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Paperback The Trellis and the Seed : A Book of Encouragement for All Ages Book

ISBN: 0142403172

ISBN13: 9780142403174

The Trellis and the Seed : A Book of Encouragement for All Ages

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

The little seed spent the winter in a jelly glass on the top shelf of a chinacupboard. It was only a seed and very, very small. How could it ever be a vine with sweet-smelling blossoms? When spring came, the Nice Lady made a hole for the seed and planted it in her garden at the base of a trellis. It felt soft in the hole, but also cold and dark. Don't worry, said the Earth. God has planned something beautiful for you. The little seed did not believe...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The Little Seed That Couldn't

Jan Karon has written an inspirational tale "of Encouragement for all Ages". Unlike the little engine that could, the reader is introduced to a seed that was given to a "Nice Lady" who intends to plant it next Spring and watch it grow into a tall blossoming vine. The seed finds all of this preposterous. The little seed cannot believe the Nice Lady when she says the seed will grow into a beautiful blossoming vine. While sitting in a jar during winter, the seed ponders the Nice Lady's faith in the seed to become something great and beautiful. Spring arrives, and the seed is soaked overnight in water before encountering the cold earth. When it eventually sprouts, the seed spies the giant trellis that the Nice Lady expects it to climb. Is she bonkers?!! How can a tiny sprouted seed climb an Empire State Building of a trellis? The reader follows the growing plant through summer while learning that God has a plan whether we see it or not. The little seed that couldn't finally does become a beautiful blossoming vine. The Nice Lady never doubted that. This 30-page tale is wonderfully told; not too wordy and filled with encouragement that would touch young and old alike. The beautiful watercolors reinforce the story's message of encouragement. My ten year old daughter gave it a thumbs up! And her 50 year old dad agrees.

"Don't worry, God has planned something beautiful for you."

This wonderful little book, by Jan Karon, the author of the Mitford books, is a Christian parable. Coupling simple text with touching watercolors, it tells the story of a seed that sits small and un-lovely in a jelly glass on the top shelf of a china cupboard. But, as the Earth tells the seed, "Don't worry, God has planned something beautiful for you." This is a story of becoming, and waiting on God. Overall, I found this to be a wonderful little story. Though it is primarily intended for readers aged 4-8, it is in fact a wonderful story for all believers. It is simple, as simple as many Biblical parables, but it packs quite a wallop. I think that this book should be given to every Christian child. Yep, this is a great book, one that I highly recommend to all Christians, especially those with children. Get this book!

A Soothing, Warm Story

A young seed hears a gardener talk about the wonderful flower he'll grow to be. Yet, as she describes each phase, he thinks about what he is, and doubts he could be much more. This is a parable about love, faith and beauty. We were surprised by our toddler's reaction. We didn't think she'd have patience for the story (more words than your average book for 2 to 4 year old), but s/he did. It is a soothing, warm story that we liked reading as much as s/he did. The pastoral illustrations complement the story beautifully. The narrative describes a plant's cycle (from seed to flower) in terms simple enough for a young reader to understand. The book is as billed: a book for all ages. On the surface this is the story of how a flower grows. Scratch a little deeper, and there are lessons about doubt, faith, love, patience and beauty.

A Brief, But Warm Burst of Sunshine of A Book

As a fan of Karon's, this is first of this nature of her books for me. What a delight of a quick read, all of five minutes or so. But what a read!Story of a seed, dry with no hope of becoming anything worthy. But through being set aside, doused in water, but into the deep, dark cold ground, drowned with water, covered with manure, and struggling to reach top of the trellis and finally to produce blossoms, supported by trellis and Nice Woman, it happens.Knowing the author's faith and numerous Biblical references to plants and bearing blossoms (e.g. Psalm 1 and Mt. 13:18-52, and John 15:1-9), one cannot but sense that this is real parable's meaning here. Although many will derive pleasure from the read and wonderful illustrations, and still others will sense morals of patience, perseverance, support, etc., the strong spiritual implications here are obvious, what with the strong Biblical allusion and Karon's faith evidenced in the Mitford writings.Blessings on this creativity and beauty communicated so wonderfully for all ages to be encouraged to blossom and bloom where and when the Lord wills.

A Tickle or A Kiss?

A book of encouragement for all ages, enchantingly illustrated. God's perfect timing, mixed with grace and peace and the warmth of the earth and the water of the skies, can make us all be better than we ever imagined. A small volume, which I read in its entirety on my lunch hour, still delivers a powerful message.The Nice Lady, Mamalinda
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