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Paperback The New Strong-Willed Child Workbook Book

ISBN: 1414303823

ISBN13: 9781414303826

The New Strong-Willed Child Workbook

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Format: Paperback

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Book Overview

This workbook will equip parents, either individually or in a small group setting, with practical skills so that they can competently raise their strong-willed child. Parents will be encouraged through real-life examples and case studies and will learn how to apply the knowledge and guidelines found in Dr. Dobson's new book The New Strong-Willed Child. FEATURES: Getting It Started --an introductory section that presents the main focus of the lesson...

Customer Reviews

5 ratings

The New Strong-Willed Child Workbook

This book is right on the money and this workbook is perfect if you want to go through the book in a group setting.

6 years later

I bought this book when my daughter was 3 years old she is now 9 years. I read the book and listen to what Dr. Dobson was saying. The book did talk about phyical disapline I choose to skip that part. I did follow everything eles in there. My daughter had us beat has a parents we did not know what to do. (she was our 3rd child) She was so strong willed ( kick, screaming, refusing to go to bed, thowing food on floor and not picking it up ect..... Well after reading this book and thank the Lord for it: she is the most sweet loving, well behave child. She is not prefect she is still stronged will but in a very good way. This book teaches you, that you need to parent diffently then you are. I went into this book thinking I will give it 3 weeks if I don't see a change or start see a change then move on to the next. (we started to see a change with in one week) Well there was no next. You will be real please with the out come.

Review of Dobson's "The New Strong-Willed Child

Dobson combines common sense, excellent stories and biblical principles in his book. These features are weaved together to make the book compelling and practical. Children are born with a will. Some have a compliant will and some a stronger will, and some a "bulldozer" will - they are born with an inner sense of their own drivenness. That drivenness may make them successful in the business or sports world one day, but until then, mom, dad and the siblings have to put up with this little guy! How? Parents must establish their AUTHORITY. There are a number of ways they can do this. Some of the reviewers seem to dwell on Dobson's discussion of spanking. That really is only a small part of his approach to parenting. Parents can use a number of means to establish their authority and have their children obey them. Out of frustration many parents resort to ANGER in dealing with their children. Dobson calls this the parents' most common mistake. Anger demonstrates impotence in the parenting role. Rahter than getting angry, it is better for the parents to take deliberate ACTION. Teach your children what you expect of them and take various levels of action if they don't obey. Dobson gives suggestions. "Anger does not influence behavior unless it implies that something irritating is about to happen. By contrast, disciplinary action does cause behavior to change." (p.78). "How much better to use action to achieve the desired behavior and avoid the emotional outburst." (p.80). Parents get angry because of their inability to establish authority with their children and get their respect. This book is VERY practical. As a minister and teacher, I recommend this book to all parents, young and old!

The New Strong Willed child Workbook

Very good and helpful. I learn a lot more if I write them out, but the workbook made me think about what I read then take it a step more and helped me apply it to my life. Very good buy!

Be open minded about reviews

I almost didn't buy this book because of many negative reviews it got. However, I am so incredibly glad that I went with some personal recommendations about the author and tried it out. Many of the people who wrote reviews obviously either didn't read the whole book or pick and chose sections to listen to. Taken out of context, things can often sound very different than what they mean. In all situations in life, I think you need to be very careful when taking things out of context. Yes, Dr. Dobson does advocate spanking (as do many, many other professionals out there.) If you are absolutely against spanking, and feel so strongly about it that you are unwilling to be open minded to any opinions otherwise than this is probably not the book for you. However, this book does NOT revolve around spanking. It is not the main point of the book, just simply one item that is discussed. This book does give many examples of strong willed children, which for me were extremely encouraging to read about and know that I was not alone. It helped me to realize that there was hope for reigning in my son but NOT breaking his spirit--which Dr. Dobson gives strong advice about being careful not to do. If you have a difficult child this book can definitely give you hope and some perspective. Like any self-help type book, you should read with an open but analytical mind. There are many different ideas out there advocated by different professionals, and at least for me, I have done best by looking at lots of different information but then finally having to figure out for myself what works for me and my family. May God help you to do the same!
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