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Paperback The Protector (O'Malley #4) Book

ISBN: 1576738469

ISBN13: 9781576738467

The Protector (O'Malley #4)

(Book #4 in the O'Malley #0.6 Series)

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Format: Paperback

Condition: Very Good

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Book Overview

Jack O'Malley is a fireman who is fearless when it comes to facing an inferno. But when an arsonist begins targeting his district, his shift, and his friends, Jack faces the ultimate challenge: protecting the one lady who witnessed the arsonist ... Book number four in the O'Malley series brings back Jack O'Malley from The Truth Seeker in a page-turning thriller. It's Christmas. And in this time of celebration, Cassie Ellis has found the real meaning...

Customer Reviews

7 ratings

Paid for Very Good, received Acceptable

I paid more for this copy than the others in the series and received a copy with worn edges.

Love this O'Malley series of books! Captivates you from the beginning. Dee Henderson is a great Ch

Read it you will like it. Very clean reading.

A riviting addition to the series.

Jack O'Malley was a fireman who had seen it all! Or so he thought. An arsonist began targeting his district and his shift. Each fire set by the arsonist had messages. Each message escalated in intensity. It was obvious the firebug knew things about how a fire operated that the untrained public would not know. The possibility of the arsonist being someone he knew hurt! Cassie Ellis had been a firefighter until she was hurt during a rescue operation. He faith in Jesus got her through the trauma of being severely burned. When she saw the arsonist, she became the obvious person to work the crowds at the fires in hopes of spotting him. Jack and Cassie become closer than they ever had before. Jack began helping Cassie's thoughts of her scars. Cassie began helping Jack believe. ***** A riveting addition to the series! Each book of the O'Malley series is a story in itself. Each book tells the story of one of the unique O'Malley family. This novel, like all the ones before, are full of action, suspense, and a touch of Faith. Dee Henderson's magical pen combines the allure of Thrillers, Romances, and Christian books to make one of the best series I have ever read! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.

Henderson's most suspenseful story yet!

The Protector is Dee's most suspenseful book yet. I'll admit, I wasn't thrilled with a book about firefighters, but my wife and I are reading the whole O'Malley series together. I read the first chapter and then set it down for a few days. However, she hooked me in chapter three and I could hardly put the book down after that. For about 300 pages she kept me wondering who the arsonist was. Before The Protector, my favorite O'Malley book was The Negotiator. They're close for me, but I think The Protector is the better book overall. I base this on a few of things. 1. The Negotiator had a few scenes that were in place for nothing more than developing the romance aspects of the story - I do not recall any scenes in The Protector that did not further the mystery as well as the romance aspects of the book. 2. In The Protector, Henderson introduces fewer characters, but keeps the suspense and hides the villain's identity longer than in The Negotiator. In The Negotiator the mystery was solved early enough that the book continued on anti-climacticly. The Protector takes you right up to the end. 3. I finished The Protector with a greater appreciation for firefighters. This is the first of Henderson's books that has led me to a deeper appreciation of others. Cassie is thinking of Jack working during the Christmas holiday. Henderson was thoughtful enough to point out that firefighters not only rescue people and save lives during the holidays, but by so doing preserve the ability of their families to experience the holidays with joyous celebration rather than grief and mourning. I had never before thought about their work in that way. As for characters...1. Jack O'Malley is a well-developed character. However, Marcus is still my favorite of the O'Malley men thus far introduced. 2. Cassie, Jack's special interest. She is a wonderful character. She was a firefighter who was injured in a fire. She now adapts to burn scars and loss of hearing in one ear. The reality (self-consciousness) she now deals with was well-written. She's also dealing with making a living as something other than a firefighter - the job she loved. She's a very likable character. The storyline is pretty good all the way through. Henderson has obviously done some research for the book. The arsonist is angry and trying to send a message. He uses a series of words at different fires. The message is analyzed by different characters as the story develops. This allows the reader to try to solve, not only the mystery, but also the riddle and get deeper into the story. This may be Henderson's most developed storyline as well. This O'Malley story deals more with Jack and his friends and co-workers than it does the O'Malley family getting together to solve the mystery/problem. I really like the O'Malley family that Henderson has created. I missed them in this novel, but I still enjoyed the book a great deal. I really think you'll enjoy this book. Please give it a t

4th book of the O'Malley Series.

Dee Henderson is probably... no, not probably but she IS my favorite Christian writer!! This book is the fourth of the O'Malley series. The O'Malley family consists of seven brothers and sister, three boys and four girls. Since they were little they had been in the same orphanage and when they got out of the orphanage, they decided to 'adopt' each other, taking the name O'Malley as their family name. They all have very important jobs, Marcus is a U.S. Marshal, Kate a negotiator for hostage situations, botched-up robberies, etc., Jennifer is a doctor, Jack a fireman, Rachel a trauma psychologist, and Lisa is a forensic pathologist. This story is about Jack O'Malley, the protector.The story begins with Fireman Jack O'Malley finding out that he has an arsonist on his hands. The person's identity is a mystery but he leaves his signature of popcorn at the fire site and hateful words on walls. Who is this person? Jack O'Malley must find out because he fears that whoever the person is... the person is escalating. And not only that, sidelined firefighter Cassie Ellis is afraid she has seen the arsonist. And she's afraid that it's someone she knows. Jack is determined to protect Cassie who to his surprise he begins to fall in love with. Can they solve the mystery before the arsonist goes to far? And can Jack trust God with the kind of faith Cassie has?Terrific story, I just love the O'Malley series! By far, Kate O'Malley has always been my favorite character but ever since I read this book, I find Jack O'Malley to be a fun character, too. Unfortunately though, the book doesn't have as much romance in it as the other books, which was a bit disappointing for me. Another difference from the rest of the books which is good is that "The Protector" is highly suspenseful. You'll never guess who the arsonist is! Throughout the whole book I was guessing and trying to figure out but my answer was completely different from the conclusion of the story. The book also lets you have a glimpse at Rachel O'Malley getting closer to Christ and also her growing romance with Cole. I can't wait till "The Healer" comes out in July 2002. I also want to read more about Stephen, who isn't mentioned very much in any of the books. I'm curious to read about him. Also for Jennifer's story of how she fights cancer. My suggestion to you if you've never read any of Dee Henderson's books is to read first "Danger in the Shadows", then on to the O'Malley series. The Uncommon Heroes Series is also pretty great.The first in the O'Malley series is "The Negotiator" in which the main character is Jack's sister, Kate O'Malley. The next in the O'Malley series is "The Guardian" in which the main character is Marcus O'Malley, the oldest of the O'Malley's. This is also another great book! Then after that there is "The Truth-Seeker" with Lisa O'Malley. Other books by Dee Henderson is "Danger in the Shadows" (written before "The Negotiator" whose main character is Dave Richman's sister, Sara) and "True

Wonderful! I read it cover to cover in 4 1/2 hours

Ah, Jack O'Malley. A true man's man. Tough, strong, dependable in a crunch. A true woman's man. Strong, tender, able to make you laugh when you want to cry. A true hero who, despite having no relationship with God, realizes it is foolish to worry about what you cannot change. A smiley face is his trademark; goofy, childish trinkets in his pocket are his calling cards.In a desperate search for a firebug, Jack is concerned that his squad is being targeted. The fires are strategically set, the anger behind them obvious. The home of a friend becomes a target, as does Cassie, a fellow figher fighter who saw the arsonist.Jack and Cassie set out to protect each other. Cassie tries to catch the firebug before someone on Jack's squad, including Jack, can be hurt; Jack tries to protect her as she rides along, scanning the crowds for the suspect.But Cassie is reluctant to get close; she has scars from a previous fire in her way. Her scars are not only physical, but emotional as well. With her trust in God and her faith that He allowed her to survive the fire for a reason, she perseveres through surgery, physical therapy and pain. And Jack is determined to prove that none of her scars bother him.The other O'Malley's are there to lend a hand, and Rachel struggles with her beliefs right along with Jack. Jennifer prods them both along.Will Jack turn to God? Will Cassie trust Jack? Jack struggles to determine just who Jesus is. What kind of man is He? Why would God allow His Son to die?This is a well written, wonderful book, full of romance, action and humor. Dee Henderson knows how to spin a good yarn, create characters you care about, develop a plausible plot line and meld them all together in a tight, gripping story. I do think the climax could have been a tad bit stronger, but overall the story is good, the ending satisfying.If you've read any of the O'Malley books, don't miss this one. If you haven't read them, read them all. You don't have to read #1 before you read #2. They stand alone and the family history is briefly touched in each one so you understand the connections.

Dee Henderson does it again!

With an ongoing series, there usually comes a book that is good, but not as good as the rest. Not so with Dee Henderson's O'MALLEY series. Each book brings us a different "family" member, yet each can stand alone with it's characters and story -and they all are great reads! Jack, the firefighter brother, is the central character of THE PROTECTOR. As in each of the O'Malley books, there is a mystery to solve (I was surprised at whodoneit!) as well as self discovery for the characters. Ms. Henderson writes characters that you can believe exist, that you can identify with as they struggle, and rejoice with as they find answers. I really enjoyed meeting not only Jack and his friends in this book, but also Rachel, the subject of the next O'Malley book. Plus, we got up to date on the other family memebers...if you haven't read any thing from Dee Henderson - start now. If you have keep at it! THE PROCTECTOR won't let you down!
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