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Paperback The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Prima's Official Strategy Guide) Book

ISBN: 0761539603

ISBN13: 9780761539605

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)

Become the hero of a brand-new legend! ?Island-by-island tips for every hidden treasure, sidequest, and minigame ?Detailed dungeon maps with every hidden treasure chest revealed ?Checklists of every optional sidequest ?All the tips and tricks you need to defeat every boss and enemy creature ?Complete info on all weapons and items-including secret ones like the Magic Armor ?Screenshots of all 134 Nintendo Gallery figurines, with all the tips you need...


Format: Paperback

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Customer Reviews

4 ratings

Prima's Zelda Windwalker Guide Book

The best ever,Prima's done it again... Prima made winners of all us gamers with this guide.

Bright, colorful, lot's of info.

This strategy guide by prima is top notch. It has great details and superb art work (although a little repetitive). It is a great companion reference for playing this game, and kids will love it. The giant sea chart poster is also a plus, saves a lot of time of page browsing. Different sections are available for your particular interests, even if some plot spoiling is inevitable. Missing, however, are details on the Gamecube - Gameboy Advance connectivity (don't look here if you want all five Tingle statues), but it is just a minor flaw, and most people won't use these features anyway. It's available online too at A well invested 10 dollars.

Wonderful Guide

This guide is wonderful. I've bought many Zelda guides, and this is by far one of the best. It's a complete walkthrough with all sidequests. The guide is very clear and uses screenshots along the way to help you out. There's are beautifully drawn maps for each area (dungeons, town, ect.) Pros +Great maps +Thorough walkthrough, includes hidden items (I.E. Heart pieces, treasure maps, ect.) +Huge 35 page sidequest guide, titled Island of the Great Sea +Checklist +Missing Links Sidebar that tells you when you can partake in which sidequest if you want +Bestiary +Move Guide +Character Guide +Good Boss strategies +No holes +Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time guide included Cons -Minor spoilers (Only if you read too far ahead) -This sidequest guide is more in order as when you can do them, I would have preferred it if they had organized it into sections, I.E. Heart Pieces, Treasure Charts, Other, ect. -The Ocarina of Time guide is too concise, it's just a light overview Overall: Great guide! It's a must have if you pick up the game, you shouldn't get lost or stuck if you have it.

Prima's got it all!!! Great BOOK!!

This strategy guide i believe is better than the nintendo issued one. It's got better pictures of the dungeons and places and tells you exactly what to do. There are screenshots so that you know exactly what to do where and a dungeon map of where you are. It tells you where the items are and how to get them and little notes on the side to help you out. It also comes with details about the weapons and items link carries with him on his adventure and about any character (of importance) he meets up in the story. Also if you are having trouble figuring out how to fight with new cool moves link has, it tells you how to fight too. Also other moves which you may have forgotten or overlooked. It also comes with a big sea chart poster so that you can look at all the different islands of the world link is at or traveling too. The nintendo gamecube version of the strategy guide doesn't come with a map. I kind of took a look into it when i was at the store and the details seem to be there. But there aren't as many other beautiful artwork as the prima version. Prima really worked hard on this guide. It has a lot of artwork that makes it really good for any zelda fans. If you want the basics and don't care about how pretty it looks then get the gamecube version. If you like extras and pretty drawnings then get the prima version. Overall this book really has everything you need. As a bonus it comes with the Ocarina of Time strategy guide for the gamecube version (even though the n64 is probably just as good). The strategy for the OOT gamecube game (OOT = Ocarina of time) is not detailed as the wind waker strategy guide. It just gives you a picture of the dungeons and a list of what to do. Very brief and to the point. I would just go get a Ocarina of time strategy guide separately if you need that too. Over all this is a great guide. I'm not a real gamer but from what my brother tells me (he is a gamer) Prima always comes out with great detailed strategy guides. IF you are a REAL gamer I wouldn't get this strategy guide at all. This game is really amazing, totally different from any game i've ever played. The characters seem real and the game play is awesome! Don't destroy a great quest by cheating yourself. I only got this because I like collecting them ^_^ I am a major legend of zelda fan and I like looking at the details of the characters and looking at all the pretty pictures. Link my not be as masculine as in the nintendo 64 games but this one makes him have more personality and character. EEKK.. i'm going off on a tangent. I hope this somewhat helped (the stuff i said before i went off talking about other stuff).
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