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Thirteen Reasons Why

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**The second season of the Golden Globe nominated Thirteen Reasons Why is now on Netflix.** Read the sensational book that has taken the YA world by storm. You can't stop the future. You can't rewind... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

24 ratings

Perfect Book

I really think this book needs to be read by parents and teens. Not only does this open what happens in high schools but it can also explain that actions have consequences. I mean the show was great but the book, the book is there to remind you that yes these things do happen and if you think it doesn't then you may end up being the problem.

The storyline is good! couldn't put the book down til I finished!

I hate to blame Hannah but she's made so many bad choices. But then again, we were all teens once, and we thought school drama was the world.


So I haven't read too much of this book but I wouldn't say it's a kids book. At least teen. This website needs to change the tags and section in which this book is located.

One of the worst books ever written

It romanticizes suicide and it just an all around awful read. I don't understand why people like it. It's a waste of time and money.

Terrible book, terrible show

This book has a disgusting message: it’s okay to kill yourself and blame others for it! For anyone who’s suffered with mental illness and/or suicidal tendencies, this book is not only offensive but also glamorizes suicide. The concept of leaving tapes as a suicide note that blames others for her suicide in no way makes me feel bad for her, nor does it paint a sympathetic lens to the character (and suicidal people in real life). I wish this book was never written, but Netflix decided to further this horrendous massage on their stupid series. This book and the series have negatively affected society, and suicide rates got worse afterwards… which doesn’t surprise me. Reading this as a suicidal teenager was one of the most damaging things for me personally, and I hope others like me don’t make the same mistake. I’m against banning books, but dang, this book makes the concept tempting (it’s still not good to ban books). Never ever believe the moral of this book! It’s terrible fiction, with absolutely zero truth to it. If you have suicidal thoughts please find professional help via online or in-person resources instead of reading this garbage.

This book was amazingly beautiful

So I didn't buy this book from here, but I do have it. It was so good and the writing was immaculate. I really loved this book (even though I did cry at times lol) but overall it was a beautiful book with a great story and message.

No damage :) it was like it was brand new !! I feel in love with book<3

What I like about this book was the details it gave out !!

Would recommend

There is so much to learn. It definitely puts you in a position that you can understand how bad bullying is.

“If you’re listening to this, you’re too late.”

“It’s too late if you’re listening to this.” (Thoughts/opinion) Suicidal thoughts from deficit appreciation and pessimistic social treatments are serious issues. Trust is a cavernous relation to people and to one person’s dignity. Being cut loose of disloyalty by people various of times is just an extensive crestfallen leading to mistrust. And “EVERYONE, EVERY ACTION AFFECTS A PERSON.” This story is just one of the many people out there dealing with bullies, wretch, infidelity, etc. Having to deal and drown with your own thoughts is just the worst. Countless problems make you feel like reaching the rock bottom but spiritually and mentally weak makes you crazy. Feeling disoriented and aloof. Every action you make or is going to make does affect something or someone. If we could just at-least see one problem of what a person is dealing with each day, how would you treat that person? This book’s main focal point is “Hannah recorded tapes” and sent them to those people around her of how they affected her. As to one of the receivers “Clay” carrier(listener) of how his correspondence affected her and also the relator to the readers of how the situations and story goes. It’s one of the books I grip on. Wanting to know what happens next but also not wanting the book to end. I enjoyed it so much and is relatable to me. This is a recommended “need to read” book. “You received a mail with tapes inside from the person who committed suicide and you’re one of the reasons why.”

Good book, quick read

I watched the Netflix series then read the book. I was hoping the book would align better with the series, but there were so many differences that I found myself kind of annoyed while reading. For instance, the series drags the tapes on over what seems like a few weeks. The book is just one night. There are too many more to go over them all really. Overall, easy read.

Read it for the first time in middle school and was obsessed. A must read.

Powerful message

When I started reading this I almost put it down because I thought it would be really depressing. I am so glad I didn't. It is quite sad at times but also uplifting. It reminds us that any little thing you can do to bring a person up - a smile - a compliment - a hug - might have a huge impact on their lives. It also reminds us that a callous remark or something said in jest could destroy a life. This is definitely not for children and I don't think I'd let anyone under 13 read it (but that's just my opinion).

Thirteen Reasons Why is a great book.

I think Thirteen Reasons Why should be lower in price

It's a great book, if you're still on the fence read this

Thirteen Reasons Why is a novel about a girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide. She didn't want to just leave, she wanted to cause an impact to those who affected her. She decided that recording her story on 13 tapes would be the easiest way to do so. Each tape is about a different person and how they impacted her life. The story is told through the first person view point of a boy named Clay Jensen. Clay was mesmerized by Hannah and when he received the tapes and began listening to them he wondered what did he do to Hannah to cause him to be on these tapes, as he and her had never really gotten to know each other. And the one time they were close she pushed him away. He wondered how he had hurt her, he wondered why she would do this. As he listens to the tapes he finds himself growing to understand her more. Overall I found Thirteen Reasons Why an enjoyable read, that was sad but with a hopeful undertone, that spread the message about why this needs to be talked about more in schools.


This is a book that I read recently. It is very heavy to read at some points. But, the entire time I was reading it, I kept thinking about things around me and how we never know when things affect others. I wanted to know where everyone fit in, especially Clay. I wouldn't suggest letting children under the age of 15 read it. Even at 21, I kept thinking about suicide and what it would mean for those around me. I wondered what my funeral would be like or who would attend. I never had thoughts like that before reading this. It wasn't in a threatening way, just a genuine curiosity. Therefore, I wouldn't suggest letting children who may not understand the real consequences of suicide read this book. Also, I hope people finally open their eyes to the ways that others express the need for help. It's not always direct. It made me understand that if people come to us for ANYTHING treat them to the very best of your ability. Listen, be present. Jay Asher walked us through many thoughts of the today's troubled youth. He did it brilliantly. I have just passed it to my 60 year old boss and she loves it just the same.

Read it!

This book makes you understand how little things can cause a big consequence. The narration from both main characters is intriguing and works well together. The story is fast-paced and will make you want to keep reading until you've finished the book in one go.


SUCH an amazing book. Really. It makes you think about every interaction you have with someone. It already changed how I am with people. It is a must read for sure!

By Far One of The Best Novels I've Read

I'm typically not one to read suicide-related books but this one got me hooked on the first page. It teaches a lot about the decisions you make and how much impact it can make on a person's life. It shares different points of view in the situation. It almost creates this feeling of, "What would I have done in this situation?" At least, that's what it did for me. Highly recommended, teaches a really important lesson and is really worth the read!

Amazing and Remorseful

Its an awesome book.Makes you think and understand how even the smallest things can have a huge impact on a person's life which can make them do something so gruesome and you had no idea.

best ever

Absolutely anyone working/interacting with teens MUST read this

I ran across this book while looking at possible books for my Honors English class to read. I didn't choose it because I could practically hear the parent complaints, but I did mention it to my current class. The kids took the opportunity to read it and tell me it was a MUST read. I must say my students are right. Anyone who works with teens, interacts with teens, or has teens should read this book. As a teacher, I could see my students in the characters of this book. (Please slap me if I ever become a Mr. Porter)This book was so compelling and accurate that I was literally bawling my eyes out by the end. While I don't think I could get away with assigning this in my class (Stupid censorship people), I am recommending this to absolutely EVERYONE (teachers, students, parents) I know.

Not just for Young Adults - Parents Need to Read this Too!

I just finished this -- and I am telling you it was compelling. It should be required reading by anyone in high school or middle school -- or anyone who has a child in high school or middle school. Basically it tells of Clay Jensen, a high school student who receives a box of audiotapes narrated by a girl who he had a crush on, Hannah Baker, who has recently committed suicide. The book interweaves her words from the audiotapes with his comments and memories. It gives Hannah's reasons why she did what she did and names the people (who also are receiving audiotapes - each person is to mail them to the next person on the list) and why they contributed to what happened. It may have been something big, somewhat small, something seemingly innocent, something no so much. But it all leads up to Hannah not being able to cope by herself even when she reaches out for help. If anyone can read this and see themselves in it and make changes - or even better see someone else and reach out in compassion, this book will have a huge effect.

Uber pager-turner!

In my 33 years of being a librarian, I've rarely experienced the buzz and excitement that this book has generated, Harry Potter notwithstanding! I picked up several autographed copies of it last night, in anticipation of the author's visit to our school and to a local bookstore today. I thought I'd skim it to get an idea of its contents...well, there's no way to put it down. I tried. More than once. Jay Asher has the remarkable ability to write from both the female and male points of view. Thirteen Reasons Why grabs the reader instantly--it's well-written, it's perceptive, it has elements of a psychological, Hitchcockian(?)mystery/thriller. The reader is left to ponder the power of words, rumors, and innuendo; adults will be reminded of their teen years (and people they'll never forget) and teen readers, too, will identify with one or more characters. I won't recount the storyline, since the professional reviewers' synopsis will suffice. I will emphasize that this is a MUST READ, no matter what your age! Just start reading it at a reasonable hour, because putting it down isn't an option!

Courtesy of Teens Read Too

I don't often write introductions to my reviews. In fact, the last time I can remember doing so was with the wonderful Pucker by Melanie Gideon, which I read in 2006. However, THIRTEEN REASONS WHY, the debut novel from author Jay Asher, is the type of book that begs an introduction. So if you'd like to skip down to the third paragraph for the "meat" of the story, I won't hold it against you -- but you'll be missing something important. If you have the chance to only read one novel this year, THIRTEEN REASONS WHY should be that book. It's sad, amazing, heartbreaking, and hopeful, all at the same time. I dare you to read it and not become so immersed in the story that you lose track of time and your surroundings. You'll cry, several times, while reading this story. You'll have no choice but to think about your actions, and wonder what type of effect they have on other people. And, in the end, you might also find the need to say "thank you." Now, on to the story... When Clay Jensen finds a package on his front porch, he's excited. A package, for him? With no return address? What could it possibly be? What Clay finds is a shoebox full of cassette tapes, each marked as "Cassette 1: Side A," "Cassette 1: Side B," etc. Of course he rushes to the old radio/cassette player in his dad's garage to check out these mysterious tapes. And soon wishes, wholeheartedly, that he'd never picked up that stupid package from his front porch. What he hears when he inserts that first tape is the voice of Hannah Baker. Hannah, the girl he'd crushed on for longer than he could remember. The girl he went to school with. The girl he worked at the movie theater with. The girl who had changed, drastically, in the last several months. Hannah Baker, the girl who committed suicide. Clay soon realizes that these tapes aren't just a suicide note, aren't, really, even a clear-cut rendition of why she did what she did. Instead, these are thirteen reasons -- thirteen people, to be exact -- who created a snowball-effect of events that led Hannah to believe that suicide was her only option. But why is Clay on that list? How could he possibly be one of the reasons that she killed herself? As the day goes on, Clay becomes obsessed with listening to the tapes. And what he hears frightens him, disturbs him, and, in the end, leads him to realizations that he never would have expected. As Clay listens to the role that thirteen people, including himself, led in the ultimate death of Hannah Baker, his view of the world, and himself, changes drastically. You will love this book, because you won't be able to help yourself. You will feel what Clay feels. You will, in a very strong way, experience the highs and lows of Hannah's life right along with her. And there is nothing, in my opinion, that could speak better for the authenticity of a book. Read THIRTEEN REASONS WHY. And then, if you're like me, you'll read it again. And, hopefully, none of us will ever for
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