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Paperback The Millionaire Next Door Book

ISBN: 0671015206

The Millionaire Next Door

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America has No "Secrets" of the Wealthy...if so, they wouldn't give the info out this easily...

Wealth creation only comes one of these ways: You are born with it, you marry it, you inherit it when someone else dies, or you win the lottery; or sue the heck out of someone and win. There is no "discipline" to wealth creation except in learning how to do something that you can sell to a lot of people at one time, like writing a book on wealth creation. The old saying goes "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride." That's not negative speaking that's a simple fact. Only money begats can be frugal and save for the rest of your life and still come out broke in the end. You can't even tithe your way into wealth ... but investing in churches forces them to have to help you when you need help, that much is certain. The "storehouse principle" -a book I wrote- is the real truth about money, millionaire or not. The increasing number of bankruptcies, company downsizing, and mortgage foreclosures are caused by financial oligarchs, not non-frugal people who have nothing TO save from the start. What causes lack is greed -- people who do not pay people what they are worth, who do not take care of the employees who make them rich, and "owners" who want you to think that something is wrong with the way you do things so they can be gratified and satiated economically at your expense. You should pay yourself first, and that means investing only in companies that invest in you and your family and your own communities. If they put nothing in, they should not receive anything out. If they are not sowing into your life, your family and your community, they should not reap the harvest of what you have earned. Don't get hooked on mind games and "secrets" ... get hooked on watching the ACTUAL money that's coming in and going out of your corner of the world. Companies that don't invest in jobs and wealth creation in your arena should not be receiving any spending out of your pockets. Do not feed the serpent and then expect it not to come back and bite.

This is how the rich become rich

Creating wealth is sort of like dieting.Everybody wants the end result but the discipline to achieve that result is usually lacking.Oh, if only there were a magic pill that you could take to lose weight or to create wealth without changing your habits. We would all be rich.FRUGALITY...FRUGALITY...FRUGALITY. It takes discipline.Contrary to certain opinions i.e. revews posted here, you don't need "a wad" to do this.However, by following these concepts, you will soon have a wad.There is no level of income that you can't outspend and yet most of us feel that we have an unlimited supply of cash.You would think that considering the ever increasing number of bankruptcies and mortgage foreclosures not to mention company downsizings that people would have learned by now. Peer pressure...keeping up with the Jone's drives many people to live beyond their means. Remember this: when your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will become your downfall.DELAY GRATIFICATION. Pay yourself first. Invest and then buy toys with the profits.Another good book to read is Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant. Robert . Kiyosaki has a different strategy than Stanley and Danko in certain areas but is in agreement in other areas. The authors work compliments each other and I highly recommend these books to all would be financial achievers.Another book that is popular right now and says some of the same things is The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach.Read and grow rich.

Very useful if you want a financially secure future

This book is fascinating, and very useful if you want to create a financially secure future for yourself and your family. However, if what you want is a materially ostentatious life, the rolex, the cars, the clothes and other trappings of people who live the high life, you won't like this book because its lesson is simple: live below your means, live frugally, save money, invest. The authors went looking for people whose bottom line net worth was from one to ten million. They found that these people are rarely ostentatious, and are very frugal and humble. I found it interesting that many of them are small business owners in very "dull" businesses. Also the chapters on the children of these millionaires was eye-opening. Basically, adult children who receive cash gifts from their parents save less and spend more than children who have to make their own way in the world. The children who know they have to be self-sufficient save more, live more frugally, and actually have more than their subsidized brethren. Very useful book, encourages us to keep on saving, stop spending, live life more fully. Another helpful book like this is "Your Money or Your Life."

Only for the Wealth Achievers

When it comes to money you can spend in one of two ways: on things that are tension relieving or wealth achieving.This book will attract only those who are wealth achieving, and who also enjoy a great lifestyle.This is one of two great books that I read this year, the other being Direct from Dell by Michael Dell. By the way, I am sure that Mr. Dell also follows the principles in this book. How else did he become the 9th richest person in the world? Certaintly not by spending everything he earned. (particularly in his early business days)I can understand the negative reviews, I was once a heavy spender myself, live for today, don't worry about tommorrow.I was also always broke and embarrassed. But looked real good with new cars, clothes and things.I gave this book out as a accessory gift at a recent graduation and at my oldest daughters wedding. Millionaire Next Door and Direct from Dell are must reads.


The people giving this book one stars and whining miss the point. You can have a lifestyle while building for the future. Nowhere does it say you have to live like a hermit. Frugality is the key. I'll bet that all of the one stars are also living paycheck to paycheck and broke (but having a great time) Am I right??? I also recommend Buffetology and More Wealth without Risk. All three are excellent books and must reading for anyone seeking financial succe$$!
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