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Paperback The Quillan Games, 7 Book

ISBN: 0689869134

ISBN13: 9780689869136

The Quillan Games, 7

(Book #7 in the Pendragon Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Let the Games Begin.... Quillan is a territory on the verge of destruction. The people have lost control of their own future and must struggle simply to survive. The only chance they have of finding a better life is by playing the Quillan Games. Hosted by a strange pair of game masters, Veego and LaBerge, the games are a mix of sport and combat. They use the people of Quillan as pawns for their amusement as they force them to enter competitions that...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings


I discovered the Pendragon book series when I was at Middle School, and just looking at the cover of book 1 The Merchant of Death, I became very interested in them. I read the first book when I was fourteen-years old, and I instantly fell in love with them. The whole storyline about a teenage kid writing and sending journals to his best friends describing his incredible and frightening adventure through space and time is very interesting, and the characters are well defined and have great dialouge and characteristics.So far each book has fascinated me, and I've never once been disappointed by any one of them. Now the latest installment of the series,Book 7 The Quillan Games, is an exciting and action-filled adventure that takes fans to a whole different place and meets new,unique characters. In this book, Bobby Pendragon, the young hero of the series,travels to the territory of Quillan, a dark world with no emotion and is controlled by a company called BLOK. Bobby soon learns what the turning-point of this world may be, since he finds out that everyone on Quillan gambles on a series of sports and games called The Quillan Games. However the people of Quillan don't bet on the games with money....but with their own lives, and if they lose, they'll pay. Determined to stop the territory from colliding, Bobby ends up becoming one of the champions, under the control of two spectators named Veego and LaBarge, and competes in a series of deadly games and tasks, risking his life for the sake of all of Quillan and, even greater, all of Halla. I was given a copy of this book by my father and brother, who were able to get one of the very first copies ever, because it wasn't supposed to come out yet, and get it singed by D.J. MacHale, the author himself, at the LA Times Festival of Books. How awesome is that? I know that the Pendragon books are meant for ages 12-14, and I'm 16 right now, but I still love to read them. Besides, there's some really intense situations in this book that maybe most kids would be freaked out by, and there's some scaary stuff in this book, like quig spiders and sharp-toothed clowns(I don't like clowns very much to this day). There's also some great twists and turns in it,something to expect in future Pendragon books. I give this book 5 stars,being one of my favorite books and favortie book series.

Awesome Read, Can't Wait for the Next Book!!!

You are transported to the territory of Quillian where everything is controlled by a company called BLOK. The only chance to get anything is putting bets into the Quillian game shows and game machines.But you must win or... well I think you should read the book to find out, but one hint, they don't have a party.The Quillian Games, written by D.J. MacHale was magnificently written. I was glued to the book for two days ( the time it took me to read it), I even read it while eating dinner with my family! If you enjoyed the other 6 books this is another to add to your collection of favorites.


I have read the first 6 books several times each, but none of them even compare to book seven, The Quillan Games. None of the books had the amount of mystery, action, and intensity that this book has. Bobby lands on Quillan (via flume), and everything is normal, clothes there for him to change into, and of course, quigs (super sized meat loving creatures) for him to avoid. Well, on Quillan, quigs are spiders. Lots and lots of mechanical spiders. Bobby avoids them (duh, what, did you think he'd get eaten in the first chapter?), and finds out that the clothes he is wearing make him qualify to participate in the Quillan games. Sounds fun, right? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, no. The game creators, Veego and LaBerge have made the games so intense that the loser dies. They are like being put into a virtual reality game that isn't virtual. It's up to Bobby to put a stop to these games before these games put a stop to life on Quillan. This book blew me away. No question. This book puts such a monumental twist on the Pendragon series that it's impossible to predict how the future books are going to turn out. You think Rivers of Zadaa was amazing? Black Water terrifying? This is definitely the most breath-taking, amazing, astonishing, astounding adventure yet!

I love the whole Pendragon series!

I recommend it highly, very much in the category of fantasy. If you don't like fantasy... read it anyways! D.J. MacHale is eloquent and comical, including the teenage humor and sarcasm of the main character, while still retaining the maturity of a person who has grown up fast in a short amount of time, as Bobby has. Very inventive, it draws you right into the world of Bobby Pendragon and his travels in the flumes. This seventh installment of the Pendragon series begins with Bobby arriving at the flume on Quillan--A territory from which, through the flume, Saint Dane sent Bobby an invitation to come and "play"--and upon searching for his traveler clothes among the bizarre surroundings, encounters the 'quigs' of Quillan. He escapes by a hair's breath of course. Quickly, he exits the flume's building and discovers VERY quickly, that his clothes that he changed into in the flume have given him an unknown(to him)status in the territory. He is now a 'Challenger'. After being confronted with strange unfeeling creatures, 'dados', he is now completely confused and is running through the streets of Rune. When he is finally caught, he discovers WHAT makes him so special because of wearing the 'Challenger' clothes. And he meets Veego and LaBerge. The games are underway. With everybody betting on the two 'Challengers'... with their lives. Action-packed. More so then any other book in the series. You also find out more about the Travelers. Do they really exist? Don't miss the answer.

Never fear Pendragon fans....another awesome book!

As an elementary school teacher (4th/5th grade)and an avid fan of children's fantasy books (also frequently described as a 'bookaholic' by my students), I love to add to our favorite collections of books. Having purchased this book as an Advanced Reader Copy on ebay back in February, I just wanted to let all you Pendragon fans out there to know that this is another wonderful addition to the series. The series seems to be improving and getting more exciting with every book. Every one of my students who has read it (allowed to borrow ONLY if they've read the previous 6 books)has also ranted about how great it is (every one of them finished it within 3 days of borrowing it!). You will LOVE it--but make sure you read the first 6 before reading this book!
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