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Paperback The Zapruder Film: Reframing Jfk's Assassination Book

ISBN: 0700619437

ISBN13: 9780700619436

The Zapruder Film: Reframing Jfk's Assassination

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Book Overview

It is the most famous home movie of all time, the most closely analyzed 26 seconds of film ever shot, the most disturbing visual record of what many have called "the crime of the century." In 486 frames--a mere six feet of celluloid--Abraham Zapruder's iconic film captures from beginning to end the murder of President John F. Kennedy in broad daylight. An essential piece of evidence, the film has become nearly synonymous with the assassination itself...

Customer Reviews

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Evidence for Conspiracy

The author is a professor of history who taught courses on the JFK assassination for over 20 years. His close examination of the Zapruder film refutes the "lone gunman" and "single bullet" theories. The film provides a precise timeline of events and clues for the timing, number, origins, and impact of the shots. Using other key photos, the author builds a case to refute the Warren Report. More than three shots were fired from more than one location. Lee Harvey Oswald was not guilty as an assassin. The author was assisted by the voluminous archives of Harold Weisberg. David R. Wrone concludes JFK was killed by a conspiracy, but cannot identify the conspirators (p.1). But this is too little and too late, since others have written books much earlier. If their conclusions differ, that reflects their points of view, and the lack of incontrovertible proof. This cover-up implies high-level conspirators in Government and the Establishment. Wrone hopes that scholars who defend the Warren Report would reconsider; this naively assumes they are free to think for themselves. The existence of conspiracies is well known in just American history (p.2). The Zapruder film disproves the official story of the assassination, and establishes that multiple riflemen killed JFK (pp.47-48). The explosion of JFK's head is incompatible with hardened military ammunition. One of the foremost ballistic experts disagreed with the "single bullet" theory (p.87). A powerful corporation bought this film and controlled its release to the public. Wrone tells what was wrong with a "Scientific test" that was government funded (p.103). Was there another rifleman (p.105)? Wrone criticizes David Lifton's "Best Evidence" and its altered body (pp.136-137). Since the wounds seen at Parkland hospital differed from the wounds seen at Bethesda, alteration was a likely assumption. But switching to a body double was a more practical solution. J. Edgar Hoover immediately claimed a lone assassin (p.143). Mark North's "Act of Treason" can explain why. The Warren Commission manipulated the evidence to arrive at a predetermined solution (p.149). The murder of Oswald closed the case and kept the secrets. The corporate media bore a large responsibility for the acceptance of the Warren Report (p.150). The Bronson film does not show Oswald in the assassin's window, or anybody else (p.153). So too does the Hughes film (p.155). Chapter 11 is the most important, as it proves Oswald was innocent. The AEC confirmed Oswald did not fire a rifle or a pistol (p.172). Jim Garrison's "On the Trail of the Assassins" was the basis for Oliver Stone's dramatic film "JFK". It seems more credible than the "single bullet" theory (pp.205-210). Chapter 15 discusses the problems with CE399 (p.211). The origin of CE399 is a mystery (pp.224-227). Chapter 16 reveals the dissent over the "single bullet" theory (p.259=8), and against the propaganda campaign in the media (p.257). Chapter 17 is a long argument to confiscate priva

Well-reasoned account

Although Professor Wrone has been obsessing about the JFK assassination since about 1968, his book is a well-reasoned, and thought provoking account of the historical puzzle of the 20th century. Hopefully, this book will inspire someone to organize a private, independent review of the case, starting with no preconceptions. For example, there are many excellent forensic pathologists who can review the Zapruder film and let us know if the head shot could have been possibly inflicted from a bullet entering the back of the head. In sum, Professor Wrone has written a fascinating review of the Kennedy murder that is a must for anyone seriously interested in the facts.

Thoughtful, balanced account.

Excellent account of issues related to the contents and implications of the Zapruder film to the assassination investigation. Dr. Wrone does an admirable job of building on existing research without being derivative or cumulative. Researchers must take the findings of the book seriously. Agree or disagree, the evidence must be considered by future researchers and historians.

Middle ground JFK assassination book, highly controversial

This book provides both solid historical information and what many may regard as speculation. If the book convinces you, you'll view all of it as solid fact.There are now 3 camps on the events of November 22, 1963: the Warren Commission believers who view Oswald as the lone gunman, followers of various conspiracy theories who say there was a second shooter but who regard the Z film as key evidence, and now the Z film hoax group -- see the new Fetzer book by one of the other reviewers here -- who say there are several shooters but further postulate that the Zapruder film was faked. This book traces the chain of custody of the original Zapruder film and all its earliest copies. To me, it is convincing that the Zapruder film, while several frames were damaged in processing, is not a fake. The film is never unaccounted for long enough to be substantially edited using advanced methods that leave no evidence of editing. (If it were faked, why release it with so convincing a portrayal of more than one shooter? A film so convincing that the Warren Commission has to explain away what appears to be a shot fired from the front.) The speculative part of the book uses the Z film as evidence of a second shooter. The Warren Commission Report and its single bullet theory are disputed. (According to the book, the Z film supports the idea that Governor Connoly was hit by a bullet that never hit JFK. The entry wound in the president's back is too low to result in a throat exit wound and the injuries to Governor Connolly -- all caused by one bullet on a downward path. This "single bullet" is moved by political forces, not ballistic ones.) As many will be chanting "Oswald did it!" it is good that the book does not explore who the other shooter might be. Certainly, nothing in the photographic record can provide the identity of the mystery shooter. This new book is a worthwhile addition to the assassination literature. It will have you looking at the Zapruder film with new insight.

Shouldn't Have to Have Been Written

This is a book that shouldn't have to have been written. But due to the nonsensical, unethical works of self-proclaimed "researchers" such as Fetzer, Lifton, White, Mantik, Marler, Schaeffer, Twyman - and many others - this book finally places the state of JFK assassination research back on track ... back before the "Zapruder film alterationists" began diverting the search for the truth behind the assassination from reality to their delusions.Those who claim the Zapruder film was "sinisterly altered" never completely address the chain of possession of the film and the three copies made in Dallas on November 22, 1963. No opportunity existed - the chain of custody is solidly documented - for anyone to alter the film as the alterationists describe.And contrary to the belief of the alterationists, federal officials in Dallas - as well as the FBI - initially showed little interest in the Zapruder film. Secret Service Agent Sorrels (who accompanied Zapruder to the Kodak developing plant) actualy left the Kodak plant before the processing was completed. Zapruder had to hunt Sorrels down later that evening to offer a copy of the film to him...and, after Sorrels was located at the Dallas PD station - Sorrels refused to take charge of the film, asking citizen Zapruder to deliver the film to Max Phillips at the Secret Service office on Ervay Street.The FBI was even less interested in the film. They had actually dismissed the film as having no evidentiary value. It was the media's growing interest in the film that alerted the FBI - and the Dallas office of the FBI borrowed a copy from the Secret Service.The CIA? There is no document, no legitimate witness, direct nor indirect credible source that can place the Zapruder film in the hands of the CIA on November 22 or the following two days."With such uncritical support for their untenable claims," writes Wrone, "'alterationists' like Lifton and others have made a proper study of the assassination and its investigation much more difficult to pursue than it need be. In the process, they have helped discredit other much more reliable researchers who agree that there was indeed a conspiracy, but have been much more responsible in documenting their claims."To politicians and bureaucrats, to federal investigative officials and mainstream intellectuals, to press owners and television commentators who fiercely maintain the official findings of no conspiracy, the alterationists have been a godsend."Clint Bradford
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