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Paperback The Reunion Book

ISBN: 0964596075

ISBN13: 9780964596078

The Reunion

(Book #5 in the The Marketplace Series)

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Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Nice addition to the continuing story line

If you're reading Book Five: The Reunion, you've most likely read the first four in The Marketplace series.This is a great continuation of the characters introduced in previous books, with quite a few new individuals. I was a little confused in the beginning due to the amount of new characters introduced, but Antoniou does a great job of giving them strong traits and story lines, that by the end of the book I had gotten them all, erm, 'straight'.It was wonderful to learn more about Chris' background, although it almost seemed anti-climactic. Antoniou was wonderful at dancing around exactly how Chris came to be who he is, I almost wanted that mystery to continue.Also enjoyable in the book was the amount of differentiated erotic scenes. While much of the tension between the characters has been very 'intellectual', it's nice to see a lot of the physical tension written out.Wonderful addition to the series, with a lot of the missing details filled in, and a great mystery sub-plot. Looking forward to more of this 'world' being further expanded in future books.

Laura Antoniou Has Done It Again!

_The Reunion_, the most recent addition to Laura Antoniou's masterfully written Marketplace series, enticed me with the continuing development of complex, believable characters. Set seven years after Antoniou's _The Slave_ (the second book in the series), _The Reunion_ brings two favorate characters back together. Their adventures are retold and relived, and all the while new adventures are had...Set in the beautifully described Kaleigh castle in Ireland, _The Reunion_ reveals more depth to fictional characters and their encounters than this reader attributes to many nonfictional people! Add to that the plots and subplots of the novel, and the smoldering lust of the characters as they thoroughly enjoy their vacation (and each other), and _The Reunion_ delivers a pervasively enjoyable reading experience.I recommend this book to all adults who enjoy believable romantic fiction. Whether interested in the activities presented in the novel or not, this masterpiece will keep you enthralled, from cover to cover. Enjoy!

Classy fiction, excellent series

Laura has written a series of books about the "marketplace" concept. This is book 5, and in my opinion one of the two best in the series. In "The Reunion", we already know two of the main characters, and their story alone is interesting enough to maintain forward motion in this book. I was pleasantly surprised to find new excellent and intrigueging characters in this book. My personal favorite is MacKenzie. Where other Marketplace books have focused on the training methods, organization and norms of this inventive universe, The Reunion goes more in depth about the people involved during and after service. Most BDSM erotica never even mention what happens after you age, have children, or chage interests. I was aroused by the erotic scenes, amused by Chris Parker as usual, and very satisfied to learn more about CHris and Robin's relationship.IF you liked the other Marketplace books, this one will not disappoint you. And no, it is not too long, although it looks huge. There are enough plot lines to keep it going.My one critique might be that I'd like to learn more about the antagonist in this book, the nosy journalist. If you are ready for grown up issues frankly painted and massaged, served with hot spicy erotica and cool intellect, then go for it. It's so worth the money.

A Marketplace Tale Well Worth the Wait

I know I'm not the only one who's been waiting for this new Marketplace novel to come out, and believe me, it's worth the wait. And, at nearly 650 pages, it is a meaty story, filled with new characters who all feel like old friends, and as multilayered as fine Irish lace. The first layer starts with two of the most popular characters in the Marketplace universe: Chris Parker and Robin (who was originally introduced in Book Two) who are reunited with passion and hot, hot sex that will fulfill any fan's fantasy. If that's not enough to hold your attention, there are the guests: current and former slaves (and their families!), ages 25-85, attending the Reunion. Romances flourish, old relationships are rekindled, and casual sex adds to the mix of character development Antoniou is so good at. As we get to know them, we really get a deeper sense of the Marketplace, its history, and the passion that drives people to service. Then, there's the staff at the hotel, which include a healthy mix of Marketplace slave trainees themselves. Their world is a throw-back to Edwardian times, with livery and proper formal dinner settings to memorize. For fans who fetishize service in an "Upstairs/Downstairs" style, the tales told in the butlers' pantry will keep you hot and begging for more. For the Chris Parker fans, learning that he trained in this very hotel himself will add a touch of depth to the already complex character he presents.And if that weren't enough, we also meet a real Lord and Lady, who challenge and arouse Chris Parker as he attempts to entice them to join the special group of Master Trainers known as The Regents. And then (yes, there's more!) there's a papparazzi who's gotten word that there's a real-life slavery ring and wants proof. Unlike previous Marketplace novels, it's best to be already familiar with this erotic universe before embarking on the journey through The Reunion. Antoniou helpfully provides a cast of characters at the beginning (there are over 40 of them!), reminding me of the old British editions of Agatha Christie mysteries. The division of the book into days of the week with pithy descriptors also brings back that earlier 20th century style of storytelling. (Azziz gets an offer he probably shouldn't refuse -- Chris Parker has a hobby -- Gunshots -- Desmond gets to the point --Amy has a plan -- Nigel gets a present) They are whimsical and sometimes cryptic, but also help the reader keep track of which day of the vacation we're reading about.Mystery, sex, romance, service, passion, and Antoniou's amazing touch that brings these stories into such believability you'll be looking for a map of Ireland to find out exactly where this wonderful castle-turned-4 star hotel really is.
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