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Paperback The Lamb's Supper The Mass as Heaven on Earth Book

ISBN: 0385365586

The Lamb's Supper The Mass as Heaven on Earth

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You can't never go wrong with Scott Hahn. It is a beautiful book about the Mass

Why Demons Tremble When You Go to Mass

Around the year 95, the Roman government banished a Christian to a rocky penal colony in the Aegean Sea for the capital crime of prophesying.The sentence did not have the desired effect.From the isolated island, Patmos, the Christian, a man named John, went right on foretelling the future. Only now, instead of addressing small bands of hiding church members in hushed and rushed meetings, he had time to write out full accounts of his offending visions. These centered around the return of a deceased Jewish man -- an obscure, itinerant religious teacher who had been tortured and executed as a criminal six decades prior -- as king of all creation. The particulars of his visions, which John said had been delivered to him by an angel, were by turns terrifying and glorious. Passages on murderous, multi-headed beasts alternated with descriptions of docile cherubs adoring the Almighty; inconsolable wailing over deadly plagues preceded joyful flourishes from triumphant trumpets.Apocalypses, or revelations, were not new. The Hebrew Scriptures and oral traditions were steeped in them. But where those had been carefully guarded by elders and high priests, John made it clear that his revelations were to be read immediately by the addressee churches (seven congregations in Asia). His goal in writing seemed to be exhorting his brothers and sisters in the Christian faith to persevere no matter how severely they might be persecuted for their beliefs and practices. That didn't mean John made the precise significance of his letters obvious. He had to couch some of his visualizations in code language because despotic emperors of the day demanded to be worshiped as gods by citizens and subjects alike. John would have been swiftly silenced had a Nero, Caligula or Domitian discerned that he was referring to them when he wrote of evil monsters raging against their own creator. (Using the numerical equivalents assigned to Hebrew letters, the name Nero Caesar can be converted to the number 666.)Two millennia later, a Scripture scholar with the heart of a detective picks up the text, peels away the layers of subterfuge, dusts off the misconstrued meanings assigned John's cryptic prophecies over the centuries and lifts into the light a finding only remarkable for its everyday familiarity: the Catholic Mass.But for Scott Hahn, a former Protestant minister who followed scriptural and historical clues all the way into the Catholic Church, identifying Revelation as a cloaked playbill to the Mass is only the beginning. Digging deeper, he unearths an essential aspect of the Mass long embedded in Catholic theology, but largely overlooked at the popular level by even the most devout Catholics in the present day: The Mass mirrors the activities going on now and eternally in heaven."We go to heaven when we go to Mass," writes Hahn, a theology professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville. "This is not merely a symbol, not a metaphor, not a parable, not a figure of speech. It is r

Fantastic! Dr. Hahn does it again.

What a delightful, wonderful, interesting, thought-provoking, and inspiring book this one is. Evangelical Biblical scholars have pondered the meaning of John's Book of Revelation for a long time.For too many, they read it as the "end times." Dr. Hahn did the same thing, as a Presbyterian minister.It wasn't until he became Catholic that he began to see Revelations as a blueprint for the Mass. Hahn demonstrates how Revelation gives us a glimpse of Heaven and of Mass. The premise of the book is that Mass itself is a little slice of Heaven on Earth.What Hahn offers is not something new. This is what the Church has taught for centuries. Yet, Hahn presents it as only he can. Hahn offers not only a beautiful view of Revelation, but also of Mass. It is a view that too few Catholics take to heart. Not only is this a simply delightful book, but it's also a short book - one that could easily be read in one sitting.I highly recommend it. Catholics will gain a new appreciation for Mass and all that they have taken for granted. Non-Catholics will appreciate an alternative view of The Book of Revelation.

A Calvinist who loved it!

I just finished Hahn's new book 'The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth'. I thought I was in a special camp since I considered historic liturgy to be the key to understanding Revelation, but I was suprised to find that it is historic catholic teaching.Scott Hahn was a calvinistic presybterian who went to Gordon-Conwell TS but later converted to Rome. I read his first book (Rome Sweet Home) and thought it was stupid. But this one is really good. He gives the best explanation of Revelation I have yet to read.Revelation is a book containing presbyters in vestments, altars, incense, saints in heaven interceding for saints on earth, hidden manna, sacrifice, chalices, a wedding feast, food imagery, liturgical formulas, judgement, angels, martyrs, and all this in the context of our glorious Lord Jesus Christ and His parousia. Sounds a little 'Romish' doesn't it? I found it very illuminating and enjoyable.I was not convinced by Hahn's Catholicism by 'Rome Sweet Home', but this one is much more tempting. As a Protestant, this book scares me.

A Transforming Book

This book is a must read for Christians in general, but most importantly for Catholic lay people like myself. Before entering into the heart of his work, Dr. Hahn presents a Biblical perspective on the presence of Christ in the Holy Eucharist that every Catholic should read and understand. But the most significant contribution of this book is the way in which it exposes the relationship between St. John's Revelation and the Church's celebration of the Liturgy. While Hahn claims that these truths have been held by the Church since the beginning of Christianity, almost all of this information was new to me as a cradle Catholic. This book has truly transformed the way in which I approach every Mass. With the possible exception of some poorly chosen subtitles, The Lamb's Supper is nothing less than 5 stars!

This book deserves to become a Christian Classic!

I've read a lot of books on religious subjects, but very few as good as this one. "The Lamb's Supper" makes better sense of the Book of Revelation than any one of dozen or so titles that I've read on the subject in the last twenty years. Even more, it has changed the way I approach the Mass. Over the last few weeks, since reading "The Lamb's Supper," I've come to a much greater appreciation of what I've been doing as a cradle Catholic for over fifty years--going to Mass, where we share in the worship of heaven, in the presence of our Lord, alongside the holy saints and angels. I never really knew that, and I don't think that most Catholics do. But surely they should! There's something else. Speaking personally, I don't always find it easy to pray. That is probably where "The Lamb's Supper" has been the greatest help, in getting me to pray more and better. That's why I think that "The Lamb's Supper" is destined to become one of the truly great Christian Classics of this century, even though it will never displace my all-time favorite, "The Imitation of Christ".
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