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Paperback The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships [With CD (Audio)] Book

ISBN: 1401918824

ISBN13: 9781401918828

The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships [With CD (Audio)]

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And then what happened?

This is a difficult review to write. I have been smitten by the message and the writing. Well done. I've read the criticisms and understand them. The subject is important - the Law of Attraction and how the Universe functions. It is about Creation, so right from the start a majority (great) of people will dismiss it as WRONG and motivated by profit. And then there is this: If you suffer, no matter it politically, physically, socially, whatever - you brought it to yourself, even children. That is hard to take. I have friends who suffer from MS, Cancer, War, Child abuse, Abandonment, Crime, Bad relationships, PTSD ... any and everything (I am sixty years old.) Some critics say this is "Blaming the victim" at its worst. I offer this: If you know what happens to a human being after they die - tell us. If you know what causes cancer - tell us. If you know why you do what you do - tell us. If you know how to make the world free of war, abuse, poverty, murder, theft, lying ... tell us. A lot of people do ... trouble is, there is someone on the "other side" who KNOWS that is not true and that they - KNOW THE TRUTH. So this book, in fact, the entire series of books, cds, seminars, etc. say one thing: There is only one thing that you can control and that is how you feel. At any given moment, no matter the circumstance, you can choose a better or worse feeling than where and what you are feeling. And if, IF, you choose the better feeling--you are moving in the direction of improvement. And if you continue in that direction (choosing the better thought) you will eventually reach your destination: JOY, HAPPINESS, EAGERNESS, FREEDOM,EMPOWERMENT, LOVE, & APPRECIATION. I have found that to be true. The authors purport there are no exceptions to the Law of Attraction (like attracts like). It is gravity--a LAW. What it is - is misunderstood. If you focus on what is, what IS the matter, you will get more of that. On the other hand, if you focus on what it is you want (to feel better) you will get that. NO Exceptions! I have found this to be true. It is not easy to get, to understand. We were not raised this way. I have found no inconsistencies with the psychology of human development and behavior (Think Maslow's hierarchy of human needs - peak experiences and self-actualization) and the philosophy of "The Vortex." There are ideas and theories, of course, to the contrary. Such as, your thoughts don't matter. If you think ill of another person, that that does not matter - it is only action that counts. Here, with what "they" are saying is that it DOES matter; but what matters most is your dominant thought patterns. If you believe, at your core, that you are unworthy, then that is what you will be - worthless; and you will ATTRACT confirming events. You will be proven right! Where did your core beliefs come from? (Parents/society/powerful others.) Are you even aware of them? (Psychotherapy can help here - to make conscious the unconscious.) But the message he

Assemble all your relationships via the Vortex.

What I bascially got out of this book was this: The most important relationship that you have is with yourself, and if that relationship becomes misaligned, then everything else in your life becomes misaligned, as well. While the basic premise of this book is about the Law Of Attraction, it is mostly about how you bring all this "bad" stuff into your life. It is about your attitude. I read their other book, Money and the Law of Attraction, and have to say that combined, these books can help transform a person's life. And all you have to do is look not at what you don't want, but at what you do. It's such a simple concept, but one that works wonders. I guess we overlook this and only look at "what is"--as the author's say--just because that is all we know. So, the suggestions in this book are spot-on. In closing, I would say that the Hicks' are some of the best teachers of the Law of Attraction I have come across. I really responded to this book and could not recommend it enough. I would also recommend another book that deal well with the subject, too: How To Be Wanted: Use the Law of Attraction to Date the Man You Most Desire and Live the Life You Deserve.

Absolutely Fantastic - Abraham's Best Book To Date!

This book is so good you just want to savor it. Read a page, put it down, let it soak in, then pick it back up later. It's THAT good. The first 25 pages will hold you spellbound...and then it gets better from there! I have bought all of Abraham's books and given plenty out as gifts. I've attended their live seminars, and even gone on an Alaskan cruise with them. So I feel qualified to state that this is their best printed effort to date. If you want to bring change into your life, if you want to literally turn your life around and speed towards every thing you want, this book will be an important first step. Esther and Jerry Hicks (Esther channels the non-physical entities known as "Abraham" and Jerry records the sessions, among other things) are the hardest working couple I've ever seen...they travel almost all of the time, bringing Abraham's message to the masses. I know they have fun doing it but, still, it must feel like "real" work at times. I'm just totally grateful they do it, so millions can learn to live a better life. A MUCH better life. Thank you Abraham, Thank you Esther, Thank you Jerry. Purchasing Public: buy this book and you might as well buy an extra copy, too, as a gift for someone you love. It is amazing, full of brilliant insights, and you will not (repeat, NOT) be disappointed!


I am a big fan of Esther and Jerry Hicks and have read and have enjoyed many of their books. The Vortex: Where the Law of Attraction Assembles All Cooperative Relationships, is the third in a series of four. It follows the wonderful Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness. (FYI...the fourth book is about Spirituality, and the Law of Attraction.) The crux of Abraham's teaching: "The basis of life is freedom; the results f life is expansion--and the purpose of life is joy." This book is about creating joyful relationships. The book is divided into 6 parts; all but the last address how to bring joy into relations. * Learning how to bring joy into the different types of relationships we have (coworkers, friends, government, etc.) * Finding and attracting the erfect mate * Sexuality * Parenting--creating positive, joyful relations with children * Self appreciation--discover your true self and learn awareness of your Vibrational Vortex of Creation. * Transcript of Abraham To understand your relationships, you go into the vortex. "The Vortex is the place in which you feel good about yourself. It is the place in which you are closest to 'Source. 'Source' energy is like a vortex of good feelings, of liquid love (as Abraham puts it) of peace and wellbeing, joy - everything that we naturally are." To access the vortex, you do things that make you feel good. It is in the space of the vortex that the law of attraction takes hold--your good feelings will guide you to other people with good feelings and WHAM...stuff starts happening like you meet your soul mate! "You must make what you want a more dominant part of your Vibration than what you have; once you are consistently doing that, what you want and what you will have will intertwine, and you will be living your desire." When we are in alignment--in the vortex--we draw all good things to us--people, situations, etc. It's a win-win. Once we are in alignment with our Source, we connect with our higher selves; with the God within us. The key to getting inside the Vibrational Vortex of Creation is to be in the state of appreciation of self. Ultimately, The Vortex guides us through the exercises that will make us feel good about ourselves and our relationships. I am an interior designer specializing in Feng Shui, and I have practiced the law of attraction for years and have helped numerous clients of mine manifest their desires using the LOA. As I did in my review of MONEY, I highly recommend the award winning book HARMONIOUS ENVIRONMENT: BEAUTIFY, DETOXIFY & ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE, YOUR HOME & YOUR PLANET along with The Vortex, for a few more secrets to finding and keeping love and relationships strong. Finally, the original The Law of Attraction is still a terrific primer. Ester and Jerry Hicks have written a clear and easy to follow guide to help you live your higher purpose. Highly recommend!
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