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Hardcover Ultimate Alien Anthology: A Star Wars Accessory Book

ISBN: 0786928883

ISBN13: 9780786928880

Ultimate Alien Anthology: A Star Wars Accessory

(Part of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game (D20) Series)

Every Star System Has Its Heroes. From the Outer Rim to the Galactic Core, countless different species populate the galaxy. While most members of each of these alien races share similar... This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

A lot of GREAT info for star wars enthuist.

I really enjoyed looking over the TONS of aliens species in this book. It expanded options for players and gm's alike for choices they could do. I enjoyed the many options that were available to you as either a player or gm, or just curious to see what was in the star wars universe. I've never really encountered such depth and brevity together in a sci-fi universe. I did like the way they expanded on the core rulebook races. As for monsters, well, the star wars universe is about interacting more with others then it is about killing monsters, but this is d20 and there are PLENTY of monster compendium and ultimate advesaries can help you with that. I did like the art work but it was clear that differant artist did do the work and it isn't always done smoothly. But there is enough there to get an idea, even if it isn't always to scale as per the 'real' alien. I wouldn't pay $250.00 for this book though. But if you need some fresh ideas about alien races or just more characters then this would be for you. I liked the descriptions thourough but not overdone in the least. The book gives you enough to get you started and if that isn't enough gives you guidelines on how to make your own race. I'm not sure what is seriously lacking in this book.

Kel Dors, Kushibans, and Falleens...Oh, my!

So far I have just about every release of the new D20 based Star Wars role playing game from Wizards of the Coast (with the exception of the GM screen and character sheets, that is.)- I figured since it was such a welcome departure from the lousy and unheroic WEG game engine that it deserved my attention. And being a complete salivating Star Wars fanatic didn't hurt either. Now, Wizards obviously has a different publishing philosophy than West End Games does, and that's a shame. WEG had excellent source material- I always use it when designing the current campaign that I'm working on, because for the most part Wizards doesn't publish all that many books on places (Core Worlds book nothwithstanding) and things (planets, people, weapons, source books from the novels, etc.), instead the focus on guides for making characters and places, rather than provide them directly in published works. This is a double edged sword, because given that Wizards now owns (as far as I know), all of the WEG material, it would be nice if they started releasing it after converting it to the D20 rules. Enter the Ultimate Alien Anthology- a send up to the Alien Anthology published in 2001 and gave only a handful of aliens. The Ultimate book provides almost 200 different species that PCs and GMs can use for characters. I have seen many science fiction RPGs where they only provide you have a half-dozen races to play, providing 200 seemed like a gift from the Force, and the authors really did their homework by providing aliens from not only the movies, but also the books and previous WEG publications. Each entry is laid out clearly and includes notes on personality types, physical description, homeworld, sample names, life span, favored classes, special abilities- like darkvision, species traits pluses or minuses to Strength, Dexterity, etc. and a sample species commoner type. Each grouping of races also has a height chart with very well done illustrations of each alien. The book offers such a diverse selection of aliens that it should provide even the finickiest role player enough of a choice to find something he or she likes.There are some powers and abilities that should be examined carefully before handing them over to a PC, but for the most part the book is quite well balanced between the races. Star Wars has such a massive amount of creatures in it that a book like this was needed and my only complaint is that they left out non-sentient creatures. That is, all the monsters present in the first anthology are gone, more importantly, they got rid of the Hoojibs! Star Wars without Hoojibs is like a day without air! Seriously, I suspect Wizards will publish a Star Wars bestiary or monster manual that will include rancors, Corelian sand panthers, mynocks, gundarks and space slugs. For now the older Anthology will have to do for `monsters'. For the most part, though, the Ultimate Alien Anthology is probably the best source book Wizards has done for Star Wars to date- but I do

Another quality book for the Star Wars line

Comparing the Ultimate Alien Anthology to the original Alien Anthology is much like comparing a Cadillac to a LeCar. Where the original book evoked yawns with its bland artwork, uninspired layout, and strange, bipolar mix of artistic renderings and photos, the Ultimate book is eye-catching, tasteful, and most importantly, chock full of content. Starting from the outside, this attractive book gets a BIG mark in the plus column because it's hardcover. Softcover books may be cheaper, but they get damaged too easily. And of course, like most of the recent Star Wars books, it's full-color throughout.The book begins with a thoughtfully designed table of contents that breaks all of the topic areas into alphabetical lists. As one reads on, it becomes evident that most of the races from the Alien Anthology and the Revised Core Rulebook make a return- a few, most notably the Yuuzhan Vong, have been tweaked- and there are many new races as well. Every single race has a labeled picture, so there will be no doubt what a Chev looks like, or if the picture you're looking at is actually a Chevin. As always, the race profiles and descriptions are informative yet concise.If this book was simply a list of races it would still be a good product, but it's the extras that really push it over the top. There are literally dozens of items of new gear (look for the Gamorrean Battle Plate!), sixteen new feats, and six new prestige classes: Aerobat, Beastwarden, Bodyguard, Changeling, Mystic Agent, and Telepath. The Big Game Hunter and Findsman are also back in revised form, for a total of eight prestige classes.The Prestige Classes aren't truly race-specific. For example, you no longer have to be a Gand to be a Findsman (although it certainly helps)- and while an Aerobat is usually a flying character like a Geonosian, it could also work for a character wearing a jump pack. This open-ended approach is a nice touch.Ironically, the Ultimate Alien Anthology fails to deliver in the one area that the original Alien Anthology shined: non-sentient creatures and animals. Other than a small sidebar for the Beastwarden, there is not a single creature to be found. However, I wouldn't call this a liability because it seems to be a deliberate decision on the part of the authors to keep the book focused on its topic, rather than a careless omission. Hopefully, we'll see a "Creature Anthology" at some point in the future. If you can't wait that long, then you may still find the original Alien Anthology to be useful for that purpose, but in every other way the Ultimate book is clearly superior.In short, it's my opinion that the Ultimate Alien Anthology is everything that the original book should have been. It's a standout performer with all the style, flair, and depth of information that has been a feature of the last several Star Wars roleplaying books. Whether you are a brand new player or the most discerning GM, I'd recommend it as a solid investment for anyone playing

Wow... that's a lot of species. A must have for every GM

It's like the monster manual, but it's Star Wars... and it's huge. So many species to play, newer pictures and drawings, from the Codru-Ji of Munto Codru to the Zeltron, Celegian and the Defel.At first i didn't find a need to have all these aliens. The Alien Anthology was more than enough for me. But now that i have it, I'm putting in all these colorful characters and species for heroes to interact with, new challenges. There are a handful of new prestige classes to really personalize heroes. Be sure to take a look at the Telepath, or the Mystic Agent with the wall-walk ability.If you have the Alien anthology then you probably have a few dozen species as opposed to about 180 the Ultimate Alien Anthology offers. What doesn't it have? Non-playable species are not in the UAA. What else doesn't it have? Some of the species in the AA didn't cross over to the Ultimate AA, so, maybe it's another Lucas Arts marketing ploy, or a way to make everyone who bought the AA already feel better. As well, there are drawings of the species, done by a variety of artists, but they are fresh new pictures that also compare height, just so you can get a general idea of the speices. But the AA gave, for most species, a male and a female pictures... the UAA just gives random genders, or more typical, Noghri male, Zabrak Male, Zeltron Female. Some species or sub-races such as Lorrdians and Firrerreo, Lorrdian's especially would have a few differences. Still many of the entries in the Essential Guide to Alien Species still have not made their way into the WoTC official ruling.Bottom line... get it. It's a great book to add an edge into your campaign or just spice up the usual cantina with some colorful characters. All in all it's a great buy, good price, a bunch of creatures... and they're already adding more on the WoTC site.

Ever want to play the bunny creature as a character?

Awesome book. Very valuable for players and for GMs. This book is in the new format - HC with great artwork. The book details every kind of playable creature I have heard of. It even contains character types that can fly with wings. The book really does a nice job with these by adding a set of flying rules. In addition to all the new species, the book contains several new prestiege classes, which are very cool and useful! This book is great. My only con is that I would have liked to see more prestiege classes with special skills - hopefully we'll see this in there new Hero's Guide due in June...
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