelming terror that results. With its... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

6 ratings

A fantastic feat of imagination.

The Seerkind, a race of magical beings, once shared the Earth with humans. Over time, humans became more skeptical and fearful of their magic, and an unnamed being known as the Scourge emerges, which seeks only the destruction of all magic in the world. In response to these threats, the Seerking utilize their most powerful magic to literally transform themselves, their belongings, and places they hold dear into threads, which are woven into an intricate and beautiful carpet. What better thing to disguise as, than something walked over on the floor? There they wait in hiding until their real-world guardian, Mimi, deems it safe to return. Upon Mimi's untimely death, her granddaughter Suzanna inherits the carpet, and all that comes with it, including the duty to guard it and its inhabitants from those who seek to destroy it. I am shocked at how much I enjoyed this novel - once the climax began rolling I finished the final 200 pages in one sitting. I am sad that it's over! It is easily among the favorites I've read in the past year. Clive Barker's creativity is second to none - he wrote a thrilling work of fantasy without giving in to tropes or cliches. The readers learn about the Weave, the magic it contains, and the threats it faces, at the same pace as the protagonists do, and so we are kept on our toes the entire time, never knowing what to expect next. I loved to flex my imagination while reading...Barker's vivid and profound writing style is sure to paint a crystal clear image in your mind, and a different one in every mind at that. All we think we know about fantasy is redefined in this novel. I highly recommend it.

Absolutely Stunning.

It had taken me a month to read this book and I happen to be a very fast reader. There was so much detail and description that I had to try and take it all in. Reading this is very similar to observing the weave that Barker describes so eloquently in the pages of this book. On my cover, it says "An Epic of the Imagination." And that, indeed, is. The plot was intricate, matching the idea of a weave. It incorporated so many things that I love, mythology, religion and a complex plot. The language is evocative and poetic but also very stripped and common-place at the same time. The characters were very intriguing and realistic and each one was symbolic. My favorite character out of the bunch was not a hero but rather a villain. I happened to adore the character of Immacolata. She was so cold and so vicious. She was a complete original and I happen to love it. So overall, a rather engaging read and a masterpiece. It may even be one of my favorite novels but most definately, the best read I had all year.

To remember how to fly read this book

Just How Do I Describe This Book?I have read a few short stories by Clive Barker - all based in the horror genre. I found this one in a box in the basement and it has been sitting around for awhile now. Because I tend to fly through books I finally picked it up and decided to give it a try. I was not let down and it has now become one of my favorite books.It is called, on the flyleaf, a Horror story as well as one of Fantasy. I figured it would have the usual Barker tang to it and I was very wrong. This story is one of pure magical fantasy. If there is horror it is in the evil of the Cuckoo's world (humankind) against that of the Weaveworld or the Fugue. A land of magic - where you can "fly."There are many characters and a few plot lines to follow around in this maze. Almost as if you are running a race - good against "evil" in an attempt to save this world of magic. At times I felt as if I was truly lost in the book and the world, a very good sign that I have found a good book.There is magic, enchantments, raptures, a carpet, and cuckoo's as well as a Incantatrix, a salesman and a very sandy Scourge. The story is made up within the weave of a carpet that makes up Wonderland. If you find yourself remembering the times when you could fly, or when sitting in the backyard as a child you imagined you saw something colorful flitting just out of the corner of your eye. When you knew there was something else to this world and what's more, when you believed it all to be true - then you will enjoy this book. Because it takes you back to that time and helps you find that child again.This is the first Literary Corner I've done that I've had trouble finding words to describe the book. I think it defies description because of what it is - an adventure of the imagination.And as the story ends, "nothing ever begins. And this story, having no beginning, will have no end."I can't wait to pick it up again in a few years and renew that magic. While in the meantime trying to remember that it is all around me - I just need to open my eyes a little more.

Forget what you think you know about Clive Barker

I bought this book years ago just based on the premise, but I just recently got around to reading it. Now I think of the time wasted by not reading it as a loss of time I could have spent being enlightened by the knowledge this book has to offer.This is, on a primitive level, a fantasy book. However, don't judge it by that genre. In fact, it's more of a magical realism work, in which most of the novel takes place in present day Liverpool. The book uses that as its anchor, in order for the reader to better accept the fantasy element that is the Fugue (aka the Weaveworld). The main character, Cal, is an Everyman: flawed, but universally likeable. The best part of the characters is that their motives are never completely clear cut; you have to keep reading to understand them. They each seem to represent the best--and worst--of all of us.In short, this book is a work of art. Its message (to give homage to your dreams in the chance they may come true) is something even kids will get. Buy this book!

"That which can be imagined need never be lost..."

...and your imagination will never want to lose the excellence of this book. I have just finished reading Weaveworld for the third time and still find myself at a loss for words to capture its brilliance. Really, it defies explanation. Barker has created what I consider to be one of his greatest novels, heck! it's almost THE greatest novel. Its immensity allows its creator to use every aspect of great story telling to leave you feeling like you've just experienced something divine. It is an epic adventure of monumental proportions into a great secret world called 'The Fugue', that has been hidden away in order to elude its notorious enemies. Following the exploits of the two main characters, Cal and Suzanna, it tells us how they unravel (literally) the secrets behind the Weaveworld. This brings them into contact with some of Barkers most timeless and unforgettable characters, more notably so Immacolata and her side-kick the shifty salesman Shadwell. Mysterious, magical, loveable and terrifying - this book has it all. I particulaly love this book because of 'The Orchard of Lemuel Lo', with its entertaining magic and Jude Pears. A part of the book Clive Barker based on a early personal experience. It's just such a great chapter, magical in its peculiarities and believable by its veracity.There are moments of exquisite tenderness and poetry in this book and moments that will have you practically tearing the page to turn it and find the answers to the many questions Barker poses throughout. The story will take you beyond reality, beyond fiction, beyond poetry and beyond fantasy to deliver you to an ambience that will intice, elate and overwhealm you. You will truly wish the story to never end, which in a way it never does - you have to experience it to understand. Suffice it to say Weaveworld is Heaven of a different form, only read it if you have plenty of breath to catch, tears to cry and imagination to be inspired, stretched and truly amazed.

It made my heart ache.

When I first picked up a book by Clive Barker, it was one of the first books that I thought i would treasure forever. It was "The Theif of Always," given to me by my father. I have read it more times than i can count. Then one day, i picked up "Weaveworld," and I could not let it go, I could not put it down. It had to be the best book i have ever read in my short life of sixteen years. When i read it, it made my heart ache. I wanted to be there, in the Fugue. I wanted so much to see the splendors of Shadwell's coat, and the wonders of Immacolota's magic. I wanted to be Calhoon, to see the wonderous and strange land stretched out before me. But it is, of course, all fantasy. I will never see the Weaveworld, will never step where Calhoon, Suzanna, Immacolota, or Shadwell once stood. It is, after all, a fantasy, and epic adventure written by the master of fiction, Clive Barker himself. And it makes my heart ache to think of it. But who knows, maybe Mr. Barker has seen into a world that onl
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