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Paperback Rainbow Fish English/French Book

ISBN: 3314017308

ISBN13: 9783314017308

Rainbow Fish English/French

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good


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7 ratings

Only fair

The book itself is a wonderful classic. I laughed because I somehow missed this was in both Espanol and English. But the particular copy was very well worn on the edges.

The Rainbow Fish book is one of my favorite books for my preschoolers

The Rainbow Fish book I received had about 5 pages at the very back coming out of the binding and over half way detached from the book. We love the story and I purchased to use in our homeschool class so I was disappointed to have so many pages not attached properly.

We love it

This is the original Rainbow Fish story which is a simple moral tale designed for very young children. The Rainbow Fish is beautiful, but arrogant and selfish. He has to learn that superficial qualities such as beauty and wealth cannot be valued over friendship and happiness. It is at best an oversimplification to say this is a book about sharing, and I cannot agree at all with the reviewers who claim it is about being forced to give up one's unique identity in order to fit in with the crowd. To me that is yet another case of people impressing adult attitudes and ideals on to a children's book and I'm sad to see so many people seem to have missed the point, which is not that the Rainbow Fish gives away his shining scales, but that he learns humility. This is a charming and classic children's book from my home continent and I'm proud to have it on my daughter's bookshelf.


This book is great for kids. The illustrations are wonderful, the story is interesting and educational. My daugther loves it.

This is a wonderful story!

PLEASE do not listen to the negative reviews about this book. I am so glad I didn't! This is a great story for children about the importance of sharing and being kind to others. For the life of me, I cannot understand how people can write about communism and politics in reference to this book. It is utterly ridiculous. My daughter is 4 and she loves this book. She talks about how it makes the rainbow fish feel nice to be able to share with his friends. What more could I ask for out of a book? I almost didn't buy this book b/c of the reviews, and it was my daughter who asked me to get it. She had read it in her preschool class. I am glad I listened to my 4 year old over many of the adults who wrote a review. Clearly, she is able to see this book for what it is: a simple story about sharing and kindness. Enjoy!

Shiny Fish

Rainbow Fish is a great book with bright color. In the book, Rainbow Fish learns to share with others and that's very good for a young age. The author is Marcus Pfister and this book has a setting of the ocean. The book Rainbow Fish is full of color and all the drawings look like a cartoon. I would so check this book out if I were you because even if you've read this book ten times you would still want more. The pictures to me are the best part because all the pictures are filled with wonderful color. Rainbow Fish's scales are wonderful shades of green, purple, blue, red, and best of all shimmering silver scales. I would say Rainbow Fish is a good book for young kids because the pictures are wonderful colors. I would also say Rainbow Fish is a good because the book looks like a cartoon. But besides the pictures the setting and plot are fine to. Some of the characters in Rainbow Fish are Rainbow Fish and Little Blue Fish. Rainbow Fish is a fish with wonderful scales and learns a very important lesson. Little Blue Fish was a fish that probably do anything for Rainbow Fish's silver scales. Little Blue Fish was also the first fish to have one of Rainbow Fish's scales. At the end of the story Rainbow Fish shares and the other fish want him for a friend again. I hope they write a Rainbow Fish 2 because the colors. I think it would be cool to have a second Rainbow Fish. I think it would be cool because the story of Rainbow Fish. And it is very good book for young kids. That is what I like about the book Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish is a book I would so recommend and read. This book is good for young children because of the pictures. With the plot, pictures, and setting this book should be a little Newbery book. The book Rainbow Fish is a book that once you read it once you would want to read it again and again. And I think everyone should read it.

The Rainbow Fish Mentions in Our Blog

Published by Melina Lynne • December 14, 2015

Many memories will be shared over a good book, starting with the time-honored tradition of the bed-time story. Who here remembers begging their parents to read just one more book? "I promise I will go right to bed after the next one;" "I'm not tired yet;" "But I really like both of the books. I don't want to choose." Do any of these sound familiar?

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