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Hardcover The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One Book

ISBN: 0767920880

ISBN13: 9780767920889

The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

Are you unwilling to settle on doing just one thing "for the rest of your life"? Do you jump at the chance to learn something new--or, after achieving success in one field, find yourself yearning for... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

Perfect!!!! Just what I needed!

I have spent quite some time trying to decide on one "forever" career and pick between my numerous intrests and hobbies becasue I just didn't have time for them all. I have read several standard time management books, and set up SMART goals and five year plans, only to change my mind or be unable to follow through till the end, mostly because I either lost interest or couldn't imagine doing this thing or that "forever." The last few months I have been unable to do much of anything; I have finally earned my Master's and have tons of new-found spare time, but couldn't decide what to fill it with, mostly because there were so many interesting things to fill it with! So I had been stuck in indecision and been extremely "unproductive." Then I found this book!!! This book has been helpful in so many ways, none the least because I finally know there isn't anything wrong with me! There are plenty of others like me who have so many interests that we just don't know where to begin. If this sounds like you, I would highly reccommend this book. Everything else I have to say has been covered by other reviewers, but I do want to add that after figuring out my focal points, I have been able to come up with much more creative and enjoyable ways of meeting my goals then I ever did trying to make everything a SMART goal. Enjoy- I did!

The "nuts-and-bolts" of being a Renaissance Soul

Do you dream of being a successful teacher, writer, world traveler, and parent, all at the same time? Maybe you dream of being an artist and an organic farmer? If you are having trouble figuring out how to wear all the hats of your interests and remain productive, happy and sane - then this book is for you. Although you will find a few soul-searching exercises in Margaret Lobenstine's book, you will find much more practical advice and concrete examples of how to start living a life of many passions without feeling overwhelmed. My personal favorite from this book has to do with focal point calendar blocks, where you block out a set amount of time each week on your calendar to do one of your *focal points*, or current passions that you are focusing on. This blocked out time is not specifically assigned to any project -- you choose which project to work based on how you feel at that time. What a freeing thought! You don't have to work on project A right now if project B is calling. Each project gets worked on in due time, and each gets the proper amount of energy from you that it deserves. This is just one of many easily applicable bits of advice you will find in this book. I also do recommend that you read Barbara Sher's book *Refuse to Choose* on this same topic. Barbara's book does have many soul-searching exercises that complement the practical advice in Margaret Lobenstine's book.

Follow Your Blisses

Are you one of those people with a large and shifting set of interests? Never quite took to heart those well-meaning admonitions to settle down and focus on one thing? Now you can shuck the dilettante label and become, in Margaret Lobenstine's inspired phrase, a Renaissance Soul. She's written a terrific book, practical, useful, easy to read. It identifies and serves people who refuse to be slotted by what they do to pick up a paycheck. After reassuring us that it's not aberrant or self-destructive to be among the multi-focused, Lobenstine shows us how to hone our many interests into four or so major Focal Points. But which four? you ask. Use the Ice Cream Sampler exercise to get past the fear of making forever commitments or the overwhelmed feeling that you have too many options. Once you've identified your Focal Point pursuits, Lobenstine shows you how to link up with people who can help you move forward. She's especially good on turning your day job from a soul-numbing slog into a springboard to advance your interests, and on networking your way to the knowledge you need to pursue your passions. The book lays out proven techniques for organizing your time and juggling multiple interests. I particularly liked the reverse flowchart, which disassembles potentially overwhelming goals - starting an import/export business, for example - into smaller, actionable steps. The chapter devoted to younger Renaissance Souls contains useful ideas on managing college course loads and breaking into the work world. The final chapters include a sensitive look at psychological obstacles that can slow us up, and strategies for climbing over these self-created walls. Margaret Lobenstine is the new patron saint of those whose life jounney compels them to wander down many different paths.


"Renaissance Souls love nothing better than to take on a new problem or situation and then dig into...until we master the challenge we've set for ourselves. And then, with fresh enthusiasm, we move on to another passion. We are lucky people who, if left to our own devices, are never bored for long." - Margaret Lobenstine Do you resist confining yourself to just one hobby or career? Are bookstore and libraries candy stores to you? Do friends suggest that you become a contestant on game shows because you know "something about everything"? Are you capable of becoming passionately excited about a wide variety of subjects? Do you find yourself interrupting yourself, dropping one task to pick up another before it's done? If any of these descriptions sound like you, then you're probably a Renaissance Soul. Unlike the Mozarts of the world who always knew what they wanted to do in life or enjoyed sticking to one discipline, Renaissance Souls are the Ben Franklins of the world. That is, we have many concurrent interests and the idea of settling on "just one" (or even two) makes us nervous and nauseous. Most of the world operates on the idea that "settling on a career" or "getting focused" by steadily climbing the corporate ladder over decades is the "right"-and secure-way to live. However, for a Renaissance Soul to attempt to squeeze in such a confining mindset is almost like a living death. Despite a long, proud history of inventiveness and cultural influence among the ranks of Renaissance Souls, parents, teachers, and the social climate at large insist that we are somehow defective. This often leaves us feeling discouraged, frustrated, and confused. Why are we like this? Why can't we be "normal", and limit our passions, hobbies, and career endeavors to "just one"? Fortunately for us, author and life-coach Margaret Lobenstine has written a book especially for Renaissance Souls, offering encouragement, validation, and practical tools for living a fulfilling, joyful life. The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One is an incredible resource that explains the difference between choice and focus, shows how to thrive on many interests without feeling scattered, and equips individuals with powerful life-design strategies. Lobenstine also illustrates how Renaissance Souls can transform a day job so that it carries dreams forward, learn a new field without going back to school, and get paid for your passions. However, even if money isn't your goal and you just want to be able to explore, engage, and enjoy your multitude of interests, the author provides wonderful exercises for getting the most out of your pursuits. The section called The Ice-Cream Sampler alone is worth the price of the book! Lobenstine-also a Renaissance Soul-can sympathize with the dilemma that "choosing has often meant losing". However, she helps her fellow Renaissance Souls learn an invaluable tool called Focal Point Strategy. By using the anal

Totally changed my attitude towards the future!

This is a must-read for anyone who thinks they may be a renaissance soul, and possibly even if you're not! It answered all the questions I had about my future, and now, rather than dreading it, I'm actually looking forward to the many exciting experiences and opportunities it will bring. Margaret offers many creative tips and tools for pursuing all our interests, and getting where we want to be, while remaining focused and energised. She likens the renaissance soul's interests to an ice cream shop full of hundreds of flavours. It's so hard to choose: they'll either close before you finally pick one, or else you'll get sick trying them all. Yet, if the shop offered a four-flavour sampler, and you could mix and match the flavours every day, it would be no problem. So she suggests that renaissance souls choose four, or at most five, interests to focus on at a particular time, and set up a focal point notebook. One of her tools is called a J-O-B, which is a temporary job or volunteer position that furthers one or more of your focal points. For example, if one of your focal points involves travel, find a job at a place that offers free or discounted airline tickets (perhaps with an airline.) If you want to produce documentaries, perhaps even an entry-level job at a place that deals with video equipment would be helpful. Or if one of them is knitting or sewing or reading, find a job that offers a lot of down-time (a box-office attendant, for example). Or you might choose a job where you could network with the people who could help you further your focal points, or give you recommendations for the position you want. You can feel energised knowing that your J-O-B is furthering your focal points, and if you wish, eventually, making your focal points and your income source one and the same. She offers many other creative tools in this book: advice on how to solve problems when you don't know how to get from A to B, training without going to grad school, finding a career that encompasses all your interests, time management tips geared to renaissance souls, and others that let us pursue our many interests without being condemned to a life of poverty. She offers advice on how to solve problems when you don't know how to get from A to B, how to get training without going to grad school, time management tips for renaissance souls, and many creative ideas for pursuing our many interests while not being condemned to a life of poverty. She offers many real-life examples and role models, which for me was one of the best parts, since there are so few role models in this world for people like us. I've read a couple career-oriented books -- including Barbara Scher's Wishcraft -- but they didn't quite cater to people with more than one single bliss. This is a wonderful and unique book that does just that, and what's more, clearly makes the case that you don't have to choose, and the journey can be FUN! Very good bibliography, too -- I always like that.
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