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ISBN: 0425212114

ISBN13: 9780425212110

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In the tradition of Hot Blooded and Hot Spell comes an anthology that dares to unleash the most uninhibited fantasies imaginable featuring works by Susan Kearney, Lucy Montroe, Diane Whiteside, and York.

Customer Reviews

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three excellent stories, one so-so

****½ "Bond of Silver" by Rebecca York is about Alexander and Claire. Alexander is from Atlantis. When he dreams to find his soul mate, he meets Claire... who not only lives "out in the world," but is the daughter of Bendon, his adopted father. Making things worse is the fact that Claire's mother blames Bendon for abandoning her. But Alexander has no choice--soul mate bonds keep Atlantis's force field strong. So he decides to keep his identity secret at first. Well, we all know that's Not A Good Idea. But in spite of that, this is a rich story for such a short one, including emotional growth, lessons learned, and even a secondary romance. There aren't too many details about Atlantis--just enough to make the story make sense. I hope this isn't the last we'll see of it, though--there's plenty to be explored. ****½ "Red Skies at Night" by Diane Whiteside is about Travis and Gillian. NYPD Lieutenant Travis is looking for the killer of his former partner, and the trail leads him to Gillian, who's an art thief... and a vampire. Which doesn't shock Travis as much as it might have, because Travis's family has long served Don Rafael Perez, the head vampire in Texas. They end up on the run and in danger, and there's plenty of excitement and steam. It's unusual for the heroine to be the vampire and the hero to be human, but it works here. This is part of Diane Whiteside's Texas Vampires series, still one of the more unique vampire series out there, and I thoroughly enjoy it... even if it does make me homesick. ***** "Come Moonrise" by Lucy Monroe is about Ty and Frankie. They're both veterinarians and have been best friends for years. Frankie has been living in another city, but has come to the realization that her feelings for Ty have kept her from pursuing other relationships, so she comes back home with the intention of learning if there's any chance for the two of them or if she needs to let go once and for all. What Frankie doesn't know is that Ty is a werewolf. Not only that, but they tend to avoid human mates, because even if the human mate leaves or gets a divorce, the werewolf mates for life. Not only that, but Ty is poised to marry a French werewolf. And, oh yeah, it's almost the full moon. This story really took me by surprise. It's my favorite kind of romance--when friendship turns to romance--and then add the paranormal element, and Ty trying to do the right thing for himself, Frankie, and his clan, and it's just a fabulous romance. There don't seem to be any upcoming stories about these werewolves, but the world and the secondary characters are just too rich for just one story. I really hope we'll see them again. *** "Beyond Limits" by Susan Kearney is about Ian and Samantha. Or rather, Ari and Samantha. Samantha is a real estate tycoon, and Ian is her employee--the pilot of her private plane. At least that's who she thinks he is. In reality, he's Ari, an Atlantean, who's shape-

Good anthology....

What happens when you mix together four incredible authors, some hot romance, and the paranormal? Step inside the pages of UNLEASHED to see.... Rebecca York opens up this anthology with "Bond of Silver". Alexander has gone on a dream quest and found his soul mate. He wants to bring her back to New Atlantis but there is one catch: Claire Winston is the daughter of Jeanie, the woman who rejected life in New Atlantis many years ago with Alexander's adoptive father. Can love truly conquer all? "Bond of Silver" certainly has an interesting premise! I would love to see more tales, perhaps longer in length, to fully flesh out the world of New Atlantis and its inhabitants. "Bond of Silver" started off a bit awkward as so much world building and character development was necessary. However, it quickly turned into the sort of superb tale one expects from Rebecca York. "Bond of Silver" is an excellent start to UNLEASHED. "Red Skies at Night" by Diane Whiteside is a story of love and revenge. Travis' former brother-in-law and FBI Agent, Frank D'Angelo, is brutally murdered by New York's biggest mobster, Morelli. Travis vows revenge and the trail leads him to Gillian Fitzgerald, one of the best burglars in the world. Gillian is also a vampire and life is about to get very interesting for Travis. "Red Skies at Night" is a beautifully sensuous and action packed vampire story. This story is part of Diane Whiteside's Texas Vampires series but is easily read as a stand alone. The complexity of the vampire world devised by Ms. Whiteside is amazing and I look forward to reading some of her full length Texas Vampire books in order to get the full flavor of her world. The glossary at the end of the story is extremely helpful for first time adventurers to this world so that the various relationships and terminology used can be easily understood. "Come Moonrise" by Lucy Monroe puts a new twist on the theme of best friends finding romance. Frankie Random has longed for something more than friendship with neighbor Ty McCanlup for at least the last 6 years. Frankie decides she's going to give it one last shot, and her determination only increases when she realizes there is competition. But Ty has a secret that could destroy everything... Ty is a werewolf. Lucy Monroe puts some pizzazz in this werewolf tale! "Come Moonrise" is Lucy Monroe's first werewolf tale but she definitely puts some new wrinkles into an old theme with this phenomenal story. The structure of the Pack isn't overly emphasized and yet Ms. Monroe does a fabulous job at making the hierarchy well known. Frankie's reactions are believable and one can easily relate to her predicament despite the paranormal aspect. I have to admit that I considered reaching into the book and smacking Ty and some of his family members but most are generally redeemed as events play out. "Beyond Limits" by Susan Kearney focuses back to New Atlantis. Businesswoman Sam


Bond of Silver by Rebecca York A citizen of the island, New Atlantis, Alexander seeks his mate using a dream ceremony. While in a dream state, he finds his soul mate, Claire. In his quest for Claire, Alexander must venture from New Atlantis and convince Claire to embrace her powers and leave behind her life in California, including her over protective mother. Bond of Silver appealed to my imagination. I was intrigued with the idea of New Atlantis. Alexander and Claire's love story is both romantic and steamy. Red Skies at Night by Diane Whiteside Travis is a NYPD detective. When is friend is gunned down by Morelli, a mobster, Frank vows to take Morelli down. When his leads take him to a renowned burgler, Gillian, he finds himself very attracted to her. The attraction is mutual despite the fact that Gillian is a vampire, a vampire that hates cops. Red Skies at Night is connected to Diane Whitesides Southern Vampires series. As a big fan of that series, I enjoyed this addition. I especially loved Travis. He makes a delicious hero to Gillian's heroine. Beyond Limits by Susan Kearney Ari Dillion, a citizen of New Atlantis, has found his mate in real estate developer Samantha Bessinger. Unfortunately, he can't even get an appointment to see her! Disguising himself as her pilot, Ari takes Samantha away to a deserted island. There he plans to show her their shape shifting abilities, persuade her to go to New Atlantis with him and convince her of his love. In Beyond Limits I was given another glimpse into the world of New Atlantis and I adored it. I love shape shifters and Susan Kearney described the shift so well, my imagination was convinced. And I was especially moved by Ari's devotion and love for Samantha. A terrific paranormal romance! Annmarie Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed Come Moonrise by Lucy Monroe- Frankie has loved Ty forever, but he has made it clear to her that he considers her a friend and nothing more. Frankie has tried, but she's never been able to get over him and find happiness with anyone else. She finally decides that she either has to become more to Ty than his friend or she has to put him out of her life totally. Ty has always wanted Frankie but he's been keeping a big secret from her...he's really werewolf. Although he desires Frankie more than anything, in his experience, human and werewolf matings just don't work. Can these two find a way to finally give into their heart's desire? If I had to sum up Come Moonrise in one word, that one word would be...WOW! Lucy Monroe has written a tremendous story that pulled at my emotions one minute, then had me fanning myself from the sensual overload the next. In what is obviously the beginning of a new series, Come Moonrise has me hooked on Lucy Monroe's wolves and I won't be satisfied until I get MORE!!! Unleashed gets my wholehearted recommendation to fans of paranormal romance. With a variety of paranormal elements, paranormal fans will rejoice. Addit

four superb paranormal romances

"Bond of Silver" by Rebecca York. Alexander and Claire meet on a psychic plane where he tells her they are destined to be soul mates. Though both can conjure up objects with their minds, he must find the way to enter the real world. "Red Skies at Night" by Diane Whiteside. NYPD Detective Travis hunts down the killer of his former partner Frank. His clues lead to Gillian, a vampire who loathes cops though each is instantly attracted to the other. "Come Moonrise" by Lucy Monroe. Ty knows that humans and werewolves must never mate as tragedy is the only outcome. However, he hides how much he desires the human Frankie, who has always loved him. He also has hidden his werewolf heritage that is until they are stranded in a remote cabin during a blizzard. "Beyond Limits" by Susan Kearney. Ian loves realtor Samantha, but has made no progress in persuading her they belong together. Desperate he tricks her by having her co-pilot his plane until he takes her to his home, New Atlantis and informs her he is Ari, deeply in love with her. These are four superb paranormal romances in which the supernatural person reaches out to the human they love. Harriet Klausner
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