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Paperback Walking on Water: The Surfer's Soul Book

ISBN: 0830742859

ISBN13: 9780830742851

Walking on Water: The Surfer's Soul

Surfing is spiritual. Ask most wave riders and they'll describe some sense of deeper connection with the water, the waves or the power around them. Surfing to them is a spiritual experience. In a subculture that's traditionally known for its rebellion, here you'll find a deep undercurrent of faith amongst these top wave riders who share an understanding that the Creator of the waves also desires to know and relate with them. In these pages, you'll...


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Good book

I just finished this book and really enjoyed it. I have to disagree with the poster who claimed false advertising in the book and reviews though. The reviews clearly mention 'our creator' 'jesus' 'christian fellowship' and christian surfing international. Also faith is spiritual. So...... I'm not sure how much more obvious she was expecting it to be. Not knowing a lot about surfing but having watched several christian surf movies and just liking the sport in general - I found this book pretty interesting. The text was descriptive and well written, though quite wordy and seperated into pro profiles, sections on faith and interesting segments on photography, movies etc and christian influence in the sport. This book isn't an outright 'inyourface' jesus book but it does talk about spirituality and the experiences of the christian surfers featured regarding their relationship with God and how much it means to them. I found it inspiring and enjoyable. Wish there was a lot more of this type of stuff out there. My favourite so far is 'soul surfer' the story of bethany hamilton. The writing is so fluent, I have to rate it as one of the best books I've ever read. I dropped a star just because I found this book so 'wordy' that I had to put it down a few times to assimilate info and get through it. But the writing is really nicely crafted and the subject inspiring. A really good book on what quite frankly, isn't the easiest subject to write about. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who has no interest in christianity though.

A worthwhile read!

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this book. Then I read it cover to cover sitting on the beach the first day I received it. This book tells stories about surfers and surfing. The surfers also share their personal experiences of that defining moment when they realized that there's something bigger out there and accepted Christ. It's not a preachy book but rather a great read of some of the top surfers and how they deal with issues in life through faith. Enjoy!

Great book!! Great Stories!!

Walking on Water challenged me to take my faith more seriously. I was stoked to know the stories behind many of the people I see involved in the surfing industry. I was even more stoked to hear God's story and to realize that God is a dominant yet subtle force touching people throughout the world. This is a great book for those who love surf and who want to better understand their relationship with God. Jeremy Jones does an outstanding job helping the reader to understand that God is working in everyone's life and that we've all got a story to tell.

Riding with the King

While aimed at a generation much younger and hipper than myself, this book is a wonderful read for anyone with even a passing interest in surfing, the ocean, or the incredible power of God to heal and save. Jones does a fabulous job of crafting the sport of surfing in such a way that even a haolie kook like myself can feel the surge of power from the wave beneath me. The book is arranged so that chapters alternate between different aspects of surfing (waves, shaping, industry, etc.) and conversational biographies of the featured surfers, with vignettes of ocean-related topics dispersed throughout. This gives the book an easy-going feel that mimics the culture it discusses - offering readable "sets" between chill sessions. As a Christian and huge fan of surfing this book is very inspiring in its content. It is such a blessing to read about the amazing ways God has moved in the lives of so many of the world's top surfers. Hearing them say in their own words how they have struggled in life, how God has changed them, and where He is taking them now, is just epic. It is so encouraging to read these transformations and to have them presented in such an open and honest way. After reading this book I feel like if C.J. Hobgood walked by I could just start chatting with him - it is that personal, that true. If you want to be encouraged in your walk or in your ride, I definitely recommend picking up this modern testament to God working not just to shape the waves, but the lives of those on them. Mahalo.

Know Thyself

A lot of people still have this old notion that surfers are synonomous with bums; they have no real ambition but to be in the water and surf all day but what most people don't seem to understand is that the ocean is about transformation/baptism/renewal and riding waves is equivalent to resurrection/transcendence/empowerment. I am not a board surfer, but I do body surf, and whereas I have tried board surfing (and failed miserably) body surfing still gives me that rush that surfers call "being stoked". Being stoked is a high, an enthusiasm, an energy where you are called from the depths of your soul to get back into the "womb of creation". Most surfers are incredibly humble people. They actually will laugh if you tell them that they're going to "tame the wild sea" can't tame the ocean, all you can do is humble yourself enough to respect its magnificence. There have been a few times where I've been caught in a riptide and the worst thing you can ever do is try to fight your way out, you literally have to surrender yourself to this power and only when you have completely surrendered to the power, you will be restored to the state of flow. Tell me that's not a spiritual experience. This book will give you a glimpse into the psyche/the soul of surfers and even if you don't surf, you just may find yourself relating to their experiences. Y'see, I see God, the Living Spirit as an all encompassing ocean of energy, and the waves that rise up in the ocean are God's Holy Manifestations. The wave can never be separate from the ocean just as creation can never be separate from the Creator. In other words, we are the Spirit of God manifesting Itself as who and what we are right here and right now. Surfers must be passionate and yet grounded and centered at the same time. When a huge wave comes, you don't have time to be thinking about yesterday or tomorrow, you must become 110% present in the moment. This repetition of being in the moment...being in the moment...being in the moment is the ultimate in meditation. I've skydived, too, same principle. You must become aware of what is in front of you and when we are totally present with that which is, one cannot help but feel an incredible sense of joy for life. All fear is imagined...all doubt is of the past or of the future...there is no fear in the moment, all there is, is Love. Not sentimental Love, not Romantic Love, but Regenerative, Restorative can also read that as 'Grace'... Grace keeps us getting back up and trying again and if there is one thing I admire about surfers is their tenacity and their determination to not let anything weigh them down. That girl that got her arm ripped off by a shark...guess what...she's surfing again. I even saw a guy who was paralyzed from the waist down, get back in the water with the help of his friends'. All I can say is that this book is long overdue. It paints a beautiful picture of the athlete and makes me respect and appreciate them all the more.
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