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Hardcover Artemis Fowl the Opal Deception Book

ISBN: 0786852895

ISBN13: 9780786852895

Artemis Fowl the Opal Deception

(Book #4 in the Artemis Fowl Series)

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Format: Hardcover

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Book Overview

From New York Times best-selling author, Eoin Colfer comes book four in the Artemis Fowl series about a teenage criminal mastermind and his siege against dangerous, tech-savvy fairies. Artemis Fowl's... This description may be from another edition of this product.

Customer Reviews

5 ratings


This fourth book of the Artemis Fowl Series was outstanding. Artemis, having recently being mind-wiped, returns to his life of crime. But his most feared enemy, Opal Koboi, is after revenge on the people that foiled her early plan. This includes Holly Short, Julius Root, Artemis Fowl, Butler, and of course Foaly. Artemis does not think he is in any danger because he doesn't remember Opal after the mind-wipe. When Holly and Root are up against Opal, they finally meet their match. After an unfortunate event, Holly seeks out Artemis and Butler to try and save them from the bio-bomb but to do thatshe must introduce herself to them all over again. Now they are all on a quast to find Koboi so they can stop her. But will her evil plan actually work this time. She spent a year in a coma(as we would call it) plotting her revenge on Artemis and Holly. Holly, Artemis, Butler, and Mulch(the dwarf) have to foil Koboi's plan without any help. Holly is suspected of murder and cannot seek Foaly's help. Will Koboi's evil plan to expose human's to fairies work, or will Artemis come up with yet another brilliant idea. Find out in this excellent book.

Best of the series? But more still to come!

If it were not for the occasional appearance of Mulch Diggums, the dwarf with f*rts so explosive they can propel him safely from an underwater submarine all the way up to the surface of the ocean, the adult reader would find this the equal of any thriller written for adult eyes. In the present volume, the evil child genius Artemis Fowl has forgotten all about his friends the fairies, and is occupied stealing a famous painting from a bank vault in true Mission-Impossible style. His triumph is interrupted by his archenemy pixie Opal Koboi, who has a plot (perhaps this won't surprise you) to destroy the world. Without giving away any of the rapid-fire plot developments, let's just say that Artemis, accompanied by Holly Short the intrepid LEPrechaun, Foaly the tech-wizard centaur, Artemis' bodyguard Butler, and the strangely compelling Mulch, fouls her plans (ok, sorry). The intriguing list of gadgets and devices author Eoin Colfer employs to move the plot forward includes: cloning, creatures who shed their entire skin and use it later as a disguise in a prison break, retinal imaging, 100 million tons of molten iron, heat-seeking missiles, spacesuits with helmets that carry biometric information back to the center of the earth, handguns that bond with their owners, etc. The ending promises a change for Holly, but a future with lots of Mulch and Artemis in it - and possibly some romance in later volumes. The excitement, pace, and humor would be precisely like the best PG-13 thriller you will see at the movie theatre this summer, were it not for the fact that many of the characters are fairies, pixies, trolls, and dwarfs. And just like those movies, a few parents will wish there were less, well, military hardware in this series. A few of the more humorless moms will wish there were fewer f*rts. If those things don't bother you, you should not let the kids keep it to themselves; it's a great fun read for all ages.

same as the others.... GREAT!

When I first saw this book in the store I was shocked. I had no idea that there was a fourth Artemis Fowl book. I picked it up on the spot and took it home to read.It was as great as I thought it would be. If you are a fan of the first three books than you will also be a fan of this one. It captures the characters and adds new twists and developements to the overall storyline. All the old characters {except the goblin gangs} make an appearance and help to further or hinder the solution to the new Opal problem.If you haven't read any of the Artemis Fowl books I strongly suggest you give one a try. Read it in a bookstore. Borrow it from the library. What have you got to lose. You may just like it.Once again great book. Try it.

Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead!

This book is so good, I do not know how to begin. First of all I would like to mention that a major character dies, and I am still in shock, but I will not tell you which major character it is. So if you do not like sad books, just don't read this. True to its name this book is about Opal Koboi's revenge on everyone who destroyed the B'wa Kell Uprising for her in the second book. This pretty much includes Artemis, Holly, Butler, Foaly, Commander Root, and Mulch. This begins when Holly and Commander Root are investigating a case about some irritating goblin that fooled Foaly's sensors. When they do this, a major character gets killed by Opal Koboi, and Holly is framed. It is shocking and sad, but Eoin Colfer handles it very well. By now you've probably guessed who the major character is, and that is my main big spoiler. Meanwhile Artemis Fowl is attemping to steal a famous painting, Opal springs a trap, and Holly runs up to the surface to save him. However Artemis has no memory of the People. Then Mulch gets involved, and things become really chaotic, although the chaos really didn't have much to do with Mulch. If you would like to find out how this great book ends, then I advise you to read it. And the ending is very suprising. If you have read the other Artemis fowl books, then I do not need to tell you how good this book is. You already know what the other Artemis Fowl books are like. If you haven't read the Artemis Fowl books, the I think you should start by reading the first one. It will make much more sense.

D'Arvit! Awesome!

I just finished reading this fabulous book, completely unexpectedly, as I had no idea a new one was on the way. Very pleasant surprise to say the least. As usual the characters in this are fantastic!! We don't get as much from some of my favorites, like Foaly and Butler as we have in previous books, but they are still very strong presences. Colfer does a great job of telling one moment in time from various view points so the reader is always in the know (as much as anyone can be in regards to a criminal mastermind like Artemis Fowl, that is) (Spoiler warning) It does sadly have a character death, though it was handled very well. Artemis' thoughts and insights are great, and he and Holly share their special chemistry even with him not having his memories for most of the book. The last little blip in the book, an 'article' seems to promise alot more from my favorite 'reformed' child-mastermind, and the next book will be taking the characters in very different directions, it seems, than they have been traveling in the previous books. Not just the reformed Artemis, but Holly as well--and in some degree together. Awesome read!!
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