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Hardcover The Original Code in the Bible: Using Science and Mathematics to Reveal God's Fingerprints Book

ISBN: 1568331150

ISBN13: 9781568331157

The Original Code in the Bible: Using Science and Mathematics to Reveal God's Fingerprints

This ground-breaking work explains the Bible's fundamental mathematical code in easy-to-understand terms. This description may be from another edition of this product.


Format: Hardcover

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Customer Reviews

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The ultimate form of Gematria

153 fishes, 12 tribes, 12 disciples, 666(616), 144,000(s), 70th week, 1260 days, 7 seals, 7 churches, 7 golden lampstands, etc, etc.... Numbers, hundreds of numbers, everywhere throughout the old and new testaments of the Bible. What on Earth(or heaven) are all of these "surface" numbers doing in the Bible anyway? Who put them there and why?Del Washburn's discovery of Theomatics is perhaps the greatest discovery of all time. The Original Code in the Bible, is an abbreviated version of his Theomatics 2, and provides compelling(and provable) information that answers these very questions.This discovery utilizes a unique form of gematria in order to decode the time honored ancient numerical languages of the Bible. Letters, words, and phrases all have numerical meanings that transcend the words. You will learn about such concepts as "clustering" and how it is statistically incredible. I'd compare this phenomenon to parity(odd/even) in electronics - in which the transmitted message is sent along with error correction.I used to view the Bible like a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I had to go through the entire "disorder" to get to the one thing that I was looking for - and I had no idea what all of that other "stuff" was even there for.If you are in the same boat, then I encourage you to explore this discovery for yourself. Read it once, read it twice. Read it again and again. Thoroughly digest the material. Run the numbers for yourself. Prove it to yourself. Prove it to others. Know what messages are being tramsmitted via the text of the Bible. See how things really relate to each other. Don't just formulate opinions about the Bible, formulate mathematical conclusions. This subject material is so vast, and so intricately woven, that even after scores of years researching the phenomenon, it is still in it's infancy. The website offers surfers a nice preview of the material. I look forward to Del's forthcoming book "The Luciferian Rebellion".It is an awesome subject...what more can I say...

5 stars are not enough for this book

This book presents one of the most amazing discoveries of our lifetime in an easy to understand fashion. Del Washburn's "The Original Code in the Bible" shows us the amazing mathematical patterns that are embedded in the Bible since time began, while proving scientifically that Bible could only have come from a divine origin. This book has been a tremendous faith builder for me, and after to the Bible itself, this book and his work Theomatics II should be on the very top of your reading list. For his findings have eternal ramifications..... The price is a steal and I would have paid $300 for the book, its that amazing. You don't wana pass this one up! God bless Del Washburn and anyone who reads this book.

God's fingerprint indeed.

Washburn reveals hidden meanings in the Bible, heretofore unknown. What is more spectacular, he presents an argument based on the principles of mathematical logic to prove his findings! In all my experience I have never read a "theory" of Bible knowlege described and proved in this manner. It is a book for people wishing to have an overall understanding of Theomatics, "God's Mathematics," with numerous references to his earlier work "Theomatics II". The logical proof he makes in chapters 11 and 12 can be difficult to understand, but readily acceptable to those with a mathematical or scientific bent. This book has inspired me to investigate this phenomenon more thoroughly. Incidently, this is NOT a book about the famous "Bible Codes" that supposedly predict the future. This is a more scholarly work intending to reveal relationships between words and phrases in the Bible to illuminate one's understanding of the Scripture. You will also find more information at the Theomatics website.

A great discription of the heart of God.

This is a well written book. Del has spent many years studying what God has done with mathmatics in his word. What I really enjoyed about the book was it's presentation and it's closure.There are many aspects to Theomatics, yet I believe that it is very important to establish the the credability of Theomatics. I believe that this book does that. If one looks at the statistics and their logical conclusions they will have to concede that God has written his word mathmatically. I also find the clustering concept very stable.From people I have spoken with about this subject, a few people believe that Del is still picking and choosing his subjects and only showing what works and leaving out what does'nt. (But if you read any of his books carefully you will see this is not the case) anyways, I believe that the clustering issues clenches any and all arguments. It is impossible. Yet it happens. This does seal the tomb on any discenters. Read this book! And thank God for it's contents. Then tell someone!Chuck
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