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Hardcover The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth: Past, Present, and Future [With CDROM] Book

ISBN: 0890514984

ISBN13: 9780890514986

The Young Earth: The Real History of the Earth: Past, Present, and Future [With CDROM]

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

The classic work from the president of the prestigious Institute for Creation Research, this book details, in layman's terms, how we can have confidence in the plain-sense meaning of early Genesis. Morris studies geology, culture, and various creation theories to give a true picture of Earth history. Explodes popular misconceptions about the age of the earth by exposing the shaky reasoning behind radiometric dating; Morris's discussion of these fallacies...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Excellent introductory work to the age of the earth

This is one book that really needed to be written. This is the only book I know of that deals specifically with the scientific evidences for a young earth. Dr. Morris presents the evidences in a clear manner and documents all of his research for further study. What I enjoyed most about this book was Dr. Morris' philosophy on science in the first few chapters. He clearly explains that it is not the evidence that he disagrees with, but the INTERPRETATIONS of the evidence. John also makes it clear that all of the "evidences" for a young earth are interpreted by fallible humans and should not be trusted dogmatically because science is always changing. Instead, he says that we should trust the authority of the bible, which is never changing, which clearly says that the earth is young. That is why I, along with many other creationists, fear for "progressive creationists" who are trusting the fallible ideas of man rather than the plain teaching of scripture. Dr. Morris gives many of the classic arguments for a young earth, like the Magnetic Field, short-period comets, helium decay, etc. and does so in an easy to understand manner. Some of the material may require atleast a college level geology course to fully understand, but most of it is fairly simple. Skeptics may think that they have refuted all of these young earth arguments and thus declared them to be based on faulty assumptions, but what they fail to realize is that Creationists have offered rebuttals to all of the skeptic's objections. Most of these rebuttals can be found online( in creationist journals(TJ). Lastly, Dr. Morris dealt with the supposed "evidences" for an old earth and refutted them successfully. Many skeptics criticise creationists for dealing with areas that are outside the author's area of expertise, but this will not be the case here. John Morris is a PHd Geologist who has taught in Universities and published in secular peer reviewed scientific journals. Almost all of the scientific material in this book deals with Geology, so if anyone is qualified to have an opinion on this, it is John Morris. Overall, I would recommend this book to Christian and skeptic alike, but if someone wants a more technical approach to these evidences, look elsewhere, because this book was written for the laymen in mind. A better place to find this technical information would be the technical monographs that ICR offers(

Easy read, plenty of graphics. Makes great overheads

This book has powerful visuals for copying and passing on to students or others. Many of the pages are also designed to create overheads to project for a class. The arguments and proof here is good, but not as thorough as some of the other books by Morris and others. You won't go wrong w/this one, though.

My favorite!

I started as a staunch believer in Thiestic Evolution. Tired of creatioinists, I started reasearching to shoot down their arguments. By the time I got to this book I had begun to doubt my belife in evolution. This sinched it. If you are open minded, I see no way after reading this book how you can believe in evolution. I'm not saying after reading this you must believe in creation, but Mr. Morris provides example after example from many different fields of science to show why evolution simply cannot be true.This is the one book I always have with me now when debating the Creation/Evolution issue.

An Excellent Scientific Book

Based on his lifetime experience within the scientific community, John D. Morris has masterfully put together a wealth of information. This book cuts through the rhetoric used by the media to propagate evolution as fact. This book carefully discusses and analyzes the history of the earth. Each of the conclusions allow the reader plenty of information to follow up on, in case the reader is skeptical. This is a must have in your library. Because this information is formatted to address the average layperson, we should not deem it unworthy. John is the president of ICR (Institute for Creation Research), and his research and methodology is accurate and straightforward. I have read the other lower rated reviews on this book and find they are based on the philosophical beliefs of the individual and not on fact. If you take the time to look into some of John's conclusions you will find them to be not only accurate but unambiguous. I have read many books by John D. Morris and his father Henry Morris, and through careful analysis found no fault in any of their books.

An Excellent Book

As a physician and a scientist (in Biology), I can affirm this book is an excellent work. One of the best things gleaned from reading this book is the explanation on how assumptions on your world view (old earth vs young earth) can change your interpretation of the data. Some have said that creation science is concocted. This could not be farther from the truth. There is more evidence for a young earth and scant if any evidence for an old earth with long geological ages. Modern dating techniques have too many assumptions built in to them to be definitive (like how much daughter element was there in the first place, and the closed-ness of the system which changes the dates shown). One of the best examples was a "modern" lava flow that dated billions of years old when it should date in the 100s of years.I would like to hear an evolutionary geologist explain the Polonium 218 problem if the earth was not formed instantaneously.What has happened at Mount St. Helen's is a testimony to what is written in this book showing processes that were formerly thought to take millions of years could actually occur in an afternoon (is it did during the explosion at Mt St. Helen's).People who do not like this book I believe are afraid of trying to explain and confront the problems for evolutionist presented in the book.
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