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Paperback The Ultimate Helm (Spelljammer Cloakmaster Cycle, Book 6) Book

ISBN: 1560766514

ISBN13: 9781560766513

The Ultimate Helm (Spelljammer Cloakmaster Cycle, Book 6)

(Book #6 in the Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle Series)

Amid political intrigue, Teldin Moore battle for control of the great ship Spelljammer in the sequel to The Broken Sphere. Original. This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Ultimate Helm

I thought it was a great book, a fitting end to the series, ties up the loose ends and completes the journey of the main character. It was in great condition and well worth the buy. Thanks!

This is an excellent company to deal with. I had ordered a book from them before. The book was in very good shape and I received it very quickly. When I ordered a Christmas gift for my son, I thought I had deleted the book off the order but I hadn't. They very quickly refunded my money and cancelled my order. This is a company I will be ordering from again.

Saving the Best for Last...

The Ultimate Helm is the sixth and last book in the Cloakmaster Cycle series. Picking up from where The Broken Sphere left off, the book sheds light on Teldin Moore during the last stretch of his quest, this time ABOARD the Spelljammer. Teldin's changes have reached their peak; His close proximity to the Spelljammer has amplified/boosted the Cloak's powers, and subsequently Teldin emerges as a powerful fighter/wizard. He is now able to dispatch neogi, umber hulks, and illithids among others, with great ease all the while being able to cast powerful spells such as teleport spells. The plot as a whole is EXCELLENT! The whole concept of the Citadel with its garrisons and its diverse populace is very original. In addition, the book is so incredibly well written and presented that the reader feels that they have been transported to another plane of existence and are actually present among the characters, seeing what they see, feeling what they feel, sensing what they sense. Moreover, Russ Howard does a great job of presenting the distinct culture and civilization of the spacefaring peoples. He has done a great deal of research in order to provide such an accurate and lucid description of these people. It's all here: Illithids, Neogi, Umber Hulks, Elves, Half-Elves, Gnomes, Kender, Arcane, Beholders, Orcs, Scro, Goblins, Dracons, Minotaurs, Ogres, Undead (banshees/zombies etc), Master Liches, Halflings, Dwarves, Gnolls, Gith, Hill Giants, Centaurs, Pirates, Tanar'ri, even the Shou. Furthermore, there are some new and interesting races/creatures like the Kasharin (beholder-mummies), the guardian Shivaks, and the magnificent Spaakiil. The story of the original forgotten Unhuman War involving the evil Sh'tarrgh, the Spaakiil, the Lovokei, the Kutalla, the Broul, and the Juna was BREATHTAKING! What was also AMAZING was the material presented in Chapter 30 (pp245-252), describing such events as the destruction of the One Sphere, Ouiyan. Other FASCINATING points included: the clash between The Alliance of the Cloak (Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Gith, Elves) and The Beholder Alliance (Beholders, Ogres, Minotaurs, Hill Giants), the fact that the three-pointed star represents the sun-Aeyenna, the forgotten captains imprisoned in the Dark Tower-Jokarin, Theorx, and Miark, and many, many more... History, magic, love, honor, duty, intrigue, betrayal, swordfights, and space battles are all about. This book has it all and more! My only reservation was in relation to page 183, where the author talks about an elven guard with a "thick white mustache" (!!!). I believe elves do not have facial hair. The Ultimate Helm provides more than a worthy conclusion to the series. Everything comes full circle. All the loose ends are dealt with efficiently and successfully. In short, it is by far the BEST of the six books. The Cloakmaster Cycle series would, without a doubt, make a GREAT set of films. In addition, the books should be re-published and re-rel

cant get enough

i have read all of the cloakmaster cycle books and i just love them how ever there needs to be more to the hole than just 6 books if you look for more look up the card game got the books

Can anyone lend me this book?

I've been looking for this book for over 6 years, and I still can't find it!! If anyone has it, or knows where I can get a hold of a copy, I would be very to hear from them! Please contact me at Thank you
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