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Paperback The Thread That Binds the Bones (A Chapel Hollow Novel) Book

ISBN: 0380772531

ISBN13: 9780380772537

The Thread That Binds the Bones (A Chapel Hollow Novel)

(Book #1 in the Chapel Hollow Series)

This description may be from another edition of this product. Tom Renfield, a drifter possessed of extraordinary powers, and Laura Bolte, the equally gifted daughter of an ancient family, are wed amid a supernatural tumult that threatens the thread that binds...


Format: Paperback

Condition: Acceptable


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Customer Reviews

5 ratings

incredible imagination

this is not hoffman's best written book, but that is a minor drawback, since her second best is still better than many other author's. if you think of the exposition being a form of writerly shorthand, so to speak, it isn't such an issue.the wonderful thing about this book is the world building. the families, their history, their talents are completely thought-out, made to seem completely real. behavior, actions, reactions, all ring true to life. just fyi, in case any of the previous reviewers review, and for new readers, there is a semi-sequel, _the silent strength of stones_. now, if hoffman would only write a THIRD installment (and forth, fifth, etc.).

Close to Home, and Far Away

I picked this up by chance, was entranced by it, and immediately sought and bought everything I could find by Hoffman. Exactly the kind of story that I love, in that twilit area where This-world touches some Other-world---think of Zenna Henderson, think of Ray Bradbury, think of Marion Zimmer Bradley, but different, edgier, more close-to-home and more far-away... It's the story of an extended, inbred Family where half-magical, half-psychic powers are inherited, and one's status within the family dependent on the strength of those powers. Into this mix comes an outsider with powers like and unlike those of the Family, in love with a semi-outcast daughter, who together seem to be a hope for a very different future. An exciting adventure, with exact and careful characterization and evocative, beautiful writing. Its sequel, The Silent Strength of Stones, is just as interesting, and I am eager for the next Family novel.This is one of those books I bought because the cover was interesting---not that we judge a book by its cover, but let's never forget that the cover is an integral part of the total book experience...


Once in a while you run across a book (or an author) that just kind of melts like butter to the hot knife of your reading pleasure. A can't-put-down, up-til-three, tour d'force that you think about for days, weeks, after finishing, wishing that the story hadn't ended. Much like "Tamlin" by Pamela Dean, I just love the characters in this book. They're so easy to get along with, and the ideas running through it about fantasy and ghostly presences remind me of a fantasy version of Neal Stephenson. Must read, must read again.

Really Love This Book!

I read this book when it came out and loved it. I have read it three times since then and I love it more each time (and I do not re-read books, nor do I normally write reviews). It is not the best written book, but the story is so wonderful! I loaned my copy out and it never came back. It took months to find another! I wish there was a sequel. This book is just such a great little story. If you like love stories with a lot of real magic thrown in- this book is for you. Good luck finding it, though:-) Maybe they need to do a 2nd run?

Wanting a sequel in a BAD way!

I found this book in a little half-priced used book store. I liked the cover and figured what the heck. I rarely keep them after I read them once. This book however, is being kept and has already been read twice. I love the ideas and imagination that flows through these pages. Nina has made them come to life with a force that is not duplicated often. I am hoping that she does not stop this story line where she left it. There's so many possiblities on how these characters and possibly new members of the family may be introduced into many books on how this unique family will fit itself into the world. I'd rate it as a "must read" for anyone who enjoys truly wonderful fantasy reading.
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